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  1. Yeah. One will scream about catching a fish, the other will tell him to STFU and punch the fish.
  2. I agree with you. Matt has always been really good at diplomatically defusing situations without backing down. OTOH, I can see things going down like this: Matt: Hey bro, can you keep it down a bit? I had a deer in my sights and you spooked it. Thanks! Jeff: Look. I'm the only one in this challenge who has done 60 days. I know what it takes to do this. Matt: Um...I never said you didn't. We would just appreciate it if you wouldn't scare away the big game and other land animals by screaming like drunken frat boys every time you catch a young gar. Jeff: But...THIS IS WHAT I L
  3. Let the bear live! After eating the toxicity known as "The Other Guy," he deserves a medal, rather than to be eaten.
  4. Producers: Dammit. We could lose EJ! Also Producers (to Max & Gary): Looks like your food reserves are getting low, and your low-elevation camp could be an issue. Have you thought about...I dunno, just spitballin' here...making a raft from the logs of your shelter and just moving to higher ground, say, in that direction? <points toward EJ's camp>
  5. You're right. We don't know what we don't know. However, the show traditionally doesn't shy away from showing one or the other team member specifically refusing a cuddle for whatever reason precisely because doing so is HSR #1. Sarah has been shown as someone who isn't exactly proactive on interpersonal things, so based on these observations, I assumed that EJ didn't offer, and Sarah didn't ask. If either do an AMA, we can ask.
  6. My thoughts on this episode. Jeff and Steven: You guys caught a fish, which is great. Bait your gator hooks and keep catching fish until you get a gator. They seemed to have done that after they caught the first fish. Were they doing that before? It seemed like they were concentrating only on killing gators. Which takes me to...the need to emphasize the word "kill." I'm not naive. I know that hunting and fishing involves killing. But even in Jeff's intro package, he is talking to his dog all cutesy saying, "I'm gonna go and kill some gators." It just makes it seem like that's his only
  7. Gary seems to be the one who wants to be the one calling the shots, being the tribe leader, and providing for the tribe. He did the same thing in another season of XL when Matt showed up with real, non-rancid meat as he was boiling meat from the nasty carcass he found. He got very chest beaty with Matt, and he was insulted that no one wanted to eat the rancid meat he brought back. IIRC, he ate it out of spite, and did wind up having some...issues. Like you, I don't remember Max being so douchey. I'm pretty sure Amber has stated to the team that she has experience wrestling alligators, bu
  8. I think that, in Su-Zaaaan's previous challenges, the issue was a combination of her proactive defensiveness and her partners' attitudes. In her first challenge, IIRC, she came in saying something like, "If my partner is a typical man who comes in expecting to take the lead..." and she seemed to be defensive from the get-go with him. Yep, he stupidly refused to drink water, but she spoke to him in her condescending fashion, which never goes well with any adult. Rather than talk to her about that, he just continued to stupidly not drink water, then wound up needing to tap. Fast forward to the l
  9. Me to Mrs. Asshat when the idiot swished the water: OMG! Doesn't he know how bacteria works?! Me watching him be sick in the very next scene: Well, now he knows how bacteria works.
  10. Maybe they design BDSM dungeons on the side? I didn't even notice this gaffe. I did, however, have a WTF moment at Nate thinking 10,000 Maniacs was a heavy metal band. If Natalie Merchant watches this show, she had to be laughing her ass off.
  11. Just about to say this. Didn't Harry's wife mention that two men came by looking for him in NY, and that's why she came to see him in Colorado? There's definitely something up or shady with HarryHuman that we don't know yet.
  12. I don't want to get off topic, but I kind of wanted to give my $.02 on believing Sam's story. As a member of the LGBT community, I know people who have been kicked out of their family homes when they were younger. I still see teens on the streets for the same reason. It happens more often than people think, so I'm choosing to believe her on that. That said, I don't discount your theory that she may have had issues prior to being kicked out. I'm sure she did. My guess is that those issues may have been exacerbated/amplified by the experience of being kicked out, and that is how she became the p
  13. So, Joe definitely had some issues. First and foremost, his survival skills seemed to have been...untested? I missed parts of the opening package, but it seemed like he knows survival in theory, but had not actually practiced anything. Second, he had what seemed to be some esteem issues to work on, and when Sam unloaded on him, those definitely came into play. If I was a true survivalist paired up with Joe, he would definitely have tested my patience, but I wouldn't have unloaded on him as Sam did. In addition, why would he refuse water, especially after saying he was dehydrated and needed wat
  14. Totally agree with this. As for the beard sparkle, my guess is a liberal application of beard oil.
  15. Speaking of the dream intro, I found it interesting that only the humans disintegrated. One of the dream montage scenes showed someone with a dog, and the dog was still there after the human disintegrated. I don't know if that's how the weapon works (kills only humans), or if that's just Harry's subconscious. Can someone please fill me in on the last minute or two? Our DVR cut off just after the kids got zapped.
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