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  1. You know who I've seen do this? Three year olds who are being interviewed on tv, who, when they catch a glimpse of themselves on the monitor, become transfixed, and can't resist watching themselves. Which is cute when someone's 3, but a 35 year old woman who's been appearing on tv for over a decade really should have grown out of it by now.
  2. I think what Clyburn said to Sunny, which was perfect, btw - wise, tactful, all those things, was his way of saying that this is a difficult enough decision for Biden to make without everyone putting their two cents in and just adding to the pressure he's under.
  3. "Opioid overdoses" is one of Meghan's newer favorite phrases. Does she think this is the only drug out there? Meghan's going to insist on buying a crib in a store, isn't she? And as far as I can tell, she's free to visit her father's grave. If there are other people around, I can't imagine there would be so many people that social distancing couldn't be maintained. Why was Meghan looking off to the side so much, sometimes even while she was talking? (And why in the last week or so has she reverted back to wearing business suits; it's probably just the jacket, but still?) Terry Crews didn't have to worry about putting food on the table once he joined the NFL, several years before he became an actor. At the close, Whoopie, all cheery, says, "If you're not sure how you feel, look at the front of the New York Times", obviously a reference to the Sunday cover, but to mention it with a smile on her face was off, somehow.
  4. My post was also on Thursday.
  5. I read yesterday that this will be the first time in 5 years that the Daytime Emmys will be on tv. Then I checked to see if the show received any nominations, and I couldn't find anything. No wonder, since they didn't announce them until today - lol. It's nice that Ana was included in the nominations.
  6. "Existential" twice, and two friends mentioned, all in the same answer, one of those friends being simply "Vanessa". Thank goodness Yvette will be on tomorrow. I was afraid she wasn't going to be on at all. A federal judge just ruled Monday in my state, Texas, that fear of catching the virus qualifies as a disability, which is one of the three reasons you're normally able to request an absentee ballot (the other two are for being out of the area during voting, or being 65 or over). He had this wonderful line in his ruling, that voters should “have the option to choose voting by letter carrier versus voting with disease carriers.” Hopefully, the ruling will hold up. There was also something in the Washington Post this week that said Democrats aren't more likely to vote by mail than Republicans. I wonder if Republicans are just doing their usual contrarian thing since it's something Democrats support.
  7. The Ronan Farrow discussion was a mess. Whoopie starts off by saying that the NYT accuses Ronan of "not checking facts and sources", and then she says that Matt Lauer reached out to "sources" that Ronan didn't reach out to, and that they "didn't back up Farrow's reporting". This is a broad, sweeping statement that implies a whole lot more than what the article seems to say. First off, it's ridiculous to present Matt Lauer as being more truthful about his scandal than Ronan. Besides, that story broke long before Ronan ever did any reporting on it. Since I don't subscribe to the NYT, and they no longer allow you to read a few free articles a month, I wasn't able to read it, but in reports from other publications about that article they mention this quote in the article from Ben Smith, the writer - But the way Whoopie framed it certainly gave that impression. Then, towards the end, Whoopie says that "the ball is in Ronan's court" and he needs to respond to these "interesting questions". Well, if she or someone else would do her research she would see that both Ronan, and, especially, his New Yorker editor issued a lengthy rebuttal Monday on twitter to the NYT article (the show only showed tweets rebutting Lauer). Here are a couple of Ronan's New Yorker editor's tweets (the next 13 tweets go into detail about a couple of the stories) - Then Joy takes the discussion in a completely different direction, and it gets into "believe women" vs "believe all women". They would have been better off leaving this entire discussion off their agenda. It was just all over the map. Yeah, right. It's perfectly okay if a man gains "hundreds of pounds", and not only that, no one will say a word about it, according to Meghan. Now I really need Joy to post her almond cake recipe. Is it an Italian recipe? Does she use Amaretto? I absolutely love Amaretto. And I love cake. I thought of that exact same thing. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago? Maybe the "chip" in the brain that she imagines makes weight "interesting" to people, that she so smugly and proudly claimed her brain doesn't have, really is there, but it's defective, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. So today Meghan's tan again. She was tan on Monday, but not yesterday. Does self-tanner wear off that quickly, or is she using a bronzer? Someone needs to tell her that she needs to do her chest, too, if her neckline is low.
