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  1. Victura

    In The Media: DWTS

    As someone who is part of the skating community, trust me when I say that Mirai is absolutely beloved. She won Nationals at age 14 and essentially grew up in people's eyes and had a very endearing way of answering honestly to interviewers' questions when she was younger. (The one really funny example I can remember is when she made the Olympic team the first time and said she was excited about all the free stuff they were going to get.) There was a huge uproar when she won the bronze at Nationals in 2014 but was passed over for the Olympic team in favor of Ashley Wagner (who placed 4th) due to "body of work." Tons of people were thrilled when she got her redemption and went back to the Olympics this year. Adam is also quite loved, but he was a little lucky to make it onto the Olympic team this time because he placed 4th at Nationals and Ross Miner (2nd) was bumped in his favor. This was a controversial decision by USFSA, but Adam did very well at all the competitions leading up to Nationals and had one bad competition. I get the feeling that Mirai might've been a last minute replacement too and wouldn't think anything of Meryl and Charlie retweeting Adam. There was something else one of them retweeted that had them both.
  2. Victura

    S02.E08: Number One

    I was wondering this too. It seemed odd to have a cast on a leg in a bent position. Did they specify what kind of injury it was that would require that?
  3. Victura

    S02.E05: Brothers

    Madison was in one of the first episodes where Kate also gets angry at her and several others in the group. She said that she has body dysmorphia / body distortion (where she thinks she's extremely overweight and that's what she sees in the mirror) and admits to the others that they probably think it's a joke that she's there.
  4. Victura

    Season 3 Discussion

    I actually bought Jesse's struggling. I mean, there were 5 kids (including two babies) to one adult. At any age, that one adult would be completely outnumbered.
  5. Victura

    S04.E11: It's Love, Actually

    I don't know anything about Pittsburgh, but I have to say I rolled my eyes at the idea that one would go to New York for knee surgery and stay after to recover, because it's the absolute last place I would want to be if I'm not very mobile. That is, unless one had tons of money for a private driver, which perhaps Jay's mom does have? There are some good hospitals in New York, sure, but it'd be quite the hassle to get around.
  6. Victura

    In The Media: DWTS

    A bit late to the wedding conversation, but I saw Candace Cameron Bure was at Maks and Peta's wedding and found that odd since she was Mark's partner and seems to be on good terms with him (even posting about the release of his album recently). Was she close to Maks or Peta? And did any of the judges or Tom attend either wedding?
  7. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    Interview with Kevin Falls, who talks about the possibility of an epilogue episode and what he would've done differently. Sounds like he thinks moving it to a mid season show would have been helpful. They didn't even shoot an alternative ending because all the signals pointed to them coming back. http://ew.com/tv/2017/05/16/pitch-goodbye-episode/
  8. Victura

