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  1. I mean, Richard was married into the family and was a cheating bastard, so it makes sense he wouldn't have any qualms against shittalking his brother-in-law, heh. I liked Linda the best of the adults, until she turned so hard on Marta at the will reading. I thought she seemed sincere when she refused to be baited by Blanc; she seemed genuinely sad at their dad's death; and if I remember correctly she was the only one Harlan never had specific words with about anything that night - instead, he fought with Richard about him cheating on her. But of course, she turned out to be as vicious as the rest of them when she felt slighted. I liked that even Ransom's parents had no illusions about him - they found out he was being cut off and were like, yeah, sounds about right. He must've been an ass his whole life for his parents to not be the least surprised or offended at that.
  2. Heh, true. And she was /made/ to be eternal, she never knew anything else, while humans start out with a different perspective. While many of us believe or hope there's a continuation, I don't think any human has the ability to fully grasp the idea of literal eternity.
  3. I think the one thing they did know was what Janet (I think it was Janet) said last week - that it would be peaceful. When you've "lived" a literal eternity, I guess perhaps the one final thing you would like is peace. Would anyone actually like to live forever? Because that would technically be it if there was no cessation to their existence in the afterlife, living forever. I just cannot imagine wanting that, no matter how wonderful your existence is.
  4. I think the thing that really throws me off the suicide comparison is that -- they're already dead. Literally. They've been dead for most of the show, aside from the brief period we spent with them on Earth in that experiment. They've existed in the afterlife for an infinite amount of time - I can't remember how many Bearimys we ended at, but I'm pretty sure it had basically been an eternity. And when Eleanor finally went through the door it felt like Michael had already spent quite some time on Earth, so it didn't seem like she went straight for it after he went down there, either. I guess I just don't really see the parallels between a suicide and finally being ready for the next phase of your existence after lifetimes and lifetimes of enjoying paradise. For those of you who hated it, would you have felt differently if our humans hadn't gone through in the episode? Or is it the whole idea of the "final" door in general?
  5. One of my favourite moments was when he smiled at Michael after he said "I know you can't, buddy", and then caught himself smiling and looked appalled at himself. Oh, I love this way of looking at it. Very true. And I agree - I found it a really soothing, comforting take.
  6. There was a moment with him on a TV screen seemingly going through one of his reviews, where he was asking if he really couldn't tell *any* woman to smile, not even if she really would look prettier that way and he was doing her a favour, heh. I'm assuming it took them a few Bearimys to get through to him. I'm really surprised that people feel like it compares (not saying anyone's wrong to feel that way, just surprised). I think there's a huge difference between blowing their brains out beacuse "life was too boring and they'd had enough" and suddenly experiencing a sensation of feeling at peace and being at one with the universe and deciding they were complete. I mean, they'd had basically infinity there. I think The Companion nailed it above - those people last week, if they'd run through right away, that would've been a suicide door. This wasn't that. It was more like -- like, think about Nirvana in buddhism. That nothingness of being complete, that's what you strive for there. Maybe it would've helped if we got to spend at least one episode before this with them actually being happy in The Good Place, seeing them on their journeys there, but I still felt the happiness they'd had.
  7. For me, this was perfect. As an atheist I struggle with the idea of an afterlife and have always felt the idea of an eternity is uncomfortable. When I'm done, I want to be done, and I love that our cockroaches got to be done when they felt ready. It wasn't out of boredom, they were /ready/. Chidi's explanation of when he'd first felt it, with his mom kissing Eleanor goodbye and Eleanor's mom rubbing the lipstick off her cheek, man, the tears were flowing over here. (I'm getting teary-eyed again just typing it, dammit.) A thing I would've liked to see were the tests the other people related to our bunch went through. Like, I wish we could've seen how Tahani's parents learned how badly they'd treated their daughters. I still feel we wasted too much time on the test subjects in the first half of the season and we could've had a few more episodes that felt less rushed before the finale, but to me, they landed the ending.
  8. She didn't have a dad. That's why she's attracted to all the father figures on the TV shows she watches, mm-khmm? (I loved that bit.)
  9. I absolutely loved this. Did I completely understand what was going on? Nope, but I also didn't feel like I needed to, because Ephraim/Tommy sure didn't. Can't believe it didn't get any acting nominations at the Oscars.
  10. I think my one favourite things about this may have been how their stories differed slightly during interrogations just out of ignorance - like, Linda: "Her family's from Ecuador" and then Richard: "Her family's from Paraguay". And also the visuals they cut in, like when Linda was talking about her dad they showed her and her family behind Harlan and the cake and when Walt was talking, it was his family.
  11. Yeah, given that Laura Linney played the mother in The Squid and the Whale I bet she would've been a top choice if this movie had been made around that time instead. I actually didn't read that as fake-nice, although it could've been - I thought they might be genuinely friendly and cordial outside of the court room, moving in the same circles etc, but paralelling the people they'd represent in that once in the court room, they got ruthless. (It was the same way while Alda was still Charlie's lawyer - as soon as they mentioned lunch during their meeting they just sort of stepped out of their lawyer shoes and raved about the the food.) But she certainly came across as someone who WOULD do fake-nice when she needed to. I really liked this, not sure if I loved it. I thought the balance between drama and comedy felt a little off sometimes, and some of the dialogue/monologuing felt too heavy-handed. Like something that would read really well as a play, on stage, but not quite on the screen. But Johansson and especially Driver were really, really good. Adam Driver is one of those actors who truly get under my skin - when he emotes, I really feel it.
  12. Even more than the baseball boy scene, what really effed me up was the sequence with the dead mom and her baby, and "They haven't found us yet." I wasn't sure if we were supposed to think it was real or Dan's guilty conscience handing him a nightmare, but it was exactly where my mind went as soon as he left her with the baby on the bed, so I assumed it WAS real.
  13. "People improve when they get external love and support. How can we hold it against them when they don't?" I would just like to say this is one of my favourite lines from the whole show so far. LOVED this episode. That felt like the show I love, moreso than earlier this season. Especially loved the little bit between Janet and less-bad-now Janet, with the "I'm so proud of you" - "I don't care" exchange. Less-bad-now Janet totally did care! That little pause and head wiggle said so.
  14. If we stick with the theory that this is all still a test for *our* four humans I feel like there were more arrows in that direction tonight, with Jason controlling his impulses and saving the demon exploder for the right moment, and Tahani realising she wants to be useful for real, learn and do something that matters. Still not feeling this season as much as the previous ones, but the last couple of episodes have been more like it!
  15. Oh man, the moment where "Daisy" came alive gave me the biggest laugh of the season so far. Chidi's reaction was up there with the moment Michael entered his existential crisis.
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