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  1. A least favorite one, mistake of the season: Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton, in Chicago PD. They couldn't sell lemonade on a hot summer day if their lives depended on it, let alone a couple in love. I can't even say they have no chemistry cause they haven't a clue what that means to begin with, it was all cringy and unpleasant to watch. For the life of me, I'll never understand why a show forces on its audience a couple that has fiasco written all over it even before it actually happens.
  2. Well, she seems to have a knack for it, cause in The Mentalist, she was engaged in a illicit sexual relationship with her minor student and was also the killer that Jane and Lisbon put away for life.
  3. A few more other roles: Mandy Moore was in 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy, as Mary Portman, seasons 6 and 7. She died, as it usually happens on Grey's. And in the movie Princess Diaries, as Mia Thermopolis' bully. Justin Hartley, besides Smallville that's been mentioned, he was on Revenge (seasons 2 and 3), as Victoria's son and in a Castle episode (4x13). Milo was the bad boy in Fergie's music video, Big Girls Don't Cry.
  4. Derek: She's in the car, she's in the car and she won't stop crying. Cristina: Did you propose? Derek: Noo! She went to William's execution - //- Meredith: You don't remember me. But I remember you. As the coward who stood over my dying husband... ...the love of my life, and you didn't even attempt to do burr holes after he failed to get him a head CT. Burr holes!I was doing burr holes as an intern.' That one night should have cost you your entire career, but instead you're sitting up here judging me? You don't deserve to judge anyone. - //- Arizona: Oh my God!
  5. That's very kind, Annber! We turned out ok, no significant health issues, but the fear really gets to you, those who had it will know what's that like. So, we played cards and board games all day long to try and shake those dreadful thoughts away. The fun definitely brought smiles to our faces and helped our emotional during those long two weeks.
  6. Color me jealous! I'm still waiting on my turn (where I'm from, it's by age range), but I'm mostly grateful for having beaten covid; me and my parents all had it in january this year and we're here. Thankfully, they were vaccinated last week and when my turn comes, I can be grateful once more.
  7. I'm re-watching The Mentalist and Rory's classmate, Francie Jarvies, is on season 4, episode 20, as a school drama teacher. Yesterday, I saw Luke on CSI Miami, season 10, episode 5, as someone working for the government to take down a mexican assassin. Paris-Liza Weil was also in Private Practice, season 4, episode 15, as a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder. She was really good. Lauren was Keanu Reeve's girlfriend in the movie Sweet November. I kind of lost track of everybody's work outside GG, probably the only one I see most is Melissa, cause she does
  8. Right?! I had those in mind and they're rather new, but there's gotta be more 'lonely' out there!
  9. Lonely - Diplo & Jonas Brothers Lonely - Justin Bieber & Benny Blanco Lonely - Maluma & Jennifer Lopez P.S: you guys, I looked back the pages, 'lonely' hasn't popped up yet.
  10. And patients in an aquarium gave me House vibes. Who knows, Castle, Buffy, Chicago PD and the very own Grey's Anatomy, all started out as mid-season. Granted, they are from other networks, but here it's Sophia Bush and, well, that's it. I'd take a wild guess on the show hitting at least 3 seasons. On a personal note, I'm not usually drawn to medical dramas, my only ones are Grey's and House, but I know I'll be watching Good Sam just because of Sophia.
  11. Just found official trailer on youtube. I may be seeing things, but that hospital looks a lot like Seattle Grace to me (aka Greys Sloan).
  12. Smallville. Instead of telling the story of Clark Kent becoming Superman, turned into a soap opera about Clark and his depressing love life. I remember losing sleep due to my level of frustration. The final straw was Lana Lang arc in mid-season 8, I just felt sorry for all characters and actors with that disaster. And the show managed to keep on going up till season 10, quite a feat. Might be unpopular opinion, but that Gabby/Casey ship was stomach turning for me, zero chemistry. And when I thought it couldn't get worse, there he is, going for cute as a button Sylvie. Out of the Chica
  13. You're not alone, though my reason was Jessica Alba's Dark Angel show, also cancelled by Fox after only two seasons. Not cool. I also remember the show being set in the year 2019; we're past it and humans are yet to be genetically enhanced and carry barcodes (at least that I know of). And a really good "Shondaland" one, Off the Map, that didn't even make a whole first season, was cancelled mid-season with a lot of unresolved issues. I kept hoping for Shonda Rhimes to revive it, but never happened, guess it's one of those that never got a fair shot.
  14. Say Something - Justin Timberlake ft Chris Stapleton Back to You - Selena Gomez My Way - Calvin Harris My Way - Limp Biskit Dangerous - Seether Dangerous - Jennifer Hudson Dangerous - David Guetta ft Sam Martin
  15. To be fair, I was overthinking all of this, to make sure I posted accordingly, but it crossed my mind a remix of a song, whether it'd be valid in topic here. But then again, I'm not even sure remix and cover are two different things, I'll google sometime. Like for instance, the 3 Dreams I listed before, the last one, by David Guetta, uses the original lyrics, but not the entirety of them, his version is quite mixed up.
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