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  1. What Whoopi is trying to say is that Bloomberg can't buy the election. He can spend all the money he wants. It is still up to the people to either vote for him or not. He didn't pay the people of New York to vote him mayor. They decided that. The debate isn't the first time people have seen him outside of New York. He has been visiting cities and meeting people in the South. His ads run multiple times a day where I live and I live in a red state. The only other candidate who has run an ad here is Bernie.
  2. Inside Edition did a piece on this story today. Catch it if you can. Abby was the last person talking to her, but even that relationship has soured. If true, this is what NutMeg McCain gets. No one wants to be friends with toxic people.
  3. NutMeg has even said on the show she won't talk about Uncle Lindsey, so no she won't call out fellow Republicans when they are doing wrong unless she dislikes the person. Even when she tries to show compassion, it comes off as fake due to the fact she has already shown her true feelings on a subject. Like the children at the border. She was offended when people said they were tortured. Only her father knows about torture. Then she tried to take compassion for the boy that died from the flu. The only reason she had something to say was because she made the subject about her grief.
  4. I don't cut NutMeg nor Abby any slack. No one makes them the villains for being conservatives. Why do people act like Ana isn't a conservative and has no problem getting her point across without being a rude bitch like NutMeg.
  5. Abby is forever an idiot. I can't stand her. Politicians kids aren't the only kids that have feelings. That analogy won't hurt Baron in the least. He is probably more embarrassed by his parents. If bringing up the kids in cages is too much for her, please stop talking about your rich kids. Juliana isn't going to say anything to make waves on her part. She is just bouncing back after that blackface Halloween costume incident.
  6. Fuck Abby and NutMeg. If you can't admit they are laying out evidence for a crime and still can't admit these people know more than an art history major cause this is their job, I don't know what to say. This is why I don't ever feel sorry for NutMeg when her father is talked about cause she still defends everything he does.
  7. Abby is stupid and NutMeg is still rude and stupid.
  8. Abby is still dumb. NutMeg is still a miserable dumb bitch. Whoopi still gets the point wrong. It isn't a black list. From the way she was defending it, you would think she was at the fundraiser. No one is advocating violence towards these people. No one is saying you can't vote for the man in the White House. If the list of donors is public knowledge, then there is nothing wrong with asking for disclosure. People should be able to know if certain stars still support him and if they want to continue to watch said actors.
  9. I quit this shit show months ago. I knew Drew's story would be shit the minute Franco was inserted and Billy left. This story has more holes than Swiss cheese. They rewrote too much shit for any of this to make sense. They never explained how Helena was out here kidnapping Drew when her ass was half dead waiting on Robin to find a cure to bring back her and Jason. Drew was the person Robin worked on and escaped with cause Ava ran him over and that is how he got his new face. They also never explained Drew getting beat up on Cassadine Island while Jake was kidnapped by Helena. Drew also ha
  10. The funny thing is Maurice would probably be happy as hell to unload Carly to Jason. He is always looking for new love interests. His father would hate it but forget that old man. But seeing how much of an was gold Maurice was a couple of days ago on Twitter, I hope he is forever stuck in Carson. As far as Steve goes, he loves Jasam for now cause their fans are his biggest customers to buying his nutrition shakes. He could care less about the actual couple. He also has an ego like Maurice. They can't stand any other males winning over them. See his reaction to Lusam being received better
  11. This is why you can never give NutMeg credit. She always manages to take any goodwill towards her and fuck it up. She was right back to trying to blame Omar again for all the current bull going on without saying shit about her current party's leader.
  12. Today's show is the reason why I don't care that Mac and Robert are in charge of the PCPD. They write them exactly as inept as the rest of the others that have lead the department. They should just let Sonny and Jason run it since they let them get away with all of their crimes and act like they are bringing everybody else to justice. Eeyore was a pain in the ass when he was alive and is still a pain in Drew's ass in death. Never has a man ever needed to go back in time and wear a condom.
  13. Already sorry Joy and STFU Whoopi. Just because some people have served forever, doesn't mean they deserve their asses kissed 24/7. Nancy calls out her colleagues more than the man in the White House. Most of us are watching him get away with murder while they do nothing. Shut up and start doing the damn job.
  14. Forget Carly keeping Michael from AJ. She actively tried to steal Spencer from Nik along with Jax. No one has room to talk in this baby mess but Lucas, the kept in the dark parent. I don't even hate Brad. He is serving up karma for the whole Carson crew. I don't feel bad for Michael either. He will just drag that baby back to his worthless mob family.
  15. Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa is an example of a couple not living together. Her husband leaves town every week to teach and comes home on the weekends. They have been together over 40 years. NutMeg claims she writes in people when she doesn't like the candidate that is running. It must be nice to be able to throw away your vote like that.
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