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  1. I noticed Boreal referred to Mary as “Malone”, not “Dr Malone” (or even Ms Malone). He also called all women arrogant and treated her badly when he met her last week. I don’t know if this is meant to characterize him poorly, or to foreshadow him underestimating Mrs Coulter.
  2. In addition to repairing subspace relays, you’d think they’d use Discovery like a courier or cargo ship to get needed items where they needed to be fast- why are they even talking exploration and science? It occurred to me that it’s not just a medieval crew showing up. But one that knows magic- without dilithium no one else can travel easily, but the Discovery can... AND not just easily but can get there instantly. Would a destroyed ship have been ill omened? Otherwise, I’m wondering if there is another USS Discovery floating around.
  3. During this show, it occurred to me that the people who are eliminated probably have to stay in seclusion to be available for the finale. I then thought it would be sad to miss the families, but it looks like at least Mark’s is there with them.
  4. I don’t understand how Kora all of a sudden had “heal the dead powers”. If she knew about them, why didn’t she heal Jiayang? Also, it seems like Daisy should have been A LOT more beat up with a serious case of frost bite. Still, I liked it. And I have to wonder if anyone will show up in the next sequence of movies/television. (I would NOT have predicted Sousa, but it worked!)
  5. I think “the bloodwork” and “saying goodbye” is for Deke’s mom.
  6. Seurac‘s evilness seemed to step it up this week. Now he’s got a society where murders are literally being ordered to remove the outliers. That’s pretty darn dystopian. Presumably Delores couldn’t account for Caleb. So either her plan was to always find a patsy or the EMP was her improvising based on her current resources.
  7. I think Nancy made a mistake with the three pieces she showed the judges. They were some of the most busy in her collection. I wonder what advice they would have given her of she had made a more representative sample. My favorite piece by her was the grey/silver slinky dress in the middle. It was simple, but if had been styled slightly differently I think it would have come off as very futuristic. Also, I was amused that the judges favorite piece for Sergio was the one that someone else designed. The blue one he showed the judges would be at home on a red carpet, though. It is so beautiful.
  8. Aren’t the “unhappy couple” there because of Rav? Maybe she’d rather be back at Mission Control. Also, what did Spike think he was doing with ship?!? If they were really on course, the last thing you’d want to do would be to adjust it and use fuel! Also, it is utterly delightful whenever Hugh Laurie toggles accents in the middle of a scene.
  9. I hope to see more of Ana de Armas. I kept thinking she looked familiar, one IMDb search later and she’s Joi from Bladerunner 2049. She was great in both roles and that’s quite a range!
  10. I assumed a Chinese person dressed up like a Japanese person was the irritation behind Sergio’s model. And even though they told him they were done with stories, he told one anyway. (Incidentally, if you google for images of the Onna-bugeisha, they look NOTHING like his outfit) I was a little surprised they didn’t direct the designers to use the building as inspiration. And everyone knows cold water is what gets out blood!
  11. I also found myself liking the character of Mike November, but the name is just so strange sounding to my ear, with it being the phonetic alphabet pronunciations of M and N. Also, he keeps warning Jack not to kill the president, but they didn’t have clearance for any weapons let alone storming the presidential mansion! Also, I kept trying to figure out Harry’s play. I wondered if we were going to find out that she was also the lawyer.... then she pins a death and Jack and then ALSO helps him to get the senator? I guess there’s always next season.
  12. Right, so Gen needs to search all the Janets, not just the Janets in the room. I think Chidi will have a few spare hours to make up his mind.
  13. I’m confused at the Janet void plot point. There are many many Janets that didn’t show up there. And why can’t they unmarbelize them after Jen goes into the voids. (And pass it around to Janets she might have already seen) Also, excluding Disco Janet, I only saw three outfits- plaid, purple, or blue vest.
  14. I’m wondering if Brent is “too bad to be true”. If the first demon was always intended to be a plant, maybe there was a long plan? Although, presumably Gen would have noticed something, as an argument against. Once Tahani and John really were friends, he was humanized. Would Brent really be so narcissistic to have found no one? He had so many “bro’s” he listed. I did find it funny that he was cheating at golf!
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