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  1. If I could like this post a million trillion times, I would!
  2. The View was playing while I was getting a haircut yesterday. When Sara's image - the one with the severe, blunt bob came on the screen - all the stylists gasped. Seems there was one longer piece on the inside that was quite a bit longer than the others. And once I saw it, there was no way to 'unsee' it! They were apoplectic! "Who is the stylist that let her go out!" "Those are extension!" "No, that's a wig!" "I wish I was in the audience and had my scissors!" "But who let her out there with that piece hanging down!" It was kind of hysterical, especially since everyone but me was speak
  3. She really was pretty in pink! Maybe she read all the wonderful comments Katty Kay got and is a bit fearful. Good. She really needs to up her game.
  4. Hey, Food Network! How about a special - or even a series - of your 'experts' competing against each other? I'd love to see someone take Zac Young down a peg or 12.
  5. And that's what he should have said! I can't stand Zac, so maybe that is coloring my remark. :) Duff and Valerie both offer constructive criticisms on the Kids' Baking Championship - too much sugar, baked too long, decorate the board, too, and more. Adults have feelings, too, Zac.
  6. Wow. This is how a show should run! Katty Kay is fantastic. Reads the prompter with an engaging style and proper inflection. Asks great questions and chimes in with terrific comments. Keeps things moving . . . Mika who?
  7. Well, in all fairness, he only kills the bad guys. Removed tongue from cheek.
  8. Was it terrible lighting, horrible make-up, or both, but I couldn't stop looking at what appeared to be a bruise on CF's left cheek. Just me?
  9. This OLTL viewer remembers that Llanview was on or near Lantano mountain, so the Tan-o makes sense, albeit it is a ridiculous name for a saloon that has NO CUSTOMERS. Nixon Falls is totally a nod to series creator Agnes Nixon.
  10. Bring back Casey the Alien. I loved that story line. Table for one?
  11. I have a niece, a dear girl, but she is a seasonal savant. She pulls out wool to wear in the summer, and cotton sundresses in winter. Mika wears black every damn day, but on such a somber occasion she decides to go with a springtime top?
  12. How about Britt, Brad, and a few barrels of ice cream, a la the televised Nurses Ball Red Carpet!
  13. Maura, Finola, Nancy Lee . . . Becky, Epiphany, BLQ, Maxie . . . shall I continue?
  14. Mayberry Mike who Dances With Brooms is just as arrogant as Sonny the mini Moobster who Throws Bar Ware. He of the disgusting scraggly beard and tiny stature threatening the debonair, tanned, and athletic Jasper Jax is just hilarious! And watching the poor actress who plays Nina try to emote feelings of lust . . . well, I hope she got a pay raise. Yuck.
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