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  1. This bail hearing is taking forever. What the eff is going on?!
  2. OK. Here is what The Sun is reporting. I wish I hadn't read it. I feel light-headed right now. Josh knows about the dark web: Josh should plead guilty. Now.
  3. My favorite YouTube lawyer Scott Reisch, a defense attorney learns to pronounce the name "Duggar". He stands corrected!
  4. hoosier80, you win the Internet. You are....such a blessing.
  5. The Ashley's Reality Roundup is on the case too. Here's a tidbit from her that had me in stitches: As my more pious friends would say, "God is good. All the time. God is good." If Josh gets significant time, Anna's womb will get a break.
  6. I think if you poke around on YouTube you can find videos about that particular hoax.
  7. Well, Jenelle. You are official the worst Teen Mom this franchise ever produced. Amber may not have custody of any of her kids and went after her ex with a machete while he was holding their baby, but at least Andrew protected baby James. Adam may have called Aubree a mistake, but he never threatened to smack her in the mouth. I wonder who on the land sent that TikTok to The Ashley's Reality Roundup? My money is on Maryssa.
  8. Kaiser and Jace are going to be bigger, stronger, and taller than Jenelle in a blink of an eye. She bred herself into being outnumbered. They don't stay babies and toddlers forever. Get ready to reap the whirlwind Non-Mommie Dearest.
  9. Even The Sun is getting in on this tragedy: Jace Allegedly Set a Fire in Barb's Home
  10. I'd just like to thank Jenelle for getting all the haters on track. We were momentarily distracted by the YouTuber Without A Crystal Ball, but our obsession with Jenelle is pure again.
  11. Word. I've never seen such a cluster of mood and personality disorders. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 19 and decided against having children. I was on lithium for 14 years and there was no way I was going off my meds to have a child under any circumstances. Amber is my reality TV reminder to work hard to stay on an even keel.
  12. Exactly. So a prosecutor declines to prosecute a child molester because it would be hard on the victim? What if she wasn't the only victim? How about locking the child molester up so he can't prey on other children?
  13. This a million times. He constantly joked about pedophilia and child abuse in every other movie he ever made. I just finished his autobiography Apropos of Nothing and it really was just a bunch of nothing. Woody claims he married Soon-Yi to protect her financially for when he drops dead of old age. He's incredibly shallow. I've been a fan since I was a child and own a ton of his movies: Hannah and Her Sisters, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Take the Money and Run, Bullets Over Broadway, Husbands and Wives, Deconstructing Harry, Love and Death, and New York Stories. I've seen literally all of his mov
  14. Buzzfeed News has a piece about cancelling Dr. Phil.
  15. News Alert! According to Without a Crystal Ball, Chelsea and Cole are being sued by Envy for $3 Million Dollars. The Lawsuit Chelsea Houska said she was leaving Teen Mom 2 because she wanted to protect her - but a lawsuit filed in April 2020 alleges that she hid assets from her licensing/Brand company that managed her brand. The suit alleges that she took back door deals, failed to report the deals to her agent & defrauded them out of at least $3 million.
  16. Kail, if you stir the shit pot, then you get to lick the spoon. This isn't the first time Gracie has been vicious to her twin. Someone other than Leah needs to sit her down and be clear about her twin's condition and how much worse things are going to be getting.
  17. Clawdel

    S10.E16: Say OK

    There's a reason why 12 step programs emphasize making amends and teaching addicts that only they are responsible for their addiction. It's called taking responsibility and not blaming others.
  18. All of Barbara's children are mentally ill. Jace has a genetic disadvantage on top of the emotional neglect and abuse he has absorbed and witnessed. Nathan can STFU. He's never parented any of his children and is also a violent drunk.
  19. Fantastic. Nathan is already tampering with the custody agreement by badmouthing Jace. But Nathan is just thrilled with David because he hasn't whipped Kaiser in over three months.
  20. The Grace Report weighed in on the separation. Lauren should have left after the bathroom betrayal. So well done Kail and Javi. Now that it's out in the open that you've been doing the Bow Chicka Chicka Bow at the WaWa, maybe Lauren will take charge of her life and stop putting up with this garbage. (Slow clap of disdain.)
  21. That was an incredible way to produce a documentary with social media, police body cameras, and court footage. I followed this case from the beginning, but the text messages about Shanann complaining to her friends about Chris provided more context for me about why I never found her to be sympathetic. Social media has made us all so narcissistic and lowered our interpersonal skills drastically. If I was living with someone that addicted to social media, spinning a perfect life narrative, and directing me like an actor, I would leave. But killing everyone? That's some heartless garbage. And the
  22. Jade's career is not going well. She was asked to leave the salon she was renting space from per The Grace Report.
  23. I was twelve when this story broke in the 80's and living in the southwest. This story was HUGE. I watched crappy tabloid news like A Current Affair religiously and the 48 Hours episode when Chambers was released from prison before promptly returning, thanks to his sociopathic behavior and drug addiction. As soon as I heard the name "McCarrick" I finally realized why Chambers had the full support of the Catholic Church. Yikes.
  24. I loved this documentary series. It answered a lot of questions I've always had about this case. I knew Ted had a girlfriend with a daughter, but they were a mystery to me. Molly really touched my heart and I'm glad Liz got sober. What really moved me was to hear from the families of the victims, especially George Ann Hawkin's best friend.
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