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  1. And I believe that Janelle’s purchase of the RV is quite likely an Indicator of actual wealth rather than proof of dire straits. These days I’m wondering if Kody has given a lump sum of cash as a settlement to all discarded wives and we are seeing the results.
  2. Christine leaving the state is not the same as leaving Kody. She can’t leave a man who already left hER. TLC and the gang prolly just want this to look like Christine is taking her life in her own hands because it’ll be popular with viewers.
  3. Kind of like how the Browns get all the attention for polygamy while young girls in polygamous communities around the globe are systematically disadvantaged and victimized - with no money or mansions at all?
  4. The Ashley Reality Roundup is reporting that Meri has just unfollowed her “husband” and sister”wives” on SM. Some say it’s just a bid to drum up interest in the “new” season, and I agree. Unless something drastic happened in the last few weeks, which I suppose is not impossible, Meri has a good relationship with Sol and Ari - and therefore, Robyn.
  5. It would’ve been better for Janelle to just leave that negative comment “sittin there” unanswered if she was only going to deal with the issue of her perceived meekness (read weakness). Janelle’s failure to take this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions leaves us to assume the poster was correct about the “wives” actually not liking each other or being available to each other in tight spots.
  6. Brave — enough to meet a stranger at Disney Land.
  7. It’s also possible they get regular donations like ministers and missionaries, since some of their fellow believers may see them as such. And there may be paid speaking engagements to rally the faithful troops. As for Janelle, is she using her RV in conjunction with her real estate powers to sell the lots on CP?
  8. Kody never swings by to take her to the gym with him?
  9. Does this mean the wet bar issue was staged for the show? 😜
  10. Kody has never looked more like the stereotypical polygamist man than in the pic above.
  11. I wonder if the dark-haired, preexistence baby checked to make sure Ysabel had insurance before bat-signalling Robyn.
  12. My ongoing suspicion that all Kody’s “marriages” except the one with Robyn ended some time ago is strengthened after watching Kody’s treatment of Ysabel. In my experience, sOme men behave similarly toward their children after a divorce. They are either busy finding a new gf or building a relationship with a current gf and her children. These fathers frequently fail to pick up their own children after scheduling a special weekend or dinner date. They won’t even FaceTime during the days between visits. My former bil has been a model father and grandfather to his new wife’s family, b
  13. Has anyone mentioned that maybe it was the (nonexistent) money for the surgery that garnered this hideous reaction from Kody as well? Was he thinking, “Oh, crap. Can we have some more time to scrounge?” Was the threat of sending Ysabel to the surgery alone designed to scare her into staying home until he could find some cash in the couch cushions? Also, JAnElle. Why is she on my screen casting doubt on Christine’s statement about Ysabel being bullied over her parent’s lifestyle. What? Has bullying disappeared in this day and age? Unheard of, in fact? And Kody. Tryna get out so fast
  14. Kody’s statement about just wanting to be there for Ysabel’s surgery was belied by the fact that he wanted her to go alone. Not the solution of a person intent on being present. Would hE go alone to his own spinal surgery? Or even a tonsillectomy? Even if family members lived in the area? Is he trying to foist his responsibility onto Christine’s family? Something like this? Okay, I’ll stop. His motto of “Where we go one we go all” should be changed to “Where we should go we go not”.
  15. I’m wondering if Christine wants Kody to move back to Utah so badly because she hopes the plural community there can shame him into loving her again. When I think of the young women (not to mention the Brown daughters) who will see these ladies digging their own pits and lighting their own pyres for this one ungodly, weak man, I gasp at the grand irresponsibility of it. ThIS is what they want for society at large? For womanhood at large? I begin to see them as no better than the man they tear at for their own selfish wants, while letting their children swing. And if this is all just a
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