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  1. 90DF chat: The Freshest Snark Around
  2. why did tlc waste our time! We did not need to see angrilla packing and leaving...
  3. the doctor's reputation is being besmirched on public television! that he would involve himself with Trashula
  4. fixed it still not sexy but definitely TRASH
  5. Nutley is full of poop....blaming it on covid...crap...sorry and she lies ...and Jovi just called her out.
  6. Angela hit her goal we ight....she needs to do something about the middle section....or is that a new set of spare boobs
  7. When Angela flashed the first time ..they should have dragged the ragged witch's ass off the show and kept it off...NO MORE. Ditch the B*tch!
  8. No Andrei ..NO TLC Bucks....let's pray the Potash fam and andrei are NOT in our viewing future.
  9. this is the worst crew of misfits EVER! please TLC NO more tv time for Angela or Andrei. Tiff or Julia
  10. what is mike going to tell Nutelly? I think that she is over him. Angela ...yuck..
  11. tiff's outfit is not describable.
  12. Does Yara have half a dress on...and of course Kaloric's boobs are hanging out
  13. TLC --- It is time to DITCH the B*TCH
  14. Brittany does not have a type physically...only a type financially.
  15. I can't stand either MIKE or Natsyly--They make my skin crawl...yecckkk and the friend of Narstyly is just CREEPY...i feel emotionally bankrupt.
  16. Opportunities in Samoa??? Assholo...you came to America with some great life skills ...see how you support your family...
  17. She only got with him so she could be on a tv show! Please TLC make this her last season...she is simply GROSS
  18. Financially recover from POVERTY...how much money did he have before the accident...if you don't count TLC bucks...he cannot be making enough money to support a family of four!
  19. A complete set of 90 days ...before , HEA, the other way and all the variations...to entertain when times get boring.
  20. Kalani, Tiffany and Angela buy their clotses at the same place. "Boobs are US"
  21. TLC take Angela off the show...she is an abuser! and used Michael to put herself on tv.
  22. Brandon is a spoiled turd. Lives rent free and acts like a big baby when he doesn't get his way.
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