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  1. Good thing there wasn't a fire at the morgue because having locked doors you can't open is a great idea. Almost as good as breaking into the morgue and some rich, litigious guy's car without gloves and then USING GLOVES TO TEXT. I lived in coastal Maine and that bucket thing is dumb even for the people I met there. Speaking of... I was also a juror on an attempted murder case while there and you know what? THE WITNESSES DID NOT TESTIFY BEHIND SCREENS TO HIDE THEIR IDENTITIES. I think I could ignore the dumb if the characters were likable. Or the mystery was gripping. I can only shut off so many parts of my brain. And yet I'm going to be stuck watching this because my kid thinks it's great and I can only be happy we've outgrown Disney original programming and never got into reality tv.
  2. Watching it I was like "Scott Wolf isn't old enough to be a parent of a college-aged kid..." *pause for math* "Oh. He totally could be and not even have been a teen dad." I was hoping we'd get the answer to the murder in the first episode and have a season-long arc. I find mini arcs within greater arcs work well with mysteries. All season can be a drag, a new one every week feels so annoying sometimes. Oh look, another dead body in this tiny town. So as they didn't wrap it up, I hope it ends up being a good mystery at least. I liked it enough to give it another chance. Pilots sometimes are the weakest episodes before everyone settles in. Like the hair was not good and quality varied wildly from scene to scene and the make-up looked like it was put on with a putty knife on the ring-stealer friend. But sometimes that sort of thing gets better as everyone gets comfortable. Maybe not on the CW, but one can hope. My tween loved it and at least it was watchable enough for us to have a "grown up" show together.
  3. Oh man did I hate almost every second of this season. I only kept watching to see if it redeemed itself in some way. It... did not. But at least I saved myself from the "should I watch S4?" dilemma. I hated hated hated Ani. Her whole character came across as a self-insert fan fiction. She's so smart and clever and kind and spunky and everyone instantly trusts her even though she's new (and secretly lives with the villain, who is now Draco-in-leather-pants!). Only this rando new girl can save the day! Hope she has time to solve the mystery because the two main male characters have the hots for the real her. I don't like the idea of Bryce having a redemption arc, but I concede that he was still a child and if it was written well (like the yoga scene or the letter he wrote as his mother) it could have been interesting and worthwhile. I mean, Tyler had a successful redemption arc. But it wasn't written consistently or satisfyingly. I believe by the writing he wasn't faking his regret, but I also don't care. And am I supposed to think that a bunch of children babysitting an almost school shooter is an effective, intelligent plan? Or covering up/looking past a straight up murder and a violent assault are okey dokey because all that matters is that the new girl figured it out and got all cutesy with the cops? "I'm going to tell you who did it but first I'm going to tell you about all the other suspects." WTF. If these people were real, the best thing that could happen to Clay is to run screaming to a college full of normal people and never go home again.
  4. I enjoy LoVe as a couple, but I'm not a hardcore shipper. I hated Piz as V's boyfriend, but I don't need to see LoVe together instead because I'm invested. It's fine if they break up. But this? Ugh. He could have left her at the altar. Terrible, but understandable. They could have broken up over whether or not to have kids. He clearly wanted kids and she didn't. That's a big difference to reconcile. She could have cheated with Leo. Not entirely out of character if it's an arc devoted to her just making bad decisions. Terrible too, but understandable, especially after a dream that hot. He could have shipped out, fate of couple ambiguous. Or even ended it with the explosion and skip the One Year Later. I just finished the Farseer book series and one thing they said repeatedly in the last few books was don't do something you can't undo until you have fully taken into account what you can't do once it's done. Veronica can go back to Neptune, but Logan is dead dead* and it can't be undone. Maybe sitting on that for a while and thinking about it would have been better. Have him be in a coma, have her not be able to be there for him if his recovery made him asshole Logan. Have her want to leave, but he wants to stay. His fate being ambiguous gives options but now it's gone. And I've seen Veronica grieve Lily and Meg and the bus kids. I don't need sad V again, even if it's a different sad. I don't like the term Fridge thrown around but this really felt like a good definition. Character killed out of inconvenience to some other plot, especially to give someone TRAUMA. It felt forced and inorganic. I too don't want to watch Veronica Mars doing a modern day Murder, She Wrote, going from town to town solving crimes, especially if SHOCKING is the watchword. It's fine if the majority of the people from Neptune aren't in it, just Keith and Wallis and Cliff REALLY make sense regardless. I don't have faith in the writers to be satisfying. Not catering to my personal whims, but satisfying. Oh and I forget which thread it was but someone asked about Pony's name. In the Thousand-Dollar Tan Line book, they couldn't decide on a name and kept calling the gigantic dog a Pony until she didn't answer to anything else. * Yes I know no body seen and no one said dead, but if he weren't dead it'd be crappy of the therapist to share his message and it'd feel even CHEAPER to have him be alive somehow and made us think he was dead between S4 and a potential S5.
  5. elzin

    S14.E07: Booty

    Tattoo guy (Jamie, apparently) really grew on me too. This double sucks.
  6. elzin

    S14.E07: Booty

    This is some major bullshit. I was expecting him to win. Katsuji is still there and that awesome guy goes home? (or at least LCK) gah. I'm not sure I want to keep even watching anymore.
  7. As much as I hate-watch the show only now, the actors are amazing. Not every actor every scene every episode, but most of them most of the time. They are the one bright spot for haters like me. With Downton Abbey gone, better chance for the ladies next year. Plus they work so well as ensemble. It's really hard to pick out who's the best.
  8. I think Modern Family is still better than most stuff on tv, but it's nowhere near best-of-anything category any more. While I don't like Veep, I'm glad to see the statis broken.
  9. "please tell me you're seeing this too." DYING. I needed a laugh. I've been crying since Patton won.
  10. Probably because the latter 6 appeared on tv a lot, but Anton was a series costar in the little-watched Huff. Early 2000s... Showtime? With Hank Azaria.
  11. I couldn't appreciate the directing when I was too busy rolling my eyes at plot holes and inconsistencies. It's a whole package thing for me. I'm very jealous of people who haven't turned bitter like me.
  12. I'll be the lone GOT hater. I'm incredulous that it keeps winning. I feel it's Emmy-stasis, that phenomenon that happens once something wins it wins every year, deserved or not. I was pleased with how different (for the most part) the start of the show was, and now it's rut time again. I know I'm in the tiniest of groups of GOT haters, and I wish so much I could love it again, but it's just so. bad.
  13. I've never been so happy with a show dominating like ACS tonight. Overall I'm finding the night uneven. When it's good, it's REALLY good, but it's few and far between. (Holy smokes Kyle Chandler just keeps getting hotter)
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