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  1. Thanks for sharing, patty! That guy is hilarious.
  2. The ads for 2/17 show are laughable. Dr Phil and Dr Oz wearing white coats so we think they're real doctors.
  3. Crete episode: You have children and you want a beach shack??
  4. It really has sunk to a new low yet I can't look away.
  5. Is Dr Phil wearing grandpa slippers in place of shoes now?!
  6. Did anyone else notice the repeating of "all right" by the Kauai husband? I thought about starting a drinking game but I'd be drunk by now.
  7. I just couldn't take the rapping. And he could have had a nice apt for $50 more. Stupid white boy.
  8. I thought she sounded entitled and the mom and daughter against dad was annoying. Also, parents buying their children a home happened a lot when I lived in South Bend, IN. All the domer parents with their kids that then rented the house out for game days.
  9. Do they go anyplace other than Merida in Mexico? It seems like they go there frequently.
  10. I bet agent Rannie was never so happy as she must have been at closing to get rid of those two.
  11. If you google her, you find out (at least according to Linked In) she's back in NYC. The retreat is shown on her Linked In profile.
  12. I am claustrophobic as well and I manage to wear a mask when going into public places. Sheesh.
  13. I love Asheville. I'm looking forward to when I'll feel comfortable flying again and I want to go back for fall colors. (Floridian)
  14. It seems like this show is toast. No new episodes for awhile. HGTV seems to float a new show with just a few episodes and if it doesn't get the results they want, it's done. I saw that happened with Roommate Hunters which I enjoyed. It was different from the constant parade of Brothers shows.
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