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  1. Joy mentioned that a friend of hers, a comedian in his 50s or 60s, died of coronavirus. I didn't recognize his name (which I don't remember). I don't think he was well-known nationally.
  2. I also had the thought, when Meghan said, "I miss you terribly, Joy" that she truly meant it.
  3. Thank you. That's terrible.
  4. Whoopie might've unknowingly added a spice she didn't mean to use. My mother did that when she was about Whoopie's age. She added something to creamed spinach one holiday and it was inedible. No, Whoopie! There she goes playing expert again, less than an hour after discussing people who who claim to be experts. Joy's right. Unless it's a person you're living with, you shouldn't get that close to someone. The virus isn't coming through your fingers. Gloves can also get the virus on them. Did anybody catch whose grandmother died? The closed captioner skipped that.
  5. The president also told him right after that, "You'll never make it". I'm glad they had him on. I was sure after seeing the press conference that the show would talk about it, but thought he might've been on too recently to have back. Of course Meghan had to spend the first half of her question talking about both herself and her husband, just to make sure everyone is aware of where they stand. "Existential" two days in a row. Do you suppose she has a book of philosophy on her nightstand now?
  6. Guys, I don't think it was a coincidence that Meghan and Lady Gaga are sporting a similar look. A little while ago I was looking at the headlines on Google News, and there was an article about all of her appearances on the late night talk shows yesterday, and it mentioned that she was briefly on Fallon's show last week. This tweet was included - Looking back at last week's thread, Meghan wore her glasses for the first time the next day. If Meghan hadn't tweeted about it last night, I would've believed it was a coincidence, that she just happened to be talking up. But she's just the kind of person who would do this on purpose, probably hoping that they will become besties.
  7. Oh, shit. I hate that Meghan and I had the same thought. And Meghan shouldn't take from this the idea that she and Lady Gaga are in any other way comparable. Gaga is more articulate, talented, and compassionate on her worst day than Meghan will ever be.
  8. Omg! Lady Gaga was on Colbert's show, and I kid you not, she was wearing a houndstooth blazer, has hair pulled back into a bun, and has on giant black glasses. So I guess if you're doing tv from home this is the look now. (Lol - at the end of the interview, she took off the blazer and had on a black bra, I think it was, underneath.) I also saw her on Kimmel's show (the 3 earlier late-night hosts are part of a fundraising special she's putting together for coronavirus charities on April 18), where she looked the same, but was wearing a hot pink pullover sweater. She actually looked great, with next to no make-up on. (Now I have to check to see what she wore on Fallon's show.)
  9. See, here goes the show spouting their own incorrect information. Whoopie is at least two weeks behind the times. Has she not been paying attention to the news at all? No one should be in church, Whoopie, coughing or not. (Whoopie is off more than usual today. Even though this is at least the third week they've been doing the show this way, almost every time someone hasn't answered immediately, she throws in an extra comment or question, as if they hasn't heard her, instead of waiting out the few seconds of time delay.) And of course, she had to use at least one of them incorrectly. It sounded like she threw in "existential" just for the heck of it.
  10. I happened to be watching the hour before, because I love Joshua Johnson, and was pleasantly surprised when he announced that she was coming up next. But then, of course--WH press conference (at least 1 hour and 45 minutes long!), but it was good to see her for about 15 minutes and then the couple of times she broke in to discuss something that was said.
  11. She likely hasn't said "tribal" lately due to the fact that she's very unhappy with her "tribe" right now.
  12. So Sunny was saying that the Catholic Church was an early adopter, during this crisis, of online services, and then Meghan says Pope Francis has been very forceful in telling people that they must stay at home, and that Catholics aren't listening to their leader and made it sound like Catholics are the only ones still going to church. Only Meghan would need to immediately re-watch something that she just watched! Whenever I see someone in glasses way too big for their face, I always think of Edna, the fashion designer in the movie The Incredibles. Wikipedia
  13. Congressman Nunes, Whoopie. Lol. Bernie, not realizing they're still showing him, snapping his fingers at someone in his house. Bernie was talking about voting being a right, and then all of a sudden switches to talking about the next stimulus bill. I was hoping to hear about any efforts in Congress to ensure that everyone can vote by mail, since, for the time being, voting in person is unsafe. Aw, Alec did a good job!
  14. They could have taped Kim's segment the day before. They do that sometimes with celebrity interviews..
  15. I checked, and in January they announced it would begin airing in the fourth quarter of 2020. No word lately, though.
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