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  1. Drew was shirtless when he attacked Peter, but apparently then paused and put on a shirt before fleeing. Okay then. Anyone else see the guy watching Curtis and Portia and assume he was Curtis supposedly-dead father?
  2. Someone needs to point out to Spencer that, in addition to the Phantom of the Opera mask he wore when he himself was burned, if Ava had indeed testified against Valentin, then Valentin would have been imprisoned FOR A CRIME (it turns out) HE DIDN'T COMMIT. Valentin didn't kill his father. His father is alive and got the Cassadine fortune back, and Spencer needs to get over it. He's holding a grudge against someone who made a deal with Valentin that ended up with Valentin not being imprisoned for a murder that was never committed. Britt to Carly was awesome. I'm still wondering if I'm
  3. Uh, if Nina gave Josslyn the journal for her graduation, there is no way Joss would have written about Sonny's funeral in it as he "died" back in December and she graduated just a couple of months ago. Am I supposed to like Josslyn? Because I really don't.
  4. To clarify the Cassadine family tree - Victor and Mikos were brothers. Helena was married to Mikos. Alexis is M's daughter, Nick is his grandson, and Valentin is (possibly) Victor's son. So why did the entire Cassadine fortune belong to Mikos?
  5. This is how we know she isn't going anywhere. When anyone actually leaves, it's within two days of the announcement that they are going.
  6. Ethan and Olivia need marriage counseling. And Ethan has to agree to be a full participant. No matter what, a marriage is not going to work if one person avoids difficult conversations as much as possible as refuses to discuss problems. Ethan also needs counseling on his own. He needs to learn how to communicate, and that it's okay to communicate, and that it's okay to grow and change and want other things. It's also okay not to. But Olivia did not deliberately to change who she essentially is - people don't do that. His "I've worked to give this life to you" to her...omg, it's 2021. Oliv
  7. Maxi knows Peter is alive and has threatened to take James. Yet for some reason she isn't locking her front door?
  8. Where the hell are Anna and Valentin? Shouldn't they have arrived in Nixon Falls by now? My other big question from today's drama is, will Sonny keep the grey in his hair or is he going to boot polish it away again?
  9. Joss did an awful job with that reading. We had that as a reading at my wedding 20 years ago (next week!), and it wasn't until the end that I recognized it. It's a blessing, not a chirpy reading about how awesome love is. Really, really odd that, for what will be a blended family, none of the younger kids were there. Not Jake and Danny, not Avery and Donna. I realize this MOC is now an epic love story, but one would think you'd attempt to have the kids there.
  10. That's exactly what I thought when it happened. Which...really? After the past 8 months, Sonny magically gets his memory back because he gets bumped on the head? We've now seen the wedding dress (not a fan, though I did like Carly's hair), so the odds of this wedding actually happening have dropped. If the audience does not see the dress, the wedding happens. If the audience does see the dress, something goes wrong. My prediction is that Sonny will remember who he is just as Anna and Valentin arrive. He'll fly back to PC and show up at the wedding just as the minister does his "
  11. Good Lord, I wasn't that emotional when my kid moved out for university last week. Jordan is supposed to be in Albany for a couple of weeks. New York is not a huge state, I'm pretty sure they could drive there to visit her. Which begs the question...is there going to be a recast? So, exactly who is Valentin's father? Because after the words with Nik and Spencer, I was thinking it might be cool if his father turned out to be Victor. And Esme was again very vague about her family. For a brief moment I wondered if she could be Victor's, but then realized that would make her and Spencer
  12. How did Jordan end up inhaling more of the gas than Portia? Portia was the one yelling and screaming and pounding on the door, which would have caused her to inhale more air than Jordan who passed out pretty quickly, I assumed from the head wound. My vote is that Austin is on the spectrum, which is why he picked up Leo's apparent oddities which we have never seen or heard of before. I can understand why he didn't want to say what he thought the issue might be, though. A friend of my son was diagnosed with being on the spectrum years ago, and his father flipped.out. And a friend's son was
  13. My thoughts exactly. Did Mike not notice or care that Jax basically said Nina knows who he really is?
  14. I'd bet a whole whack of cash that Ethan is suffering from depression. He needs a therapist, to help him work his way through his relationship with his parents and his relationship with Olivia. Couldn't they live on the outskirts of Tallahassee? Is that not an option?
  15. So Esme was adopted. Any guesses on her parents? Ryan as her father? Who as her mother?
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