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  1. Studies have found that calories consumed on Election Days aren't absorbed, so I'm treating myself to a WaWa hoagie, chips and soda. WE'RE NOT WORTHY!
  2. This AM on MJ I found out that Trump registered to run for reelection in 2020 like 5 hours after he was inaugurated. The Ultimate Trumpian Gesture!!! Never knew this--wild! Oakville--please make sure you take multivitamin and snack breaks today in between your pithy commentary! I'm working from home today (translation: listening to nonstop election coverage and muting it during zoom calls) if you need proofreading help or your brow (virtually) mopped!!
  3. Since this is the most important need to know on this historic day--I thought I heard Joe say he was wearing a sweater he only wears On Election Day? Does his navy sweater at least have red, white and blue lint on it????
  4. How unpatriotic am I that I turned off John Meacham's very measured and scholarly dissertation about elections in the past? 3 years ago maybe but no.. not doin' it today. So since I only listen to MJ on Sirius, can someone describe Joe's glorious Election Dat sweater???
  5. The Mika Mispronunciation Watch...... because she makes 8 million a year and most of her job is reading news: 8:06 AM; Consequential pronounced as consaqwensal. then 2 sentences later--Muhlenberg College, a well known pollster as Mullenberg Call me trite but when you are paid 8 million a year to read, read the frickin thing correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 8:30 AM: What fun it must be to count yourself among Joe's friends and family! " How can you buy Trump's lies about the virus, they repeat and spout his lies but then in private they do what they need to take care of their own family." Wow-- how many friends does one have? How long would you remain Joe's friends when he spouts off on you on teevee like that?
  7. I know Peacock (gag) is a NBC product, but it seems like such an overt product placement (like KYV) 42%, or about 1/2 of America isn't however, and that baffles me to no motherlovin' end.
  8. This AM Joe was talking about former constituents who come up to him now and say something like "We used to like you before you became a socialist, using a VERY unflattering Southern accent that ached to have a Dueling Banjoes soundtrack attached to it. Didn't he spend all of last year making fun of Trump mimicking Jeff Sessions' accent, Trump using an unflattering Southern accent that ached to have a Dueling Banjoes soundtrack attached to it?
  9. Let us fume together. Joe is all, "in 2016 people were shocked, shocked, I tell 'ya, when I said Trump could win." And we here were shocked, shocked I tell 'ya at how you and Mika helped Trump win by constantly highlighting him and his antics, all for free. And now this guy comes on and tells us the massive amount of new Republican registrations and that all the polls are off more than you think. I hate all of this, I just hate it. How can you pass out or enter a coma and wake up the day after the winner is claimed, all without harming your body? I hope SNL does a skit with ACB and May
  10. 8:30 AM Mika just pronounced "irreparable' as "ir-repairable." WHY DOES SHE NOT GET COACHING??? Why does the network allow her to mispronounce multiple times daily for the enormous salary she gets? This really pisses me off--she's not a high school intern at the PBS radio station!!
  11. CRY TWEETING!!! HEE!! Oh yes, that was before he became WOKE. I just HAVE to say that if SNL doesn't do a skit on Saturday about Trump driving around int he SUV with 2 Secret Service Agents in one of those diving bell or Hazmat suits, I'm pulling the TV plug. I'd suggest Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson as the agents
  12. I think Alec toned it down a bit in deference to the fact that the president is in the hospital? I've got to say the best Biden is Woody harrelson with that giant false teeth and best line that Woody gave was he referred to a date as "19 clackity clack". Kimberly guilfoyle was hysterical. My favorite sketch though was the name change bureau I can never get enough of those funny names ever since 1975 when the Nnational Lampoon High School Yearbook parody came out.
  13. HEE!!!! "Cry read", that explains it to perfection. Mika definately has her "modes"-- the one I mention the most is when she talks about YKV, it's always "chirpy and bright."
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