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  1. I finished over the weekend and started over last night. On first watch, I didn't appreciate the slow build and glossed over the early episodes. The series didn't grab me until the Riley was attacked honestly. I'm enjoying the re-watch and also learned Riley's brother's name. It's fascinating to see Bev progress from town asshole to straight up terrifying. She is a great villain. But, like mentioned above, I also think that the Monsignor's got off lightly in the end. He turned an entire town into vampires so he could get a second chance with Mildred. Honestly. Mildred should have sla
  2. The migraine commercial is hard to watch. She looks, not real? Almost like a cartoon drawing. I'm sad for her 2007 picture, I think she looks pretty with a great head of hair. I'm sad she was labeled the ugly, fat sister when she was neither. It obviously took a gigantic toll on her. She should have stopped at the 2013 picture. I think she looks her best there and everything after looks unnatural.
  3. But why even tell the bathroom story? Its so rude. I wasn't going to let certain people use my bathroom but after much thought and consideration I've decided, yes, yes, I will let you pee. Uh, thanks? I'd be annoyed too. It was antagonistic. I'd wear Candiance's outfit everywhere if I had the bod for it. Except maybe the shoes.
  4. Oh my goodness. There was so much WTF in this that I completely forgot this!
  5. I just dug into my closet for my never worn LLR skirt. First thing I noticed that it is not buttery soft at all. Its not really soft at all. The pattern at the seams is off, but I've seen that same problem in a lot of clothing lines. There are no holes or tears but it is really thin. I could see sunlight through it when I held it up to the window. I would have needed some kind of slip. I must have bough at the beginning of the quality change. I forgot about this part. It wasn't a late shipment or a handful of poor quality items. It was thousands of dollars of co
  6. Deanna and Mark are awful people. Absolutely no sense of remorse or responsibility. Deanna with her "aren't I adorable" schtick. Not cute. The graphic that was put up showing revenue split between bonuses and clothing was telling. I agree that the retailers have to take some ownership of their own mess (diving into debt head on, no/poor business or financial plans) but, the company certainly did not have their backs by totally oversaturating the market and the quality nose dive. They were actually storing clothing out in the elements! The convention video snippets were also telling, you
  7. Wow. Denise. She was a beautiful woman in the older pictures and all-that-stuff really, really aged her. She looked way older than her husband. I was trying to focus on the skin on her face, which look refreshed in a good way but I couldn't' get past the lashes and the hair and the boobs and the crop tops (Crop tops!) and the poses. That wig! Shave a little off the bling budget and put it into the wig line item, stat!
  8. No one believes Wendy's transformation is coming from a positive place and no one believes that Gizelle, Robyn & Ashley are coming from a place of genuine concern.
  9. I do think Wendy’s surgeries are coming from a deeper place but no way was that approach to take. I never thought I’d like Candiance but here I am. She has matured a lot since her debut. I’m not used to seeing growth on these shows.
  10. How does this even make sense? Even IF she was a blood Morgan, they're genetically predisposed to wearing pilgrim clothing? They kick around in their Manhattan townhouses long wooly cloaks and bonnets? I mean, what the heck Sonja?
  11. Leah was beyond annoying. Eboni made some valid points about kicking someone when they are down however, why should Lu just still there and take it? Yeah, the marriage ended but it was a marriage. He was her husband. In middle school, a friend of mine was a bedwetter so during sleepovers she would put a long foam pad inside her sleeping bag. It was pink for some reason and had a dollar bill imprinted on it. That is all I think of when I see Leah's TH dress. It is hideous.
  12. I was just plain sad watching Sonja unravel. She is not okay. So far, I'm liking Eboni.
  13. I've always hot and cold with Teresa. I was happy to see her so giddy about her new boyfriend. It is amazing that she and Joe handle the post divorce stuff so well. I completely believe Jennifer's mom story. I have a good friend whose parents had a very similar story - married at 16 to an older man, moved to America, had several children right in a row. That marriage eventually imploded. It got very ugly. It been years but they still deal with the fall out. My friend initially sided with her dad and didn't really see her mom's side until she herself had a daughter. She carries a
  14. Still a conman. Still no remorse.
  15. The standing water in the after scenes was significant. I don't think it will be the easy fix they said it was going to be. The mosquitos will be unbearable in that yard.
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