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    S04.E17: What Happened To Courtney

    Call me a sentimental sap but I liked this one. It hit the right notes, mostly and showed a side of Severide I really like. As for Detective Hottie McHotterson, a.k.a. Severide's next belt-notch, I don't like her character and attitude. I know real-life murder police and she ain't it. There was no need for chain of custody for the hairbrush. That was just to check and see if there was a familial match to confirm ID. After 9/11, victims' families were asked to bring in hair brushes, toothbrushes and so on for the same thing. Chain of custody would only become relevant if they were going after a suspect's DNA to tie him to the murder. Courtney's DNA from the brush could not matter in the slightest to proving the uncle did it. And with a body that charred, down to skeletal remains only, what kind of DNA would they hope to find anyways? That point was rather silly. Nope, don't care about New Girl or her rocker-ex. Get me invested in her character as a functioning paramedic first then throw me back story. Maybe. Liked Casey's election wrapped up in one episode and not dragged out. I agree, the gang storyline is going to come back as will his Casey's run-in with the CFD, because his Aldermanic duties will absolutely clash with his CFD shifts eventually. I don't know CFD policies, but shift switching in most departments often isn't a big deal; everybody in the House knows everybody anyways, regardless of which shift you're working. We only see the day watch here but the other shifts in the house are equally family.
  2. NJ RadioGuy

    S01.E12: Guilty

    I think in the real world, any cop who tried to pull that kind of a stunt would be very clearly reminded that shot cops are treated by these same ER folks and they're not a group of people you want to piss off over what would be a relatively minor DUI case. Nobody died, the DoucheBro is probably in his late teens so likely isn't a repeat offender. Maybe I'm wrong, and I certainly don't know Illinois laws at all, but the patient/suspect refused to give a blood sample in front of witnesses. In many places that in itself carries the same penalties as DUI, so the end result would be a conviction and loss of DoucheBro's license for a year or 6 months or whatever the actual penalty is. No way that case would end up with jail time, I'm sorry to say. Especially if RichDaddy hires a good attorney and pleads it out to something that keeps the DA happy. As to the other story lines, good ghods, stop it with the anvils already. I don't give a shit about most of the main characters and I haven't gotten to know enough of the supporting characters yet for them to make a difference. I only like Reese, Charles and Rhodes in the entire place. Halstead is just awful and Saint Manning makes me wretch more often than not. Choi is so bad I fast forward through his scenes mostly. Here's an idea. Have those three out at Molly's or maybe doing something at the 21st District station house and then drop a fleet of helicopters on Med and have done with it.
  3. NJ RadioGuy

    S05.E16: 25th Hour

    So life imitates art: "A woman used forged documents to pretend to be a lawyer for a decade and was in line to be named partner of a firm when her fraud was discovered late last year, according to charges filed by the state attorney general's office. "Kimberly Kitchen, 45, of James Creek, Pennsylvania, was charged on Thursday with forgery and unauthorized practice of law. "The forgery charge is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to five years in prison; the unauthorized practice charge is a third-degree misdemeanor, carrying up to a year in jail." Both charges were state misdemeanors; not federal felonies. Maybe when she gets outta the Big House she can do a cameo on the show? She'd probably have better chemistry with Mike Ross than Rachel. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3015122/Authorities-Woman-posed-lawyer-partner.html
  4. NJ RadioGuy

    Last Man Standing

    Nice shoutout to LMS on the "DC Legends of Tomorrow" episode "Marooned." The captain of the Acheron, the flagship of the time fleet, was named...Eve Baxter! (Or maybe LMS' Eve was a shoutout to a comic book character? Dunno; not a comic fan).
  5. NJ RadioGuy

    S01.E07: Marooned

    One nice throwaway that I didn't see anybody bring up in the earlier:The odds of Ray Palmer surviving the cardiac arrest were 3720:1. About the same as surviving a trip through an asteroid field. Also a nice shoutout to Last Man Standing. Captain Eve Baxter. Maybe her not getting in to West Point was a Good Thing for the timeline?
  6. NJ RadioGuy

