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  1. I was watching Dune and a character spoke, and I was like, "Hold up, I recognise that voice. Is that...?" Did an IMDB check afterwards and sure enough, it was the guy who played Darren, the very large man chasing Beard in 'Beard After Hours'. Way to make an impression, guy! :D
  2. That reminds me, I don't think we ever found out what the spokesperson gig was or if Nate actually ended up doing it - I was curious about that!
  3. Agree, Nate's ire definitely escalated when Roy came along. If Ted's the father whose approval he wants, Roy is the cool, gifted older sibling who outshines him and steals the attention - as soon as Roy walks onto the pitch with them at the end of ep 5 you can see how displeased he is. (I enjoyed the contrast between Roy looking super sharp in his black suit next to Nate looking awkward with his big puffy jacket over his own suit that he was so proud of.) We know he must have a sibling since he has a niece, so maybe that's a similar situation with his family, too. Did we ever see Ted comment o
  4. I gotta say, "F*ck you, Piers Morgan" is right up there with the very best lines so far.
  5. I really wish we knew how old Nate is supposed to be, but I definitely don't think he's supposed to be the same age as Nick Mohammed - Nate's parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this season, and they don't strike me as an out-of-wedlock kind of couple, heh. He read as early-to-mid 20s to me in the first season, and they kept calling him stuff like 'good kid' and 'young man', so until we're outright told differently I'm sticking to that, grey hair or not. I think it's easy to be harder on Nate than on, say, Jamie or Rebecca, because those two started at the bottom and grew. L
  6. It was while Ted was getting ready for the funeral - the picture was right next to Henry's, which is saying something. Looking back we really haven't seen much genuine interaction between the two of them this season. Ted has had other stuff on his mind and his own issues to work on and figured Nate was ready to fly by himself, but I think he really underestimated what an insecure mess Nate really is underneath it all. Obviously that's no justification for what Nate has done, but I'm actually really liking the shades of grey here (pun on Nate's hair not intended, heh) and I'm looking forwa
  7. That was actually a much happier ending to the season than I was expecting! I really through everything BUT the promotion would end in a mess, but for the most part people are okay except for Nate. Possible insecurities for Roy and Keeley and I feel like we're probably gonna see them breaking up at some point, but I *think* they'll be okay in the end. I hope so, at least. Loved Sam realising that his place is with Richmond for now, and that he can do good things there. Loved Rebecca supporting Keeley. Loved Jamie and Roy celebrating after the headbutt. Loved Ted using the situation to start a
  8. So, this has been announced, and I feel like it's sort of a spoiler for what happens to Richmond in the finale, but I don't know, maybe they're just tricking us into thinking so. Either way, football next season will in all likelihood look more like the real deal and I'm very very excited about this!
  9. I love Jane's line about her friend Finn - "He's like a Rembrandt. Beautiful to look at, but so dim." Wish I could sneak that into a conversation, heh! Also, rewatching season one I noticed something that made me laugh out loud. In episode ten, how when they're watching that interview with Jamie for motivation and he ends with saying how instant karma is gonna get you? He doesn't actually say 'karma', he says 'caramel'. "Instant caramel, it's gonna get ya." (Maybe everyone else already knew that, but I think his accent made me miss it - even the subtitles say karma.) Oh, Jamie. You're lik
  10. Just a note - we don't really have "trades" in European football the way I've gathered you do in American sports. At least as far as I know you can't just sell a player's contract without their consent. What you can do is keep a player out of the team and say "unless you agree to sign a contract and move to a different club you won't be playing for the foreseeable future", but forcing someone to go somewhere isn't really a thing. Again, Rebecca is completely entitled not to let Sam leave, romance aside. There doesn't need to be any revenge involved at all. As nice as it would be to let
  11. Yeah, I feel like this is worth pointing out again - Rebecca, as the club's owner, is under no obligation whatsoever to let what Sam wants decide. Sure, players can express a wish to leave - sometimes that's what ends up happening and sometimes it isn't, I've seen both - but those in charge have to do what they feel is the right move for *the club*, not for the player. Sam is clearly a very important player to Richmond at this point, and although you could argue that the money they'd get for him could enable them to invest in other players, they're already on the verge of promotion back to the
  12. This. I thought the way she reacted and the version of it that she told Roy, incorrect as it was since Nate actually DID kiss her, was very realistic. Keeley is fierce and awesome and fearless, but she's still a woman who's long been judged on her looks and been conditioned to react a certain way to advances like that. And clapping his hands to encourage the rest when they lined up. He sure has come a long way from the brat who wouldn't put his hand in with the rest of the team before the match last season.
  13. This is what I'm leaning towards. I don't really see them ending on a depressing note football-wise a second time; that's just repetitive and I don't think the show wants to be that. (At least I very much hope that's the case, because seriously, supporting my real life club is stressful enough - I don't need the added stress worrying about a bloody *fictional* club, too!) Making it back to the Premier League but everything else being in shambles would set the third season up nicely. Please, please, just let them be promoted.
  14. I think she mentioned the Nate thing to sort of test the waters and see how he'd react. Obviously there's a big difference between that and Jamie's declaration, but it was like a starting point for being honest.
  15. Well. Didn't love that and don't really have all that much to say about it, which makes me sad. I did love the callback of the "Congratulations, you both just met a cool person" line from the billionaire guy - that's exactly what Ted said when he introduced Trent and Ollie to one another in the restaurant way back in 1x03. And I loved the dance routine. They were really giving it their all! I kept rewinding and focussing on a different person throughout, heh - Jan Maas was killing it in the background. I really wish we could spend more time with the team, because I live for those himbos.
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