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  1. This is a goddamn disgrace. Amber needs to be evaluated and treated in a psychiatric hospital. She's a danger to herself and others. It's time for some good, old-fashioned lithium with a side of dialectical behavioral therapy.
  2. It sounds like she used Vaeda to make Tyler stay with her. He finally had one foot out the door and then was suddenly ready to work on their marriage once she mentioned aborting the baby. That or she didn’t want the baby unless Tyler was a part of the package. It’s shady as heck either way. No, that's just emotional blackmail at it's finest. She also gets the bonus gift of shaming her husband for wanting to leave her.
  3. Or maybe not. Prosecutors to meet with investigators about teen mom's dog death report
  4. Clawdel

    S08.E06: Momcation

    I think emotional vampire is also a good description.
  5. I only recently heard that Andrew's a day trader. That's a risky thing to play with. A boyfriend I had in the 90's lost his whole trust fund that way.
  6. I have bipolar disorder. It is possible to lead a sane and useful life with therapy, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. But you cannot drink EVER on bipolar medications. A day off here and there to drink is extremely harmful. You cannot play with your meds.
  7. Why am I not feeling sympathetic towards Nathan? The way he treated Jenelle during their relationship and its immediate aftermath is probably why. He's not innocent in any of this either. Two immoral idiots tend to yield the results of abused and neglected children and grandparents having to clean their messes.
  8. I really hope this experience is going to get it through to Barb that Jace has to be her 100% focus and that for whatever reason, Jenelle is pure evil. Over the years, I think Barb's lack of boundaries and clarity about Jenelle's addictions, personality disorders, and a complete lack of empathy was something she just didn't understand. Probably because Barb is obsessed with Jenelle and wanted to make her in her own image, because she wanted to control Jenelle, regardless of what she might say for the cameras. Barb should have cut Jenelle out of her and Jace's lives a decade ago.
  9. Jenelle is a rotten excuse for a person. I wish nothing but horrible things to happen to her and David.
  10. God damn Maryssa's bitch of a mother. May she rot in Hell.
  11. As a childless spinster, I look at this situation and am so grateful for all of my life choices. I want so badly to take Barbara to Co dependents Anonymous and get her some help. When is enough enough? I don't know what it's like to be in her shoes and I'm a pretty cold person. I would just want to wash my hands of the whole mess, disown Jenelle and let foster care take the remaining kids. But as I already stated, I don't have those family ties and attachments.
  12. I doubt a visitation center would be open this Sunday for Father's Day. Not that they would show up. Party at Nathan's for the rest of the family I guess.
  13. This is the most refreshing thing I've heard in days. Thanks Tatum. But she does have a personality disorder, or a whole cluster of disorders.
  14. Jenelle and UBT are not going to show up for supervised visitations and they are not going to be passing any drug tests. That would require effort. I look forward to more details leaking out.
  15. Oh, Jenelle. The only person who is rightfully exhausted is Barbara.
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