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  1. If I am not mistaken, and I am going off a memory from an episode years ago, but weren’t some of the Bates kids and even Duggar kids, volunteer First Aid Squad. I know here in NJ a lot of the First Aid Squads are volunteer and there is training that they receive in order render certain type of triage care. could this be what they are re doing there? I get it it’s great to snark on them etc, but if what they are doing is providing the triage care until the actual medical professionals can get to them or lessen the loads of the medical professionals so they can treat those mo
  2. I have a theory I want to put out in the universe. when they released the trailers for this season, there were also the recaps of some the main characters with narration. Is it just me or do some of those seem like witness statements that you might hear in court or during a senate type investigation? in one of the trailers they show June dressed up and in a court like setting. If that is the case, and those narrations are some sort of testimony then Janine is alive since there was one for her with narration. This isn’t a recent thought either, from the moment I saw those, t
  3. Not sure why this is not being believed. It could 100% be true. It really all depends on what your definition of work is. When I was 8 years old I used to go to the Insurance Agency that my Grandfdather owned and I did his filing and I got him coffee - For that I was paid the princely sum of $5 each time I did that. At 5 years old, maybe he was going to his grandparents and raking leaves or picking up stuff in yard etc - I am not saying that is what it was, it could have been something else as well. I know for me personally I counted what I did at my Grandfather's insurance a
  4. Yes she was - She was dancing to herself singing "Forget About the Boy" from Thoroughly Modern Millie. She won the Tony for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for Millie
  5. Take a look at where I circled and you guys tell me....
  6. Maybe it's just me, or the baby was moving his foot and things got out of focus, but I think there is an issue with Samuel's right foot..... that could be the reason why they are not returning to Central America.
  7. Hi All - I have been reading the Duggar forums for years over at TWOP and have never commented - But for this one I had to - LOL Mary Michele is my mothers name. Not two names that always go together, so when I saw this comment it made me laugh a little bit. However, my mother hates the name Mary and goes by her middle name Michele or Missy. (my grandmother, who's name was also Mary did not care for it either, but hated her middle name Florence even more - LOL) My grandfather wanted to name my mother after my grandmother so she said fine, but we are not calling her Mary - They actuall
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