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  1. It was kinda fun to see Matt driven away after Serena gave him the boot.. I was waiting for him to break down and start bawlin.."why me, i thought she loved me", I'll never be the same boo hoo"..lol Plus where did they drive him too? the local singles bar? His thought being " hey, the night aint over yet, im sure there is a thigh to rub somewhere nearby"..
  2. I agree, it was like the scene from Kindergarten Cop, with Arnold trying to deal with those kids.
  3. 1: anybody else feel that if Matt was really wanting "true love" with one of the women, he allready sent the right one home and not known it? 2: he is not looking for a life love, he is looking for quick one niter. 3: girls are spilling the beans about thier life on the one/ones...love,kids,future, past, present.....the whole time Matt is bobbin his head up and down, with his big paw placed on the thigh of the future Mrs Matt, and he is thinkin " just one night baby, thats all im askin" LOL.. 4: shoulda stuck with Serena C, if only for one good night of freaky deaky sex, bef
  4. Well they do kinda, only its a can of pringles, 2 slimjims and a bottle of Costco's water.
  5. The drinking game idea is good, but i suggest Down one every time Matts Mitt lands on a bachlorettes exposed thigh.
  6. I feel Serena C is on her way out. She copped a bad attitude last nite with the whole Katie cat fight. Plus, you think shes going to drop everything and move to where Matt lives if he proposed to her? not. Shes a flight attendent,appears to be very smart (compared to the Matt). She will be gone in another rose ceremony or two. Thought Matt was going to give his mancrush Tyler a rose. I feel Matt allready sent home his possible future wife, who ever that might have been. This group that is still left is pretty slim pickings for life long love, unless one of the girls is dumber then Matt and
  7. The girls would have been better off puttin the moves on the Farmer dude. Also, I agree with one of the other posters that Matt should not point the finger at any women that tells him something in private about the women.. What a little tattle tail...
  8. Victoria is the kinda chick you want on your side in a bar fight. Thats the only good thing i can say about her. 🙂
  9. Sad night in TV land for sure!
  10. Episode 3 brief recap: Victoria is happy now that the rest of the girls know shes not the only whack job (sarah) . Sarah receives a Oscar nomination for best supporting actress in a drama for her Rose Ceremony crash and burn. Matt is honored by local police/fire depts for his heroic action in performing mouth to mouth resuscitation which included tongue on Sarah as she lay motionless just off camera. Sarah recovers, but is now blackballed by the rest of the girl scouts and spends entire show crying and mumbling incoherently. Sara cant take it any longer and decides to leave the show. Matt ca
  11. Victoria, this seasons resident Whack job.
  12. I had a thought as to who might be a good host, Willie Geist. He has the personality and smarts to pull it off! In the meantime Ken Jennings is doing a great job!
  13. Victoria, this seasons resident "whack job"
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