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  1. It's really cute so far. Seeing all the pre-Covid Christmas in New York scenes are bittersweet. Both characters look a lot older than high school.
  2. Stolen Kids- This was absolutely devastating. I can't imagine how painful it would be to never know what happened to your child. The second mother framing the age progression photos was heartbreaking. I guess the best scenario would be that someone abducted the boys, and raised them as their own.
  3. Death Row Fugitive- So incredibly frustrating and horrible to watch. The prison let a child killer go. Someone who is serving a life sentence without parole should not get the opportunity to go to a mall unsupervised. Of course he is going to run.
  4. Jack Wheeler Case- For someone of his stature, it seemed very odd that he would have been asking for and accepting rides from strangers at night. It almost looked like he was limping early on at that point in the pharmacy. He was already very confused and wandered around for hours at night completely lost. I think there is a chance he actually sustained the serious injuries from the trash compactor, because no one ever knew he was inside the dumpster.
  5. This was campy in a way Hill House never was. Jaime's backstory was poorly written, and went on too long.
  6. I watched this based on the trailer, and was honestly kind of shocked it was so intense. I thought at least some of it would focus on academics. Alexa, Rodney and Daequan seem like they all have some serious emotional issues. Instead of working on those problems, they are masking them by constantly looking for the next relationship. I really felt for Daequan, even though what he did was obviously wrong. Had to laugh when almost immediately after Alexa's Dad said he didn't like Braxton, she gets back together with Braxton.
  7. That's what I get for half watching, half scrolling. Such a huge difference compared to watching the first season, sadly.
  8. Hannah also tastes some of the cake batter, and says it tastes perfect the way it is.
  9. Dani's fiance ghost isn't scary or compelling for me, and seems cheap so far. The show is very slow moving, with a few good scenes. Just a feeling, but I hope Owen, Hannah and Jaime are actually real.
  10. This seems like it might be a struggle to get through.
  11. This is very disappointing. I can't believe they kept all the actors under contract for over a year just to end like this.
  12. I enjoyed most of the season, but thought the first half was much stronger than the last few episodes. Happy that Ben will definitely be back for season three. Maybe The Handler eating AJ will have something to do with her not really being dead. Marin Ireland killed it as Sissy.
  13. Ben not leaving Klaus's body seemed out of character for him, even though it was played for laughs. I also miss the Klaus/Diego relationship dynamic from last season where they were much closer. Here it seems as if Diego doesn't care about Klaus.
  14. I like Ray so much, he is such a great character. It was sad when Allison said there was still so much work to do in 2019. Does anyone else think that Ray's friend Miles looks a little like a young John Lewis? Maybe that was intentional.
  15. Wasn't really expecting the Swedish brothers to have such an emotional scene.
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