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  1. It occurs to me that Boimler was very competent in No Small Parts. Boimler here is both very competent and now has no issue interacting (behaving as?) senior staff. Meanwhile, Mariner just learned that she doesn’t need to be in charge and should listen more to her friends, rather than just supporting them. Based on so much of the trailer appearing in these first two episodes, I can only assume the white uniforms happen next week. Presumably it won’t be an Envoys type situation again where Mariner is both the problem and solution.
  2. I feel like this isn’t the end of Titan Boimler (William?). Will Mariner prefer the explorer Boimler over the adventurer Boimler? It was kinda sad to seem them kick out Jet, but presumably he can’t coexist with Jet… which makes me wonder if we’ll also see Barb again.
  3. I have to commend Josh. They showed his print and I thought it looked terrible. Then they showed his drawing and I thought IT looked terrible. But together? WOW. And then his photo was able to show the front and the back of the ladies outfit which I think helped him. I liked his clothes the best and I thought they were appropriate for the challenge. Well done. I wish people would show bathing suits with long legs and rash guards- I can either bathe in sun block or cover up. At least rash guards are more available now, but for long legs, I’m pretty much stuck at REI or Amazon.
  4. It occurs to me, having now watched The Falcon and the Winter Soldier “out of order”, that I don’t know if they intended for Alexei to be lying or telling the truth about fighting Captain America in the 80s. Given that he asked Natasha if he has been mentioned, I’m assuming he was telling the truth. Though it probably wasn’t Isaiah, either, or he probably would have mentioned that to Sam.
  5. I assumed Natasha was just another alias. If you are called the same fake name all the way from childhood, I’m pretty sure that makes it a real name.
  6. Cerulean

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    If Sylvie didn’t have Frigga as a mother, is it possible she didn’t make it off Jotunheim as a baby? Or did another Asgardian grab her and adopt her instead? Loki still looks like his Frost Giant shape, if not color. Is Sylvie shape shifted? She doesn’t appear to have illusions like Loki does to reimage herself- although Baby Loki changed from a blue baby, so maybe it’s just a built-in gift Also, she knew the Loki name but says that’s not her. Has she been hanging out in enough timelines close to the Sacred Timeline that she’s done hearing about “Perfect Loki”.... or did Odin and
  7. Does “our” Loki recognize “Blonde Lady Loki”? We’ve seen Loki from The Avengers to his death, and he’s always been “Dark haired Dude Loki”. So, was BLL (which btw, looks kinda like Thor), from a spot in DD’s past? Or did BLL branch at some point from DDL. If BLL has always been BLL, then that kind of blows away the premise of the sacred time line if she was around long enough from baby to now. Also, how does this fit in with the Satan stained glass?!? Would the little boy point at the window for the physique of that Loki? Or is there a red haired burly L
  8. Didn’t Maladie claim that she only killed “angels”?
  9. It occurs to me that Amalia is like Horaratio, Penance, and Mary- her turn is something she already had (temporal slips) but enhanced to be future visions. The Touched like Myrtle and Harriet don’t seem to have that link. Also, the crazy doctor said that his study was non-voluntary- when did it do from “no -voluntary” to abducting people. I’m sorry for everyone on the list. People gathering Touched that we know about: Maladie, the doctor, Swan, Amalia/Zephyr, and Lavinia. Will we meet others?
  10. Magic? Check! Time Travel? Check! Steam Punk? Check! Post Apocalyptic War? Check! Body Snatcher? Check! Aliens? Check! Claudia Black? Check! Seems like someone pulled a lot of slips out of the SF jar. ETA- and I forgot to list secret names, mad scientists, and zombies
  11. I wondered how her teeth were so white. Fake teeth.
  12. I’m thinking Amalia’s future is kind of terrible for her- she chooses to sleep on a floor in a roomful of other people, presumably because it’s what’s familiar.
  13. Amalia is a Time Traveller! Presumably the body was dead in the river and she took it over when she was left behind?
  14. I’ve read all the books. The British accents threw me. I expected Russian, Finish, Chinese, Dutch among others. It wouldn’t be strange if it were a British company but it appears to be American. It just seems like an odd choice to me.
  15. I’m assuming Sam’s suit is lined with vibranium, which is why him jetting the van back didn’t crush him. And I actually expected Karli to shoot him and charge his suit up. Since we didn’t get to see that, it’s still in the Schroedinger zone. What is egregious is that his head isn’t protected. If he’s wearing flying armor with cool attached shades, why not give the poor man some head protection?!? And I wish the end credits said something like “Captain America and Bucky”. Is it still fair to call him the Winter Soldier? He’s got a new Wakandan arm, works for the good guys (Or with th
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