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  1. For sure, a huge improvement! Craig is lazy, that's for sure. I don't think he's all there either. I find Patricia annoying too. Her ego is enormous.
  2. It has happened over and over in this very thread, where people are reaching to make something out of nothing, claiming someone is racist, when there is a perfectly valid and logical explanation for the choices of who was banished, and it had nothing to do with what color these people are. IMO, anyone who is accusing him of being racist over what we saw on the show, is the one displaying racist tendencies by so quickly throwing such a horrible accusation out there in the first place, just because someone is white nominating someone who is black. I havn't been shown anything to indicate that an
  3. It's really sad that anyone would expect a houseguest to alter their gameplay, possibly to the detriment of their own game, and NOT nominate someone JUST BECAUSE because they are black, out of fear that "America would hate them for banishing every black person in the house." Especially when "every black person in the house" is only 2 people. That's hardly enough to claim he's racist. That sounds ignorant and prejudiced in itself. It's basically saying that he cannot nominate these people without fear of being accused of something as awful as being racist, just because he is WHITE. Funny how
  4. It drives me nuts!! They're cymbal-happy on Marriage Bootcamp too. It's so distracting and irritating. Totally agree. I swear I could see the gleam in his eyes after talking to her dad at breakfast, when he finally caught on to their little game, and decided to play along. Exactly. I refuse to believe that this isn't an act. Their behavior is just too outrageous. I could see Liz & her dad hatching a little plan to play these silly roles, in an attempt to get maximum attention once the show airs. And then waiting on the edge of their seats for the show to premiere, so they c
  5. Those are some heavy accusations projected on a lot of people based on speculation and assumption. I don't disagree at all about the popular crowd vs the freaks & geeks, because it's true, and happens all the time. And I really don't like Jackson at all, and hope he gets evicted very soon for many of the same reasons everyone else has already mentioned. But racism never even crossed my mind until I read it here in the comments (and no, I'm not white). It's one thing to speculate that someone's choices and actions were motivated by popularity/social status or physical appearance. But to acc
  6. He was like, what the hell lady?? Ramona is always barking orders to people, as if everyone is her staff. My favorite line of the night was Tinsley "I like smores. It's smores, not shmores." That made me laugh! I hate it when people call them shmores.
  7. Exactly...you can keep bringing up dozens of completely separate fights anytime someone posts support for what Camille did in THIS episode. But those separate fights are irrelevant. We are commenting on the Un Petit Hangover thread, so it makes sense to discuss what happened in the Un Petit Hangover episode. Just because someone got pleasure from seeing what Camille did in THIS episode, doesn't mean they are giving her a ringing endorsement to be nominated for the Most Ethical Housewife Of The Year award. It simply means that they enjoyed seeing Dorit's financial issues finally be brought to l
  8. Ditto on the disclaimer...for all shows! 😉
  9. I thought it was strange that Dani apologized too. Stupid. She's got to be one of the most boring, unnecessary cast members in all of reality tv land. And yeah right, who goes into a doctor appoimtment for such a specialized procedure without doing a lick of research first?? Again, stupid. I get the feeling things are not going to end well for Naomi. Her bf doesn't even seem to be that into her. And I don't think he's all that in the looks OR personality depatment, but she sure is smitten. To each her own I guess. She's really feeding his ego though!
  10. Yeah, I thought I remembered that Chelsea & Dani WERE talking about Katherine when she walked by them at Craigs pillow party.
  11. Especially when they have gobs of toothpaste foam all over the outside of their mouth while brushing. This is one of my pet peeves. There is no reason to look like a rabid dog when brushing your teeth if you keep the toothbrush & toothpaste in your mouth. It's not hard!
  12. I caught that too. So far, all the food made for the crew looked fine...way better than any of the food made for the guests! Maybe they are punking us, and Mila is in on it...she really does know how to cook, but they offered her more money to make herself look bad and crap it up for drama's sake when cooking for the high-falutin' guests. 😄
  13. I think the problem is that Sandy likes to soften the blow with a compliment, but doesn't always put enough sauce on the blow to make it the take-away, if you get what I'm saying.  You explained it perfectly! I do this too, because I feel bad hurting people's lil feelers. But it's not a good thing, because you end up having to have the difficult conversation a second time. Now this is not a problem for Captain Lee. Totally different management styles, that's for sure!
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