  8. I found this - TooFab, which had this paragraph, referring to when Whoopie cut off Meghan on Monday by going to commercial- (Interestingly, if you click on the link to People that's in the article, they don't have that quote. This is the only quote they have - Maybe someone complained and they removed it.) Regardless, the "source" of the quote that Meghan was complaining about wasn't criticizing her; far from it. That person was simply speculating that Meghan may not have heard Whoopie and wasn't actually interrupting her. That person was coming to Meghan's defense. That person was trying to help her. But what does she do? Gets defensive and says 'I didn't mishear anything, we were having a political debate, like political commentators do, and it's physically impossible for you to see what's going in my kitchen, where I was alone, so grow up, you anonymous source from the show, you'. And incidentally, neither of the two quotes are attributed to someone from the show. A friend or family member could just as easily have contacted People and made those same statements.
  9. Aw....boo hoo. If I was on twitter (it's a good thing I'm not) I'd ask her why her demeanor and tone was acceptable when she questioned certain Democrats (for instance, some of those who ran for president this past year) and why the way Seth Meyers questioned her was not acceptable. I watch Seth's show pretty frequently (I always catch his A Closer Look; otherwise it depends on the guest). I've never once seen him be rude or combative with anyone. How on earth do you take a job as a "political pundit", practically proclaim it as your birthright, but then not have the expectation that you'll be asked about anything political that you might say? You would think that if Meghan truly believes what she says, it wouldn't bother her. This was just another instance of Meghan wanting to be one of the "cool kids", and thinking that she and Seth had a connection because 'I used to work at SNL, and so did you; wasn't that the greatest? We'll just have a few laughs while we reminisce'.
  10. Did Meghan totally misread that tweet? She sounds off the rails here. The original tweet quotes her from this morning about how she's so desperate to do anything outside. The guy tweets back to go outside while wearing a mask and keeping socially distant. Like for a damn walk! He wasn't talking about people not being able to work. That's the reason Meghan always cites for why there is a rise in suicides, drug use (for some reason she thinks opioids are the only problem drug), child abuse, and other problems. That's not what she was talking about this morning in relation to herself, because obviously she is working. Is she now saying that her problem of not being comfortable going outside also causes this level of distress? It's also pretty rich for her to accuse someone of having a "trite and ignorant" response, since she specializes in those.
  11. Yeah, I was surprised at Joy, too. She probably missed or forgot that this happened way back in March.
  12. I would agree, except that right now, that's not possible. Not unless they have a live-in nanny. Maybe that's one reason she doesn't seem to be looking forward to this baby. Childcare is going to be all on her and her husband.
  13. "Culture war!" I was watching Nicolle Wallace's show when the news broke, and she and her panel were not taking what Trump said at face value. Like you, I also had the thought that maybe his doctors were giving him a placebo, just to placate him. Yep.
  14. Uh....Joy wasn't laughing when Meghan told her to stop. She may not be taking hydroxychloroquine, but Meghan must have taken something for her mood. She hasn't smiled this much in weeks (months?) This happens every once in a while, where she's inexplicably super-happy.
  15. And "comments" hardly equal "flack". Meghan apparently thinks people should say only positive things about her and hers. The slightest negative remark wounds her. But Meghan doesn't seem to see any contradiction between how she thinks others should treat her and her being able to make some smart aleck remark on national tv about someone else.
  16. You know, just because Meghan chooses to "basically appoint" someone as a saint (you know who), doesn't mean other people think in those extreme terms. At the end of her comment she said - Never mind that no one ever said Obama was a perfect president, is she implying that if we had had a different (more perfect?) president, that a President Trump wouldn't have happened?