    S05.E16: 25th Hour

    Except that there are a million stories on TV of little guys getting screwed and the Lawyer With A Heart stepping up to save the family farm. I like those, but they're too common and frankly boring. I loved the glamour of Suits. Very high-priced lawyers playing for millions and even billions, living a lifestyle I could only dream about. If PSL is relegated to bond court or chasing ambulances it won't be the Suits I loved from day 1. Sure I like Mike "the Conscience" Ross as a foil to Harvey "The Closer" Specter but what fun will it be to see Harvey representing DWIs and landlord-tennant cases? And without Mike as a bona fide attorney, the dynamic duo is dead anyways. Good luck to him getting bonded or even a PI's license. And in the aftermath of that, why on earth would anybody at PSL (other than Harvey) want anything to do with the guy who cost them everything in the end by his own stupidity. Like I said earlier, they've painted themselves into a huge corner. Since my earlier post, I read that I'm now far more interested in the firm's rebuild than in Mike's troubles-of-his-own-making.
  7. NJ RadioGuy

    S05.E16: 25th Hour

    There is no parole in federal prison so if he pleads to two years he does two years, but there is a provision for up to 54 days per year for good behaviour. So he'd still have to serve 622 days out of 730. I'm torn between how I want this to play out. I was hoping they'd find some last-minute tactic that would have invalidated the whole mess Mike got himself into, but that would have been lazy (but satisfying) writing. On the other hand, they now have to either go with "Two years later" to open next season or pull some insane rabbit out of their--er--hats. Neither works for me. If they go with two years later, then the audience will be subject to far too many flashbacks (a pox on that storytelling device, I say) and we'll be cheated out of some potentially great storylines. If they go with a hail mary that springs Mike and makes everything bad go away it'll be a cop out of biblical proportions. Plus, you know, the NY Bar would never ever allow Mike to practice law again afterwards--unless Harvey, Louis and Jessica can get pictures of certain members of the bar in compromising positions. Involving poultry. They wrote themselves into a corner by not going to verdict, quite frankly. A not guilty verdict would still have screwed over PSL; civil litigation alone would have sunk the firm. Regardless of how they proceed, I think the show has jumped the shark now. I miss the case of the week format they had in the first two seasons, with Mike and Harvey kicking ass and taking names in high style. That was fun. This is a chore. This ending should have been a series finale with a 5 minute epilogue showing what happened 5 or 10 years down the line.
  8. NJ RadioGuy

    S04.E14: All Hard Parts

    Absolutely correct. In the real world, you'd have a dozen squad cars on hand to secure the scene before EMS and FD would even be allowed down the block. And besides, PD are often dispatched to unknown type rescue jobs, and *because* it's an unknown type rescue, FD would be toned out as a matter of course for possible forced entry. Which also brings me to the house fire. "51 get some water on that fire." Right-o chief. Except I didn't even see the engine company in the establishing shot. And even if it was there, it would take a four man crew about two minutes to take a hydrant, hook up a supply line grab an inch-and-three-quarters (or two) and at least start a basic attack. A job roiling like that would have gotten an immediate 2nd Alarm to boot - and their first alarm would be a minimum of 3 or 4 engines, 2 or 3 trucks, a squad and at least a couple of senior officers. Now roughly double that for a Deuce :). But at the very least, could they not even afford to show one single engine company from their own house puttin' the wet stuff on the red stuff? And for that matter, with a fire that bad, and only a single truck company they're setting up something Really Effin' Bad by not venting the roof. Which is why there are multiple truck companies dispatched to a working fire :) For the sake of TV production I get it, of course, but they *could* try just a *wee* bit harder?? Maybe?? And that brings me back to Emergency! from back in the day, when it was the other way around. Their house had the starring Paramedic/squad and an engine company. So many of the calls they ran could have ended very simply, in a fraction of the time, with one or two truck companies--especially the resident Tower Ladder <grin>. The unjust dismissal lawsuits that could emanate from such a case would reverberate through the department--and the local media--for years. Not just that, but in what universe does a Battalion Chief make hiring/firing decisions in the first place? Ain't no way our Problem Child--er-Chile gets summarily canned just like that. I could see Boden giving her three written warnings then calling in higher-ups to intervene, but, like the OP stated, EAPs and the like exist for a very good reason. She sure as shit wouldn't be the first and won't be the last member of the service to drown her sorrows on company time. So that now brings up the rest of the season. Obviously she's coming back at some point--it's network TV ferheavensakes--but what hot guy or gal will fill in for her until that happens? I haven't seen the previews, but since we're in sweeps, you can bet it won't be Joe or Jane Shlubotnik in the ambo.
  9. NJ RadioGuy

