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  1. He's Canadian, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Does the PCPD no longer care who shot Jason, now that we know it wasn't Cameron?
  3. I really wanted this, because it would mean she'd be moving out of PC. But apparently I can't get what I want.
  4. Did you realize that Molly and TJ are domestic partners? I don't think they used that phrase enough today.
  5. They also dropped the plot where fake nurse Chloe apparently had access to a whole cupboard of the antidote. What was the point of showing us that if you are just going to kill off both Chloe and Peter? I don't mind Brando, but he and Sasha do not need a baby. Particularly one that gestates magically fast. I'm not invested in either of them.
  6. I can't stand Michael. I can't stand Michael and Willow as a couple, which is a shame as I really quite liked Willow when she was with Chase. Are we really, truly, 100% sure that Peter is dead? Because dragging out the Maxie-is-worried-about-Peter-so-Louise-stays-with BL and Valentin for ages is just going to get boring. I really think it would have been much more interesting and soapy for Peter not to be dead and in 6 months time or something kidnap baby Bailey, not realizing she is actually his daughter. Why wouldn't Maxie tell Britt the truth about the baby? Britt knew the plan wa
  7. Anyone else notice how when Doc Austin looked at the board in GH, he/the camera paused over the "Michael Corinthos Youth Head Trauma Wing" or whatever it was called? And then someone unknown is watching Michael and Willow through the window? Clearly he has something to do with Michael. Yay. Is it really possible that both Cyrus and Peter are finally dealt with, and the Corinthos crew had nothing to do with it? (Besides Cyrus being injured on the pier, of course.) I really like BL and Valentin together. It's too bad the lie about the baby will ultimately come between them.
  8. Great episode, Maxie was awesome! Remind me never to go to Portia if I need medical treatment. She bandaged up Cyrus over his shirt. Peter's teeth looked whiter than usual. How nice of him to get them whitened before planning to kidnap Maxie and the baby.
  9. Omg, that video made me cry. Back to GH - that would have at least been a novel delivery. Even if she had been alone in a cabin - that would have been novel. But we have already done birthing-in-the-great-outdoors with kids who are still little - the unseen James, the unseen Scout, and the seen-way-too-much plot point Wyllie. I guess since Baby Lou will also be a key plot point baby we've at least evened up the unseen/seen-all-the-time baby count to 2-2. Maxie may have wanted to mention her heart transplant when mentioning this was her third child. Sam is an idiot. I still have
  10. I loved the flashbacks, though there could have been more. They were all so young! And I was a kid when I was watching them and they were the adults, so now I just feel old. (And omg, I have watched this show for way too long.) I have no memory of a son/step-son named Conor. Was he ever a character on the show? Did I block him out for some reason? I liked the idea of Annie being in the episode, but it all kind of fell flat. If they were all in on this plan, then why did Laura and Monica look shocked right before they "disappeared"? And why do I care if Annie becomes a WSB agent? For
  11. Awesome thread topic! I would never have worn the dress Kendra wore, but it fit her personality, and I think that's important. And it still kinda fits her. She's still bubbly and bouncy. Jessa's dress was gorgeous, and it matched with who she was then. But I don't think it reflects who she is now, less than ten years later. Jinger was definitely the most sophisticated bride, and Jinger was always described as the "stylish" one. Loved the dress. Joy should have gone with the polka dot dress. She was not then and still is not a girly girl, and I think if she had been allowed
  12. Why hasn't anyone contacted Frisco about helping Maxie out with the baby and Peter? Isn't he the head of the WSB? I realize he turned into a deadbeat dad, but I'm pretty sure he'd ensure his daughter and grandchild were safe from a psychopath. Or would that be too easy?
  13. Are those actually real flowers on the tables?
  14. WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE BABIES. GH is crawling (crawling, ha!) with small children we never, ever see. And if we absolutely have to have a new baby, couldn't we at least get a "whose the Daddy?" story line? When was the last time we've had that? But honestly, NO MORE PREGNANCIES.
  15. Her hair adds about 6" to her height in that photo, but she looks as though she comes up to his shoulder in both this photo and the recent one.
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