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  1. How does this even make sense? Even IF she was a blood Morgan, they're genetically predisposed to wearing pilgrim clothing? They kick around in their Manhattan townhouses long wooly cloaks and bonnets? I mean, what the heck Sonja?
  2. Leah was beyond annoying. Eboni made some valid points about kicking someone when they are down however, why should Lu just still there and take it? Yeah, the marriage ended but it was a marriage. He was her husband. In middle school, a friend of mine was a bedwetter so during sleepovers she would put a long foam pad inside her sleeping bag. It was pink for some reason and had a dollar bill imprinted on it. That is all I think of when I see Leah's TH dress. It is hideous.
  3. I was just plain sad watching Sonja unravel. She is not okay. So far, I'm liking Eboni.
  4. I've always hot and cold with Teresa. I was happy to see her so giddy about her new boyfriend. It is amazing that she and Joe handle the post divorce stuff so well. I completely believe Jennifer's mom story. I have a good friend whose parents had a very similar story - married at 16 to an older man, moved to America, had several children right in a row. That marriage eventually imploded. It got very ugly. It been years but they still deal with the fall out. My friend initially sided with her dad and didn't really see her mom's side until she herself had a daughter. She carries a
  5. Still a conman. Still no remorse.
  6. The standing water in the after scenes was significant. I don't think it will be the easy fix they said it was going to be. The mosquitos will be unbearable in that yard.
  7. Her agent said something about starting over. I was curious too. She seems like a good mom with a nice kid and I was happy for them. Kids usually don’t come off well on this show. Zion has in interesting history. It was founded as a very strict utopian/religious community. http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/pages/1399.html
  8. I haven't watched the full epi yet. Mr Bowden has a very low tolerance for the NJ ladies. Jackie was being extra with her syrupy speech (all while holding her blue Target gift bag) and all the making out. Teresa was watching it though with full-on jealousy. I thought she was going to burst and bleed green.
  9. Yes, this was truly troubling. No respect at all for Elisa.
  10. I appreciated the time spent on the ridiculousness of the web sleuths if only as warning how these things spiral out of control and the toxicity of operating in a vacuum. A clearly innocent man was driven to a suicide attempt because of how these folks cherry pick their facts and twist their presentations to fit their theory. Going in, I knew about the video of course but I also had some notion that she was having a psychotic break. The thought of her running around the hotel paranoid and alone looking for safety is truly heartbreaking. The hotel manager saying it wasn’t their res
  11. Kary's use of her daughter's depression and suicidal ideation to one-up Tiff's stress is the grossest thing I have ever seen on a HW show. I sincerely hope she is getting that child the help she needs. She didn't mention it to a group of friends looking for support, she just want to prove that her life is stressful too. Did she stop to think for one minute if her daughter wanted that shared on National TV or the impact it might have on her? Kary looks a lot like my sister in law so I liked her initially but she's lost on me. But of course, true to form and Kary's criticism, D/Andra immed
  12. I caught the tail end of it. I really wanted to see what the exterior looked like. It was a GORGEOUS house.
  13. Kary is being so obnoxious. I loved her daughter's imitation of her. I loved Jeremy's recreation of D'Andra's letter delivery.
  14. Tiffany is going to annoy me if she doesn't tone it down. No one likes a show off. She is obviously very intelligent and successful, so just let it shine girl. Out of curiosity, did they mention what her husband does? They seem extremely well off. Her twins are adorable.
  15. I thought they were as well. If you are enjoying the series, they are worth a watch. I hope they are doing well through this pandemic. I wouldn't say Angel and I have the same design aesthetic but I absolutely love everything she's done in the Chateau.
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