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  1. The story of Jaime is just touching. And when they showed his back, my goosebumps ran all over my body.😓 This is a solid wound ... And he is still a hero! He speaks in defense of the girl and agrees to be beaten in her place. He is great! But how does he handle it? The horror ... The terrible life was in those distant times. And Claire is almost in love with him. 100%! But for the present she cannot admit this to herself. She still belongs to another world and another husband. But she cannot return there now. Well, let's see how she will cure people, and whether she can get out of the trap
  2. I started watching the show and so far I like it very much!🤗 The dance of the druids by stones is something beautiful. He fascinated and subdued from the first movement. Not surprisingly, the girl felt the mystical power emanating from him. And the guy ...😍 the guy won me over at first sight. I just fell in love with this Scot. Especially, the moment he covered himself and Claire with a blanket won my heart. So touching and cute! Wonderful couple! Better than with her husband ... Especially since her husband has the same face as a sadist from the past ...😷
  3. Finally, I set aside time to write briefly about the series. The most magnificent finals at Arya. I would have looked about her separate continuation. About travel, wanderings, adventures ... Maybe she would have found a dragon some or other mythical creature! And the Dragon story was very powerful. His pain, despair and sadness was felt from the screens. The most emotional character of the show. And then he took his mother and flew away ... Bravo! And for John glad. He will be fine there in the Watch. He is loved, respected, and valued there. And the fact that you can not get m
  4. Good final episode. Immediately I want to include the following, but it is not there, and we should wait until the fall. One thing pleases is that Owen will definitely be with Teddy. That's just for Koracick hurt ... He tried so hard, tried so hard, and all his efforts, all the love, all the support went to pieces. And most importantly, Teddy knew that he was assembling a cot for her baby, but did not even bother to call. Sadly For Alex and Joe very happy! I hope Joe will recover and everything will be fine for them. But Maggie and Jackson, I feel, can break up. Too much they hu
  5. The most shocking moment in the episode is Meredith's words. Does she really think that Alex was a creature of evil all the time while Joe was not next to him? He has changed much earlier. Long before Joe appeared ... Or was it such a way to reason with Joe? But in any case, the main thing is that it worked. She felt better! And yes, even as soon as possible, Owen will be with Teddy. Let everyone around them be able to start living their own lives, and they will live their own. So it will be easier for everyone ... And the fog shocked, yes. Is the truth really so thick fog that not
  6. Station 19 do not look. But the story with the boss was intrigued ... What disease was he found ??? I hope, they will tell about it in more detail and return the patient to bed. At Joe look pained already, yes. Especially, the moment impressed when she sobbed on the shoulder of the patient's mother. It was terrible. Poor Alex. Again he has a broken girl ... And yes, Meredith, of course, well done. In quotes! Wanted to help the patient... But why did she put the name of her daughter on the sheet? She could have simply paid for operation, but she decided to cheat. Well, let's see how
  7. Agree. It is too early for him to become a father. He doesn’t have the character that will make him a good dad, because Sheldon himself sometimes reminds a child. So if Sheldon becomes the father, then in 3-5 years, when he will mature even more and morally prepare for the new change. He was shocked by the elevator ... if Amy got pregnant, then Sheldon would not have been able to stand that way.
  8. Not necessary. It ended sadly, but next season we can be shown how John will recover from such a breakdown, how he will find the strength to live again. After all, he already had similar problems before, but he managed to overcome them. And now he will be able...
  9. And these articles were from the director or screenwriter of the show? Or just thinking out loud from enlightened viewers?
  10. Perfect season finale ... Perfect episode. Perfect touch of this show with BBT. So you want to regret and cheer up the unfortunate young Sheldon. So you want to comfort Dr Sturgis ... Their life was ruined. But Sheldon has a loving family, and the doctor has his beloved Connie. I hope she can support him, and soon he will again become cheerful and joyful. And most importantly, we know that all BBT babies, who are now waiting for difficult times, will be fine in the future. They will find each other and become happy.
  11. Since I watched the episode yesterday, I’ll still write here, even though everyone is discussing only the final ... Howard and Raj at the airport - one of the most romantic scenes in the show! My heart is melting ... Oda to friendship !!! And yes, it’s right that Raj didn’t go to his girlfriend. There he will have no one to communicate with, except for her, and with Anu he doesn’t have such strong feelings ... So let him be alone, but his most loyal friends will be with him.😍
  12. Wow ... Our beloved men here are overgrown, unshaven ... It is immediately clear that this is not Raj, Leonard and Volovitz, but the actors who play them.😱 I'm very shocked, to be honest! Such a striking difference from those images that I used to see on the screen .
  13. This is the perfect ending! Everything is beautiful here ... Amy looks stunning and royal. Penny is pregnant and happy about it. She has changed too. Also matured. Sheldon's speech is very touching. It was impossible not to cry. Buffy! But Sarah looks amazing! Let them do the continuation of the show. All the same, so much the show has returned ... Elevator! Works! This is another plus of the last episode. Another symbol of change. And even "in the previous series" was great ... I immediately remembered how it all began ... Mental show! Funny, sweet, touching, UNFORGETTABLE!
  14. Big Little Lies: Season 2 | Official Trailer | HBO I'm waiting!👀
  15. Watched the show. The final is shock-shock-shock ... Strange final. I really hope that in the second season they will place the maximum emphasis on the mysterious side of the incident, and not on the relationship between the guys. And yes, in the story ... Sam - the best of all. If all the girls had such a gay friend, their life would be wonderful. And Campbell can only be slaughtered. I was hoping to the last that he was not a completely bad person, but no. Sadist and psycho. By the way, for me the most important problem of this TV show is that there are no ambiguous c
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