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  1. Does anyone know why Whit is Ashley's birthing coach? didn't she say she had a boyfriend and was happy and planning a future with the guy? The baby's father is not on screen or even mentioned.
  2. Barb should have said "you are high high high!" like she did during the Keifer days.
  3. I saw you with Keefuhh smokin' Reefuhh Janelle!!
  4. She loves the attention, she had to be IN the dance, even if it meant they would not win, it's HER class, her show her world and everyone else just revolves around her! She sure jumped up (sort of) out of her scooter to "dance" .
  5. Too funny! Parody or not, I am following! LMAO!!! Bahahaha!!! Love it!!
  6. Can we please have her say "Keefuhhhhh" every once in a while? OMG I love Barb! If she starts making more money, don't put it past mommy Janelle from asking for a cut, I can hear her now..."Dude! I keep Jase for you one day a month Dude! I need to be paid Dude OMG just shut up DUDE!!"
  7. Jessica: "Lets bone in the car" She's so classy.
  8. OMG your entire post made me snort! LMAO!! "Savage" hahahaha!!
  9. Be sure you stop by my house, I'm on the bus with you! I would not want to be a patient of theirs, sorry but seeing nude or semi pics of your wife, or anyone else on your website is not professional at all and neither is all of the sex talk. As a Dallas resident for over 35 years, I've attended several charity and major Dallas/Ft. Worth social events (mostly work related) I have never heard of Heidi and do not recall seeing her either. These women have no concept of what is proper here or anywhere else, but Bravo is not known for showing housewives of anywhere in
  10. I absolutely LOVE seeing Barb laugh and roll her eyes when Janelle is on the phone whining and crying about being so sick!
  11. Yes, a long process since she only wants custody when her dick of the week says she needs to get her son back.
  12. I would love to see Jace's thought bubbles pop up, I'm sure he's SO over Janelle and her BS!
  13. Yeah! *eye roll* If she'd been Christine's kid she'd be Areola...we know she loves to jack up the spelling of her kids' names.
  14. I just finished half-ass watching the baybeee seeeester episode, I could not stand to watch the birth at all, just the moaning Robyn was doing grossed me out WTH is that about? I doubt she moaned that much during the conception of this child! Were Robyn's parents really watching the whole thing from the foot of the bed? Blegh!!! I thank you all for filling me in, I FF through most of this. The comments are killing me, you all are SO funny! I had to pour myself a glass of wine to really enhance the read, like a good book I can't put down.
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