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  1. If MeAgain had listened to Harris' entire speech, she'd have learned that our VP wants to fix the problems in the countries that she's visiting. Countries that have so many problems people are forced to flee. They'd prefer to stay in their own country, but it's not safe!
  2. I got the impression Joe was not happy with Garrit Haake continuing to talk while Joe tried to interrupt. He must have been furious when GH corrected his interruption because Joe's appearance was completely gone in the 8 a.m. hour. Made me happy. Go, Garrit!
  3. "I'll take Geography for $200, Alex." RIP
  4. Beware of flying pigs! MeAgain just agreed with Joy! Did somebody have a talkin' to?
  5. Hope it's just a reaction to hearing about Sean.
  6. Dear Producers. This is not making sparks. This is not entertaining. Having someone overreact, scream, and, I imagine, stomp her feet is not why I watch. In fact, I only had it on today because I had a free hour. I've taken The View off my DVR. My blood pressure is already high enough and I don't need to watch a spoiled brat attack someone twice her age. Disagree, sure, but MeAgain doesn't argue, she goes ballistic. And Whoopie goes to break. Let them go at it, once and for all. I don't know how Joy continues to let that little magpie continue to abuse her.
  7. We need a square for Infanticide and I'm a pundint!
  8. I think I'm finally done with this show, that I've watched since Day One. Between the awkward pauses, panel talk-overs (it's been a YEAR - you'd think they'd learn how to work remotely by now) plus Whoopie's failure to, well, moderate, but mostly MeAgain and the misinformation (one might call it Fake News) she spreads on a daily basis. My blood pressure is high enough already. I recorded the last few days and just deleted them.
  9. She is quickly becoming more SheBeasty than Snarly SheBeast herself. Gah! Run, Cameron. Run to Trina! Or, wait for Emma to arrive. Save yourself.
  10. Oooh, that's a good one! Sonny basically 'stole' not only baby Michael from AJ (Monica's son) but borg Jason (also Monica's offspring) as well. Will Jason allow Mayberry Mike who Dances with Brooms to be who he wants to be, or will his loyalty to Carly win out. Now THIS is finally an interesting turn of events.
  11. And beware of her malaprops. It's not you! I wish someone was keeping track of them! Might make a nice wrong-word-a-day calendar.
  12. How about they test Cam for gunpowder residue? Yeah, I know. None of the geniuses at the PCPD tested Jason, so why even ask?
  13. Yes, Halperin and Noah Rothman! And, of course Mee-Again. So pretty on the outside, but, as we all know, you can't judge a book by it's cover. She is deplorable.
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