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  1. dizzyizzy01

    The Mayor

    I mean award shows where someone is basically just reading off a teleprompter doesn't give you much basis to dislike or like someone...anyway I think it's irrational to have such an visceral dislike of a person while also admitting to not really being very familiar with said person. Again, not to say you can't dislike an actor/actress for some pretty vague reasons. I just think it's irrational that's all.
  2. dizzyizzy01

    S25.E05: Week 4: Most Memorable Year

    I wouldn't call her a big star, but she has had some really high-profile gigs post DWTS. She's the new "MJ" in the rebooted Spider Man.
  3. dizzyizzy01

    The Mayor

    It's irrational dislike if someone fully admits to disliking someone without any specific reason but just because? I mean never even watching any of her projects but just saying she's annoying on sight is slightly irrational? I fully admit to having an irrational dislike of some people also, doesn't make it any less irrational because it's myself though!
  4. dizzyizzy01

    S25.E05: Week 4: Most Memorable Year

    Far more people are going to recognize Derek Fisher or TO than Jordan if you do a random polling off the street. Pretty much anyone that follows the NBA or NFL in the last decade which is a whole heck of a lot of people, would know who either of these two are. Last thing I remember Nick from is the Sing Off. While I do think Jordan's star is on the rise, Nick's had a lot of past success. He's on the level of a Mario Lopez or something. If nothing else, he's still got name recognition, which Jordan actually doesn't have (currently anyway). With all that said, Jordan and Lindsey S. are pretty much the only contestants I actually want to see dance though week to week.
  5. dizzyizzy01

    The Mayor

    Jeez...some people really have an irrational dislike of Lea. It's really bizarre. I think she has great comedic timing. So far, I'm enjoying the cast and the show, even if it is a little sugary sappy in the first two episodes. The pacing was much improved from the pilot though.
  6. dizzyizzy01

    Cast in Other Roles

    Consistent television and stage work is nothing to sneeze at. Those that have been fortunate to land those roles (Lea, Grant, Melissa, Harry on TV, and Amber and Matt on Broadway/West End) pretty awesome for them. Plus, I mean what actor wouldn't love a Modern Family type deal...
  7. Oh I agree, she did what she could with it. I blame Mak's choreography. It's a shame. Anyway, it was a wasted opportunity in my opinion. I just think unlike some of the other cast, she didn't have the luxury of having some margin for error. I totally think Maks failed his partner in that respect. They had to be great, and last week really wasn't. It was boring. Anyway, the rest of the dancers despite having some skill (Simone, Normani, and Nancy) aren't enough for me to sit through Bonner walking around on the dance floor and the judges' nonsense.
  8. I think last week's dance was to blame. Despite all her hype as a great dancer, last week's dance was honestly just boring. She didn't have the cushion to have a boring dance.
  9. I'm going to go against what seems to be the general consensus, but I actually think Normani is not going to win and may even be a surprise boot. I just don't believe that her fanbase is quite as big as people might think. It seems like Fifth Harmony fans have a big online presence, but I get the sense that their US fanbase is not really that big. The have had a couple of high charting songs, but their US tour was actually pretty small. Even more so, I don't think people recognize them individually and certainly not the DWTS demo. She dances quite well, but unless her personality starts winning some more people over, I'm going to guess she's going to fall short of the mirror ball.
  10. This is a TV show first and foremost, and the producers are creating a cast they think will be compelling to different facets of the audience. Heather fit the bill for a tv star that has decent name recognition that is also available/willing to appear on the show. She just also happens to be a really good dancer with more dance experience than most. This show is cast for entertainment purposes. It isn't meant to be some pure contest of dance talent/skills. The talk of fair or not fair always seems bizarre to me cause it's not a real competition. Otherwise we'd have real rules and consistent scoring. Even if you exclude Heather from the conversation, I mean do people think a competition featuring 50 year old SNL star with a severe back injury and a 20 year-old pop star is fair?
  11. dizzyizzy01

    Let's try to market this: media, articles and interviews

    Well, Chris also got to write an episode which seems to be a pretty decent show of confidence in his talent. I think there probably is some hyperbole/colored interpretations from both sides.
  12. dizzyizzy01

    S10.E15: The Live Playoffs, Night 2

    I heard secular too. It was strange. I don't understand what Pharrell is saying half the time.
  13. dizzyizzy01

    The Voice in the Media

    Except for her debut, Spanish language and Christmas albums, Christina is at least a co-write on pretty much all her songs. She's a co-writer on every track for what are typically considered her two best albums, Stripped and Back to Basics. Gwen is a co-write on nearly all her and No Doubt's tracks too. Christina's also had plenty of endorsements. There's a section on her wiki if you want to bother looking. As I'm sure Gwen also has plenty of endorsements. Christina hasn't toured recently, but when she did she was huge. Her Back to Basics Tour was something like the second highest grossing tour of 2007. No Doubt and Solo Gwen was just never quite a big as act, but they were very successful in their own right. Why do people have to diminish someone's accomplishments to boost another's? It's really off-putting.
  14. dizzyizzy01

    The Voice in the Media

    A number 1 album that didn't sell very much (it's only shipped 70k units in 3 weeks). A number one just isn't what it used to be. Both her singles have peaked at in the 50's so unless something hits, it's a pretty dismal commercial performance. Even Christina's "Your Body" peaked in the 30's, and I'll be the first to say Lotus was a clear flop for Christina's standards. I mean unless you're both of their accountants, I don't know how you'd know...Google tells me a pretty convincing story that I'm probably right. Christina's been on those Forbes top 20 richest female entertainers lists, and I don't believe Gwen ever has. It's simple math really. Gwen was the lead singer of a very successful 4-person band. She would have split those profits 4 ways, and while No Doubt was big, they were never as big as Christina. Christina was not only a bigger act, she was a solo act. She netted more money. I think Gwen's L.A.M.B. does well for a celebrity fashion brand, but it's not like she's Jay-Z or Jessica Simpson. I think its revenues are relatively modest. Either way, the point stands that neither of them NEED the Voice. They've both been extremely successful. BTW, I say this as a person that has seen No Doubt and solo Gwen several times live and has never been to a Christina concert. And I think Shakira's net worth is about Christina's and Gwen's combined.
  15. dizzyizzy01

    The Voice in the Media

    Well Christina's worth a lot more money than Gwen, so I'm not sure how much that's true But these same stupid feud rumors come up EVERY single season and it never amounts to anything. Mark Burnett has always emphasized the Voice wouldn't have happened without Christina. Maybe he's overselling it, but I'd take him over a tabloid. Christina's level of fame is the same it is now and it was when the show started. Her recording career was already kind of stalled. She's had some big features since the show (A Great Big World, Maroon 5, Pitbull), but her own recording career has certainly taken a far too long hiatus. She seems to have been pretty uninspired since her divorce so maybe she'll eventually come back with something, but who knows at this point. Gwen hasn't had much recent success either. Here latest singles both peaked in the top 50, which is pretty dismal for her but music is just a completely different landscape and past success isn't going to dictate future success. Also Christina is worth a lot more than Gwen, but they're both super successful so it's not like either of them necessarily need the show.