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  1. non sequitur


    I like this show, but the acting seems to be getting worse at some points near the end. It also seems weird that since it was established that the girls are 16-17, most of the love interests are in their mid 20's.
  2. non sequitur

    Season 1 Discussion

    That would be a huge twist. It was Elle's idea for Allie to arrest her, maybe that was part of the plan. I didn't really buy Jason and Clark towards the end. In the interrogation scene Clark seemed surprised that Jason made Lexie change. Did anyone else think that Campbell is the father of Becca's baby?
  3. non sequitur

    Lethal Weapon

    Agreed, it was. I know the majority of fans quit the show at that point. They probably shouldn't have bothered renewing it at all.
  4. non sequitur

    Season 1 Discussion

    I'm surprised at the unsettling, creepy vibe the show has. It's tense, and you can't really trust anyone. Some of the reactions from different characters are weird. At times, it's hard to know who is who and there are so many background teens.
  5. non sequitur

    Lethal Weapon

    I was hoping they would give it another chance, despite all the problems. I really liked SWS as a lead in this role. It's unfortunate the show was doomed.
  6. non sequitur

    Santa Clarita Diet

    I saw the news on another website and was really shocked. Not thrilled about the recent Netflix cancellation spree, especially of popular shows.
  7. non sequitur

    Season One Discussion

    I was really looking forward to this reboot, but so far it's just disappointing.
  8. non sequitur


    I found it both charming and cringey. Kim and Phil were almost too aggressive at times, and Carey was like a fantasy perfect boyfriend. It was sweet and funny though, and I hope they get another season with longer episodes.
  9. non sequitur

    Turn Up Charlie

    I really wanted to like this, but I had to stop watching in the third episode. They went way too far over the top with the girl. She was abusive and horrible, and not funny at all. I was not interested in her home drama and school problems etc... The first ten minutes of the series was cute, why couldn't the premise be that Idris was a struggling DJ trying to get work and find love or something? No abrasive child/nanny plot.
  10. non sequitur

    Season 1 Episode Discussion

    I loved it. It was such an honest portrayal of life and loss. I need to watch it again just to appreciate the characters and acting, which was amazing. Did anyone else think Tony giving the money to Julian was morally questionable/wrong?
  11. non sequitur

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    It feels like Rick and TC are on their own spin-off show most of the time.
  12. non sequitur

    Season 1 Discussion

    Yes! Especially the tow-truck driver and the murder of Patch.
  13. non sequitur

    Season 1 Discussion

    They could have cut out a lot of Hazel and Cha-Cha. I didn't like the dark turn for Cha-Cha, even though it was implied from the start. I wish more time was spent on Ben and Five, instead of Leonard/Harold and Vanya.
  14. non sequitur

    Season 1 Discussion

    This is unfortunate, because I think Robert Sheehan is a gifted actor capable of a wider range.
  15. non sequitur

    Friends From College

    Just watched this because of the bad reviews. I don't think it was horrendous, but it wasn't very funny. It had a lot of 'filler' unnecessary scenes for the entire series. Marianne and Nick seemed like dead weight, until the end for Nick. Unpopular opinion: I hated Felix and Seth Rogan's character, lol. Annie Parisse was gorgeous to me. They made everyone basically unlikable. Will probably watch season 2.