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  1. Can’t she say the word “please”? just watching her barking orders to everybody was annoying.
  2. I am still amazed how somebody can be so stupid to buy a gun for a boyfriend/felon who can’t buy it legally. What do you expect the to do?
  3. With so many contestants lately being lazy, whiny or just plain nasty, it is great to find somebody who is likable and articulate. I liked her and Imhope she can improve her health and go on with her life.
  4. They have to be married, I doubt she has hired him to take care of her, he needs a visa, and I don’t think they give visas just for care takers.
  5. Fast food is not cheap. It is convenient, for some people, but not cheap. It is a stereotype saying that low income people eat fast food because it is cheap, when it is not. I was talking with some families who have saved a lot of money during the time restaurants were closed.
  6. The scene in the gas station seemed to be really scripted as if someone from the crew had staged it (very common in reality TV).
  7. Very sorry for Isaac. I hope the best for him, he is very nice comparing to other participant who where very nasty.
  8. I agree, Justin keeps using Steven as an excuse so he doesn’t want to change.
  9. I was catching up in some MC Canada seasons, less fake drama, Ok, but no suspense: by the third episode you know who is going to win
  10. Please no comedians again... I will keep watching reruns of cutthroat kitchen on demand.
  11. The episode with the 3 Hispanic teenagers in Tulsa depressed me. A shopkeeper dead and 3 wasted lives, for nothing. They should show this episode to all kids in alternative schools and all the gangster wannabes.
  12. We only got glimpses of her job and the difficulties she had to do it because of her weight. I have met excellent professionals in their careers who can’t follow a diet. I work with some people who are probably around 400 pounds, very good in their positions, but with extremely bad eating habits. i felt she could make it: full time job, supporting family...It’s a pity it didn’t work.
  13. Not many buffets in that area, and I don’t think the Whole Foods across the street can be considered one.
  14. I promised myself not watch another millennial edition of “it’s no my fault. Somebody can do it for me”... big mistake.
  15. La Paz couple was annoying talking about their feelings about going together. there was a couple in Barcelona that did the same a mew months ago...an annoying American and his Spanish girlfriend... off the record to the American guy... ran away.
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