    S03.E23: This Isn't Us

    Even though a lot of this episode was weird, the explanation about Jessica wanting them to continue to struggle because that's all she knew and wanted them to continue to strive for better rang true to me. I think for a lot of immigrants, even basic things can be a daily struggle (particularly if there's a language barrier) that over time, one just gets used to it. Also, once you've obtained a goal, it's hard to find a new way to live (a bit like what athletes face after having achieved Olympic gold and not knowing what else to do with their lives after because training and improving at their sport is all they've ever known.) Many immigrants also move for the purpose of finding a better life elsewhere, and working hard, pinching pennies, and striving for better whether through academics or business is all part of finding and obtaining a better life. She has big dreams for their family, so I can see why she wouldn't want them to get complacent after just moving to a big house.
  9. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    Kevin Falls was on this podcast that's well worth a listen. The written portion on the site is only a small fraction of what he said, which included what being in limbo was like and the support they received from Fox, some season 2 plot lines they were considering, what the show meant in terms of empowering young girls, and perhaps some chances for closure down the line. https://theringer.com/pitch-return-unlikely-kevin-falls-ringer-mlb-show-interview-2389290ca5ff
  10. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    There's a campaign to write to MLB network, Netflix, and Hulu to get one of them to pick up Pitch. https://pitchstreetteam.tumblr.com/post/160243901265/pickuppitch-campaign
  11. I felt a bit indifferent about Heather this entire time, but her dance this week was beautiful and she really deserved to stay longer. I think the problem is that she came off a bit coldly perfect like Nastia Liukin, which isn't very relatable to most people. That's not to say she is actually like that, though I wouldn't know since I didn't who she was before this show. Between her and Nancy though, I'm glad Nancy stayed. I kind of liked that the lights went out during the girls' dance. Gave it a nice ambience, and since the show is often total sensory overload, it was a nice change for something to be pulled back a little.
  12. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    I think we're referring to the same thing, actually, just using different terms. :) I meant higher number is more likely to be renewed (i.e. 49 is more likely to be renewed than 17), whereas you meant higher ranking/lower number is less likely to be renewed (17 is less likely to be renewed than 49). It's a bit confusing since the list is ordered backwards. Regardless, all those Fox shows I mentioned are less likely to be renewed than Pitch according to that list. But anyway, I agree that this was one of the surprises of the season. I stumbled on it accidentally on Hulu when the show was 6 episodes in and ended up watching all the episodes available. Hadn't heard much promotion prior or since for the show, though I'm not a baseball fan at all. Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but I don't think the show is completely dead yet. Even if the signs don't look great, there are many other shows on Fox that seem to have done worse, and they only have 4 drama pilots this season, so I would assume some of the existing shows have to be kept. I just hope that Pitch is one of them, or that the producers approach MLB network or elsewhere for other possibilities for the show to continue.
  13. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    Hmm the EW article is actually a list of shows that haven't been renewed yet and includes ones like Designated Survivor that everyone expects to get another season. It's ranked according to likelihood of renewal. Pitch is not very high at 17 (the higher it is the more likely to be renewed) but quite a few other shows beneath it are Fox shows. http://ew.com/tv/2017/04/14/tv-renewed-canceled-2/4/ For Pitch, it says: "A once-promising title that is unlikely to get the chance to throw another strike. Could still surprise." For Rosewood it says "Remember when we said that some modest Fox shows might surprise by coming back because of the performance of other shows? This sophomore procedural is of those other shows." For Fox, there's also Sleepy Hollow, Scream Queens, Making History, APB, The Exorcist all ranked below Pitch, and Son of Zorn just slightly above at 19. I don't know how much stock to take in these rankings, but that seems like a lot of shows that aren't doing very well at Fox.
  14. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    I wonder if the MLB would want to take it on if Fox passes on a second season. There was some discussion of it here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pitch-finale-explained-season-two-plans-954181 It seems like the MLB network has been trying to expand into scripted series recently (a quick search turned up something called Out of My League and a Babe Ruth miniseries). Don't know if either of those projects went anywhere, but Pitch might give the network some credibility in a new area since it has a well-respected team behind it. The MLB commissioner has been quite supportive of the series, so I hope that the producers are exploring this and any other possibilities (Hulu, Netflix, etc.).
  15. Victura

    The Hot Stove: Pitch in the Media

    Well, it's semantics, but what the article says is: "Prospects are not as bright for Fox’s fellow new fall drama that earned strong reviews and soft ratings, Dan Fogelman’s baseball-themed Pitch, which appears unlikely, and I hear its writers are being released." That to me means hearsay and unconfirmed rumor, not that writers have already been let go. The article also mentions that there are only 4 drama pilots at Fox this season, so the bubble shows could be kept as backup. As of a few days ago, one of the writers was tweeting lines from the show as part of the Pitch Street Team's renewal efforts, though I don't know if anything has changed since then. Even though I don't want to get my hopes up too high (because I would be very sad if the show didn't come back), I wouldn't take the above as a nail in the coffin just yet.