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  1. I've wondered the same thing for a while now. In addition to the things you've noted, the first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that she announced her pregnancy the weekend before she began doing the show from home. So if she wanted to keep something like this a secret, the stay at home order presented the perfect opportunity.
  2. I just might cry, because that tweet also said "see you in September". She also called the show "one of the last truly uncensored spaces in all of television". <eyeroll> (And in a tweet right before that, she had a new criticism of Dr.Fauci, (and misspelled his name) concerning his testimony before a House committee earlier today.)
  3. Whoopie did ask Sunny if it was legal for Trump to postpone the election.
  4. Are we sure this wasn't the pre-taped show? The announcer didn't say the show was live, just new. According to the guest lineup on page 1 of this week's thread, Kerry Washington and the lawyer from the ACLU were scheduled to be on today. It looks like they switched Miss Piggy to today, bumped Judy Gold off, and had Joy mention her book instead. (Come to think of it, VYD wasn't listed on the schedule for today. Maybe they had to scramble to fill time, with that and the segment about doing the show from home, which was just a bunch of clips we had already seen, and felt like something
  5. This may be the last show until fall. Last week someone here thought it would be, but when I checked my cable guide, it said next Monday's episode would be new. After Greta said this was the last VYD of the season, I checked again, and now it shows repeats into the week after next. This means no discussion of Biden's vp pick, and no maternity leave send-off for Meghan. (The only reason I say "may be" is because there was no mention of it, not even a "see you after Labor Day".)
  6. Yes, Meghan, we know you gave your masks away, and it's all Dr. Fauci's fault. I'm sure having to buy more really set her back financially. Would she really prefer that Dr. Fauci not update his recommendations as new things are learned about the virus? Does she think there's some other expert out there who did know all the answers from the get go? Or is she implying that Dr. Fauci isn't worthy of being listened to at all since he's not right 100% of the time?
  7. Does Meghan sound like a kid who was forced to come sit at the dinner table with the rest of the family, but is basically pouting and acting like she really doesn't want to be there?
  8. Wasn't Meghan lamenting a week or two ago the absence of political debate shows, and said that The View is the only show like that any more? Does she think this show is Crossfire, and she's the female version of Bob Novak? There's a reason that show and others like it aren't on any more. People got tired of all the nastiness and animosity. During Jon Stewart's famous takedown of that show during an appearance in 2004, when he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala, he told them that they were "disingenuous" to claim that what they were doing was "holding politicians' feet t
  9. The View's twitter page says the show is nationally pre-empted today, with a repeat being shown in some markets.
  10. I think it's almost certain that Meghan (and her siblings) were well-taught by her parents and grandparents how to behave, but she seems to be all id, and does and says what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. She was either flaunting her "personal day" in front of everyone or, if she was told by the producers to take the day off, she was throwing that reprimand back in their faces. Either way - 'I'm having a nice day. I don't care what people think. Whoopie was mean to me and I won't be treated that way'.
  11. Now we have to wait and see if Whoopie makes an announcement about why Meghan isn't there. The last couple of times when she didn't do it at the beginning of the show, she has said something later, but today.... after yesterday.....Whoopie just might not feel like doing Meghan that courtesy. "Former National Secretary Advisor"? Oh, Whoopie.
  12. They picked the perfect screenshot!
  13. This must be Meghan's fantasy of the perfect "interview" - confronting someone who's not even there, doing all the talking, going unchallenged, and winning by default.
  14. So what I want to know is: will Meghan apologize to Whoopie tomorrow?
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