  17. Very good point. But of course this doesn't fit Meghan's "poor, put-upon Republicans" narrative. (It's uncanny how they always somehow manage to play the victim, even if their party is in power and they're happy with them.) Or she gets compliments for being "vulnerable" (for showing her gray roots).
  18. It looks like Meghan had a go with self-tanner over the weekend, or maybe, dare I say it, she was outside long enough to get a tan. You know, if Meghan is going to spout these poll numbers to us, she should at least say which poll she is referencing so we can check it out for ourselves. Meghan (with two grammatical errors in one sentence) - "When you blanket statement protesters like this as neo-Nazis and Charlottesville". Who did that? Before she spoke, Joy mentioned those past protestors as people Trump had also praised, but who made any "blanket statement" other than Meghan? So the media's the problem? They're not what's keeping people at home. Oh, so first it was 'people are angry because they want to go back to work', but then, no, the press's failing is that they aren't providing representation for "conservatives and Republicans and Trump supporters", and that's why people are angry. Did those protesters at the Long Island rally only want coverage from particular reporters? Did they invite those preferred reporters? Or did they not want any news coverage? The problem is that people like her think it's the job of the press to provide "representation" to a particular party or belief system. That's not their job! That's what opinion columnists, and programming anchored by non-journalists, are for. Heck, part of household's income is provided by a by a publication that caters to her side of the aisle. Fox News does exist. Does she think they and other conservative media outlets should be providing "representation" for the Democrats? Oh, brother, Meghan's favorite subject, "culture wars". Yay, Whoopie! Just go straight to commercial if Meghan won't shut up. Whether or not the "culture war" was "ushered in with his (Obama's) administration", the administration wasn't the one stoking those flames. No, Meghan, your "tribe" ushered in the era of Trump by voting for him. Wonder where Whoopie got the idea that Trump has been "bashing", as she said, Obama for five years. It's been much longer than that. Oh, boy, Meghan's big "get on with it" sigh when Whoopie was talking about people missing both Republican and Democratic presidents of the past. Okay, where is all this "flack" that "women in the media and in the world" are getting? Oh, restating her question for Rita, Meghan now specifically says that "the women of The View" are getting that flack. Is it happening to the other ladies, or is it just her, (and just on her social media) but she doesn't want to admit that, so she makes it all-inclusive. Lol! Rita Wilson doesn't go in the direction that Meghan was hoping for. The technology gods foil her once again.
  19. Meghan's making it sound like if her dad was still here the pandemic wouldn't have happened.
  20. That's exactly what I thought when I read the article last week. I commented here that it was discouraging for the executive producer to think that everything was hunky dory now, when there's still so much room for improvement. Do they not realize how unprofessional the show is, both pre- and post-pandemic, mainly because of Whoopie and Meghan? I dare the producers to name a host of any other major network show who does such a piss-poor job. They couldn't, because no other show would keep on people who can't do the bare basics. That's not even including how they tolerate Meghan's on-air rudeness and hissy fits, behavior that's also not normally exhibited by a major host of a major show.
  21. "Vulnerability"? Oh, puh-leeze. I see that one of her fans praised Meghan for that on social media. Who wants to bet that her publicist promoted that quote to the media. The article ends by making it sound like Meghan's being brave by not coloring her hair, but before that it quotes her saying that she's not coloring it because she's afraid it might end up looking worse. Does Meghan not realize that these types of puff pieces in the press do nothing to enhance her pundit cred, and in fact have the opposite effect? It's like she can't decide - does she want to be respected and taken seriously, or does she want to be a "fun", popular celebrity?
  22. This is interesting. I know Rosie's a big fan of hers, but Jo Anne is 25 years older than Rosie.
  23. According to this CNN article someone posted on another of the show threads, they've all had teleprompters for the past couple of weeks.
  24. I've thought that, too, mainly because there have been several times since this all started when she's brought up the subject of "people" becoming depressed.
  25. But only if she can first get through to Whoopie about how both taxes and insurance work. Otherwise, there would be too many awkward moments.
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