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  1. I avoided the past two season until this week, so I had a bit of a ride and it was a surprising good one. I rolled my eyes so hard when I heard about the ICE season, but I think it was incredibly well done. I think Piper moved to Ohio to wait for Alex, which wasn't a surprise for me. Piper and Alex are terrible for each other, and I think Alex realized that at the end, but knew that wouldn't be able to really end things with Piper until she was out of prison. When Piper was talking to Larry, I realized why she's annoyed me for so long; she hasn't gained any emotional maturity. Wikip
  2. This is so random, but I'm watching the second episode of season 5 and Mark is at Rachel's soccer game. She's the goalie and he's standing next to a dad from the opposing team, who is cheering on his son/talking smack about Rachel to his son (she's just a girl, easy point, you can take her, etc). Anyway, Rachel stops the kid from scoring, but hits her head on the goal post thing. Mark goes to check on her, and the other dad walks away, while the kid who kicked the ball and helps her up. The dad walks up and says the first aid kit was empty (seriously??), but then offers her some ice.
  3. I just finished watching A Walk in the Clouds and the ending was just way to WTF for me to handle.
  4. I always viewed The Zeppo and The Replacement as how Xander views himself. He has such low self-esteem that he doesn't believe that he's a valuable member of the team and that all the times he's saved people are just flukes and he just got lucky somehow. I actually love The Replacement because it does such a great job of showing how strongly your brain will lie to you when you have depression. He can't see that he's as important to the team as he is; there has to be some sort of magic spell in order for him to make any real contributions. We know that's wrong, but he can't see that b
  5. I wish I could have enjoyed this episode, but I seemed to have audio issues. The volume would randomly drop like a rock when they were speaking, but turning up the volume meant blowing out my eardrums when the music started.
  6. I managed to get 16 minutes in and I'm out for the season. I can't quite decide if I hate Alison or Noah more, but having to suffer through them together is too much. I had recorded Girl, Interrupted earlier in the week and it's a such a more enjoyable use of my tv watching time, than watching two reprehensible people dance around their lust. Within the context of the show, they are not only terrible people, but they are such boring people that I can't bother to care. It's a shame, because I really liked this show.
  7. I liked the first half, but I'm 10 minutes into the first episode of the second half and I'm done, only because of the laugh track. Two sentences, uproarious laughter, three sentences, uproarious laughter, (serious scene) 4 sentences, uproarious laughter. Yeah, no thanks. Like the actors/characters/setting/plot, no to the annoying laugh track that takes me out of the show.
  8. I can understand how she could both love them and want to have some distance from them. From her perspective, her infant and preschooler are now older than she is and that has to mess with your head. And I'm betting she's blaming herself for what they've become and that's causing her to feel an incredible amount of guilt. She made the deal with the Yellow Eyed demon, which caused her death, which caused John to go on a crusade to avenge her death, forcing her boys into a life she didn't want for them. Honestly, I'm not sure that letting her read John's journal this quickly was the best
  9. Even though computers existed in the 80s, I can't think of when Mary would have had an opportunity to learn how to use one. She definitely wouldn't have been on the internet, in any form, simply because the ability to access it wouldn't have existed. I grew up in a small town in the midwest and we didn't have a way to access the internet until the mid-90s, because no company offered it. And by "we", I don't just mean individuals; my high school didn't get internet access until 97, so her not knowing anything about technology didn't strike me as odd. I really enjoyed the episode, mainly
  10. I turned on the the Nick Offerman episode and about fell out of my chair because of the Samsung cold open. I couldn't figure out why it simultaneously startled and mildly creeped me out until I realized the voiceover guy's voice reminded me of Phil Hartman. Am I the only one who think he's sounds similar to Hartman's Bill McNeal?
  11. Exactly. Several years ago, I went on a tour of the Pentagon, hosted by a non-military friend. I don't know what the normal tour sees, but we were able to freely go through where the Joint Chiefs offices were and to the interior plaza area (ground zero, I guess it's called). We didn't see too many people in this area, but what I did see, was notable. Most of the offices were open and anyone coming or going was at attention or prepared to be so. Heck, there was one door that was manned by a member of the military (not sure why). Obviously we didn't get saluted or anything, but the way he
  12. In the bathroom scene, Kal Penn's character said that Kirkman was fired, didn't deserve to the the president, etc. Since, as far as we know, that was never made official by a signed document, it's irrelevant. However, that made me think who could challenge Kirkman in the succession, particularly if there does end up being some sort of document, announcing his promotion to Ambassador of "IHOP". It's unclear whether Kirkman has ever been elected to an office, so taking the Cabinet out of the mix (I'm assuming they were all at the SOTU), could the most senior surviving member of the House of R
  13. The actions of the people in the Situation Room/bunker really rang false to me. I don't care that there's an unfathomable crisis happening; every single person in that room would have been knowledgeable about the chain of command and would have enough experience to have their actions regarding protocol be almost automatic. If they were in that room, they would have known that Kirkman was the Designated Survivor and, considering what happened, wouldn't have to be told/informed/reminded that their Commander in Chief just walked in. It was unbelievable that the Chief of Staff (I think?) had to
  14. Thanks! Obviously, my ideas have their flaws, but it helped clarify in my head what I felt were flaws in this run of shows. I was feeling pretty disappointed about how this ended up, which didn't make much sense, because I didn't really hate any of the episodes. For me, the problem was that there didn't seem to be any connection among any of the episodes. Sveta was a pretty big part of the first episode and nothing happens with that. I mean, they find out she does have alien DNA, she goes missing, and Mulder and Scully are basically all "huh" and that's the end of it. To me, that kicked
  15. I think this season would have worked better for me if there was more buildup to the alien DNA/virus situation. Some tweaks I've been thinking about that might make it more cohesive. -Don't kill Sveta in My Struggle, but have her be abducted. -Alter Founder's Mutation a bit. I'll have to rewatch, but I feel like they could have went in a different direction with Agnes. Maybe instead of her approaching Scully and Mulder while they're talking to the nurse, they could have passed by an area where they have quarantined a group of teens that have been affected by random, unusual illnes
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