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  1. Absolutely shocking news of Helen McCrory passing from cancer from her husband Damian Lewis. 52 is terribly young. I enjoyed her in Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter.
  2. I mean, I don't know what to tell you guys but GMF is consistently in the top 5 and is highly rated, so people watch and enjoy it enough to come back every week, her grins notwithstanding. The little toys and her scenes with Nick are so short that I can't imagine why it bothers people so much. But, hey to each their own and of course no one owes me an explanation! But she's filming season 8 right now, it's not going anywhere. I enjoy the things she cooks and the stop motion and Nick stuff is just a blip to me.
  3. Baked in Vermont had 16 episodes. There were two seasons. Season 1 was 6 episodes and season 2 10 episodes.
  4. @Jaded I did know that and appreciate you saying so. I should have just done it instead of saying anything. Thanks again.
  5. What is going on in this thread? It's mostly one person making post after post about a woman they hate? Mauricio is a gigolo? Running a long con? Possibly not a citizen? (what?!) Wearing a gold bracelet is flaunting your wealth? (what?) I only catch this show in the background when I'm waiting for the next show to come on and sometimes stop by the thread but this weird hostility toward a woman and her family is strange to me, I'll be like @Mandolia and move on from the thread.
  6. If anyone has 56 minutes here's a Grantchester chat and Will and Geordie announce renewal
  7. I can tell from your posts that you're not a fan and obviously that's fine, people like what they like. But she isn't sold as how you describe her at all. Molly met her husband at Julliard, not because she was blogging. She was married and had a successful blog and cookbook years before she had a show or a baby. I'm 44 and not in the demographic you say this show is for, I just enjoy watching, I don't care if she likes sprinkles or smiles too much. She's also made plenty of things that are not "tater tots, pizza, sloppy joes and janky dessert salads."
  8. Oh man, I thought I was alone. I don't care about Tim at all.
  9. No that's all the happened. Sophia being dramatic I guess.
  10. Not only that, he says he was married for 72 years. Did Philomena just never wonder about his family and if he went home for a visit or whatever she never questioned where he was? 72 years is a long time to be married for someone who looked the same age as Sophia.
  11. I don't think that's true. But I do recall Frusen Gladje was American company with a fake Swedish name and Haagen-Dazs is American company with a fake Danish name and they competed against each other in the premium ice cream "wars" and H-D sued them because of their fake name and lost.
  12. My family are the only people we know that even remember this stuff. My parent's and brother and I even recall the commercial. It's been a while but sometimes, when we got together at my parent's house, and we'd be eating ice cream someone would say: "I ate all the Frusen Gladje and I'd do it again."
  13. I will say she does update her Instagram every day and posts stories, I can understand though if you aren't into that and prefer blog posts how disappointing it might be.
  14. I believe it goes: Whitney/Bobbi/Friend who was in the house with Nick and Bobbi/Nick. But yeah they all died of drug overdoses.
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