    S01.E03: Remember the Cant

    Sorry, but every time I hear them talk about OPA, all I can think of is "Olivia Pope & Associates" More wine? (sorry, couldn't resist). I've really fallen hard for this show and now can't wait to read the books--much the same as I felt for Game of Thrones and the ASOIAF novels as well as Outlander. So far it's hitting all the right notes for me, especially their world building. For a SyFy-based show I can't believe how good they've made it all feel and fit together. Like others here, I find Closed Captioning the only way to understand what's being said. Too many shows these days have a bad dialogue mix--what sounds good in a perfectly-calibrated mixing studio will sound much different in people's living rooms with lousy speakers and terrible accoustics.
  10. NJ RadioGuy

    S01.E04: Mistaken

    I watch both this hot mess and Code Black and I guess I must be in the minority (judging by both shows' ratings), but I prefer CB over this any day. Like PD and Fire, I like the procedural aspect more than who's boinking whom and which character they're going to put through the wringer this week. So with that in mind comes my biggest complaint about this show. It's set in an undetermined part of Chicago, but obviously within the operating area for the companies of House 51 and the 21st (?) district of PD, so likely within a couple of miles. It's a pretty gritty urban neighbourhood with plenty of abandoned industrial areas, gangs and so on. In "Fire" they show long shots with the Hancock Tower/etc from a certain angle that clearly places the area southwest of the Loop (it's real-world Engine 18's quarters, http://engine18chicagofire.com/).The demographic of that real-world area is predominantly Hispanic (3:1 over african American and caucasian) and not particularly middle class either. Yet seemingly every patient in Med thus far is either lilly-white or upscale. Residents of the area as depicted on PD and Fire are a mix of everything but because Med's ER clientele is middle-class or above, it just takes me out of the story. Given the area, I'd expect Med's ER to more closely resemble Angels' ER on Code Black, to be honest. So far, Charles is the only likeable character in the whole series to me, and the only one with a shred of common sense. As for this episode in particular, if I wanted to be preached to I'd go to church. (If I went to church, which I don't). There were so many damned anvils falling I felt like this guy for half the episode.
  11. NJ RadioGuy

    S04.E07: Sharp Elbows

    I think those shifts are also populated by the other 3 or 4 engine companies, 2 or 3 truck companies, haz-mat and other assorted appartus that would roll on every single working fire. And as for that roof rescue, anything involving the words "on the roof" would mandate something that could throw up at least one ladder (if not the stick itself). Even engine companies carry at least a couple of ground ladders, and honestly the closest engine to the address would have been sent with the Squad and ambo.
  12. NJ RadioGuy

    The Bastard Executioner

    Yea. I'm actually enjoying this trainwreck of a show. I was ready to jump off a few weeks ago but I'm actually glad I hung in.
  13. NJ RadioGuy

    S05.E05: You Got Served

    Mellie is overdue for a serious case of the get-evens and at this point I think she's just making her @#$% list and will be ladling it out before the mid-season break. I for one am looking forward to the inevitable FLOTUStorm to come. I think she'll give Cersei Lannister a run for her money by the time this story is over.
  14. NJ RadioGuy

    Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

    Just finished the show tonight. Loved it and I hope they do a second season--hopefully with more shoutouts to TAR and TAR-C (since it's a Canadian production). I'd love to see Phil do a cameo just for fun. I didn't like the fact that there were so many NELs but with 18 teams and 26 episodes I guess you kinda gotta do it. I'm now officially referring to the Amazing Bathmat as the Carpet of Completion and the clue boxes as Don boxes when I watch the mothership show from now on. And there is no subway at 81st and 3rd, nor is there a station at the ESB :). And why they'd be that far uptown coming in from JFK is silly...Midtown tunnel or the Battery Tunnel (or the 59th St. Bridge if the LIE is totally borked). They got the boathouse and Bethesda Fountains absolutely perfect (even the flags at the fountains are as pictured). OK, I'll shut up now :) I think the thing that bugged me the most was that some of the tasks were so far over the top as to break the illusion. Yes, it's a cartoon, yes its intended audience is pre-teen, but mortal danger that would really kill an actual person several times over (Bahamian diving challenge, I'm looking at you) just took me right out of the episode...but I did love the speedboat from France to Iceland :). What I especially enjoyed was how they got the geography pretty well right on, or good enough for a kids show. I think the best animated aspect of the show was the animals and their expressions. Especially the rabbits. Loki for the million bucks next time! Kudos to all involved and I hope they can do it again.
  15. NJ RadioGuy

    The First 48

    Just saw a promo during this afternoon's reruns: Thursday, November 5th; same day as season 2 of Nightwatch begins. My Thursday nights are about to become interesting once more. I couldn't determine what cities were being featured this year, however.