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  1. This is the crib Whoopie gave Abby - https://www.happiestbaby.com/products/snoo-smart-bassinet. Since Abby received two of them, and Meghan only needs one, I'm sure she thinks she deserves something twice as expensive.
  2. Of course Meghan would think she was somehow a part of "the greatest miracle". I had forgotten about this op-ed from January, It was right around the time when Abby left the show. I wish I could read it again to refresh my memory, but can't since the NYT doesn't give people a few free articles a month any more. But I have no doubt that Meghan is misconstruing what it said. The article was titled "The View has a Meghan McCain Problem" The article was about her, not conservative women in general. Her reaction to it is just one more example of Meghan conflating dislike and criticism of her with dislike of all conservative women. There were conservative women on the show before her, and there will be conservative women on the show after her, whenever that longed-for day comes (and that will be a miracle).
  3. According to Wikipedia, in an interview last year she described herself as a "left-leaning centrist", but from a quick glance on Google, it looks like she's considered a conservative by most publications. I haven't seen enough of Bari Weiss to have a strong opinion about her, but I would actually take her over Meghan (not with, though. Meghan's a grown-ass woman and should be able to do her job without having a friend along for company).
  4. Well. at least Meghan's friends tried to subtly offer helpful suggestions with the baby books, but of course Meghan's like, "Nah, I don't need 'em; they're boring anyway". She's such a nice friend, isn't she, and especially because she blabbed on national tv that she threw the books out. If I was one of Meghan's friends, I might decide to downgrade my baby shower gift, in case she doesn't like it and just chucks it for something else. The amateurish nature of this show is more appropriate for a cable access channel. Whoopie seemed taken by surprise that the show was supposed to end when it did. Yesterday, they did really well at not stepping on each other when going from host to host. I actually wondered if they had practiced during their off-time. But today, that was all out the window, and it was back to "normal".
  5. According to Meghan, Tucker Carlson has an "interesting opinion", Okay, if you think that, that's part of the problem. There's a difference between listening to people with differing opinions as long as they're based in the real world, versus having to listen to people who spout wild conspiracy theories and the right wing propaganda du jour. It's pointless, and a waste of time, and not worthy of respect.
  6. I'm so tired of Meghan thinking that what she has to say is so much more important than what anyone else has to say that it's okay for her to constantly interrupt everybody. But then - "You spoke, it's my turn, Joy". Bitch.
  7. Three of them were thinking, "Boy, it was nice last week"..... .....Meanwhile, Meghan acted like she had been suppressing all this pent-up anger and frustration for almost two weeks, and she just had to let it all out. Guess who I saw on tv a few hours ago, in a news clip from last Wednesday, mentioning the same Fairfax school district that Meghan referenced. Yep, Betsy DeVos. Not sure why she thinks it's the worst run school district, but Meghan's going to take her word for it.
  8. Meghan had an overly glow-y, bronzer/self-tanner look going on this morning, so why was she was wearing a burgundy-colored top in a fabric that looked like something you would wear in a business environment during the fall or winter.
  9. Yeah, Miss "I don't like to keep bringing up my pregnancy, but....". Tomorrow's show is going to be tough to get through.
  10. So, if Meghan had heard of Chuck Woolery , would she have taken what he said more seriously? Meghan said that people were making a mistake by "idolizing" Dr. Fauci (I don't think anyone was taking it to such extremes, but that's Meghan for you). Interesting that Meghan, of all people, simply dismisses someone so widely respected, with a decades-long storied career, who is still one of the top infectious diseases experts in the country. You would think that might remind her of someone. But no, she's got to get behind her team's effort to discredit him. The way Meghan was screeching at Joy, saying 'If you keep talking this way, he's going to be reelected, he's going to be reelected' made me think that a) she sounded like she's scared that might happen, and b) she's going to blame it all on Joy et al. if it does, and we won't be hearing any "both sides" from her in that instance.
  11. Not that I've ever heard this phrase before, but if a point were to be "inoculated", that would mean it's okay, right? Which is the opposite of what Meghan meant. And then right after that, they go to the Jada Pinkett-Smith/Will Smith thing. Yet another awkward obituary segment. They need to rethink how to do these. It can't be that hard. She was giving off major hostage video vibes today.
  12. Has Meghan had "major media training"? Of course not, or she did, and it didn't take. So Meghan wants to "vote everybody out on both sides". Of course she does. I so wish Joy had said "It's not funny, Meghan" when Meghan laughed after Joy said about Betsy DeVos, "she sucks". Ohhhh. Meghan doesn't think it's fair to say Republicans don't care about children. She's accusing Joy of being "aggressive and incendiary"!!!! "What's exhausting is coming on this show every day and being told Republicans don't care about anything". Well, Meghan sure came back from vacation rested and relaxed, didn't she? I wish she would just leave. It's not worth it. What?!!!!! She's delusional. Meghan is far from "the only Republican in mainstream media". Does she like to think of herself as the last Republican soldier holding down the fort? So Meghan thinks it is okay to attack Democrats, just after saying she thinks the four of them need to set a good example. (Nobody, nobody is looking to the hosts of The View to see how to behave.) Whoopie was about to turn that car around and go home, wasn't she? Wow. I had read about the Tucker Carlson/ Tammy Duckworth back-and-forth, but I didn't know he called her a moron.
  13. The show could really benefit from Ana's energy, too. The rest of the hosts, to varying degrees, are stuck in a rut.
  14. I'm wondering if they'll talk about Naya Rivera on Monday. She looked vaguely familiar to me, and I was thinking that I had seen her on a late-night talk show. I looked up her credits on IMDb and was surprised to see that it was The View that I remembered her from - she guest-hosted five times during the Whoopie-Rosie-Rosie-Nicolle season.
  15. That guy was totally mischaracterizing what Ana was saying. I know; since most of what they're saying isn't even truthful, it's such a waste of time. The one good thing about CNN having a lot less political coverage right now is that those people aren't on as much. BuT then, neither is Ana, so I guess it's a trade-off. I hope Meghan doesn't get to dictate who fills in for her when she's on maternity leave. It would be so good if we got to see Ana on a regular basis.
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