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  1. It was very ironic that when she eventually decided that maybe a therapist *would* be a good idea (which it really would) and goes to visit them, it turns out the lady was actually offering an opportunity to score those drugs she wanted.
  2. I actually think I liked this better than the previous two episodes - I wanted to see more of Patty outside of the sitcom world, and we got to! At this point I'm equally interested in her and Allison. Interesting that it seems like Patty got into this dealing thing out of genuine concern for her customers, and believing she was just helping them with pain. The woman who came by when she was out of pills was clearly an addict, which Patty didn't seem to expect or understand. Telling that woman to just take a few ibuprofens until she had re-up'd seemed very naive. I love how well they're na
  3. This annoys me, too. It feels like that was just thrown in as a red herring to make us wonder if David is the bad guy. For a long time I thought both he AND Adele were shady. I'm also annoyed that I figured both of the big final twists as soon as the astral projection was introduced - in scenes we're seeing from "Adele"'s point of view while she's projecting there's a pale blue shimmer, but in the scene where Adele and Rob first travel together her shimmer was purple while his was blue.
  4. I watched season one of this as it aired, then just kind of lost touch with it after the first few episodes of season two and now finally binged the last three seasons over the past week. What a finale. I actually did figure out our Elliot likely not being the 'real' Elliot a few episodes before when they the rest of them mentioned "the other one" (I was quite proud of that) - I'd thought a few times during the flashbacks how different young Elliot seemed from the current, too, which makes sense with how Darlene said in the finale that Elliot was different than who she grew up with when s
  5. "With a wrecking ball. Wanna help me swing it?" I could both hear and see him deliver the line when I read that, heh. I feel like there has to be more to Richard than just being vaguely-unlikable-writer that Mare dates. Casting Guy Pearce just indicates more to me. Do they do red herring casting? I'm really liking the show so far, but yeah, Mare thinking that stealing evidence drugs and planting them on Carrier could even work doesn't ring true. She's a cop, a good cop from what I can see - surely she'd realise they were stamped and that it would be noticed. I could buy her getting t
  6. I really want to watch this, but man, as someone with a congenital hearing impairment/partial deafness I found the first fifteen minutes genuinely anxiety-inducing - especially the scene at the doctor's where the doctor is reading words aloud and Ruben keeps getting them wrong, because I've been there and done that and it was terrifying. My hearing deteriorating is one of my biggest fears. But perhaps that's why I should push through and watch the entire thing?
  7. A shot I really, really liked was the closeup of Bucky sanding (? I know nothing about woodworking) boards using his metal arm. It was a nice small touch to see him getting to use that arm for something so mundane. This arm doesn't have the history that his Winter Soldier arm did; he doesn't have to look at it and see people he killed with it. This arm he can now look at and see having helped to fix up a boat.
  8. Yes, this. Especially given that Sam then DID decide take up the shield, not because Steve thought he should or because Bucky thought he should, but because he himself felt it was right.
  9. Bahaha, same. What an episode. I actually really felt for Walker right at the beginning, before he broke fully bad on Sam and Bucky - he really, really did want to be the right person to be Captain America and being forced to confront the truth that he isn't was the last straw. The scene between Sam and Isaiah... Whew. The fact that Isaiah was sent to prison for doing literally the exact same thing Steve did and was celebrated for was a gut punch. But I really liked the brief exchange between Sam and his sister about that later, showing that Sam didn't take his judgement to heart - I
  10. Yeah, I second this - John Walker may be (is) a terrible Captain America, but Wyatt Russell is a great John Walker.
  11. I think Walker really wanted to believe and maybe try to prove to himself that he didn't actually need the serum, that he deserves being Captain America based on who he already is. He strikes me as someone who hasn't paid enough attention to news about Wakanda to realise what he was dealing with there. The humiliation when he realised he wasn't enough on his own just pushed him over the edge.
  12. Definitely the best episode so far for me. So many thoughts. The opening scene absolutely broke my heart. The Dora fight was amazing ("Looking strong, John!"), although being beaten by women who "weren't even super soldiers" was definitely the breaking point that made Walker take the serum. I'm really looking forward to seeing the fallout from that! And I liked the contrast between Lemar (RIP, buddy, I liked you better than your partner) and Sam's answers to whether they would take the serum if they could. When Walker and Lemar talked about that I got the sense that Walker knew deep down
  13. I think I said "Oh, go **** yourself" out loud at that.
  14. For me it's his face right after he's said it and sinks back - damn it, Bucky Barnes remains so many of my favourite character tropes all rolled into one. I also really liked Sam's "You finished?" after that. They spend so much of the time snarking and being annoyed at each other, but those two words, they were said kindly. I think they're doing a pretty good job of selling the frenemy angle. Yeah, they aggravate each other constantly, but there's also the sense that they do have each other's backs. When that cop asked Bucky whether Sam was bothering him it would've been easy for him to j
  15. Ever since Audrey went over to Big Alice I've thought she was playing the deep long con on Wilford, and that she'd be the one to finish him. But... I guess we're to assume now she really just went with the easy choice, to survive? That is just so disappointing.
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