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  1. If Malik didn't already have Janelle, Deja and Malik having unprotected sex would have been much more plausible to me. Not wise, but plausible. However, it is ridiculous to have not addressed it onscreen during that moment, especially since Deja had just met Jennifer. The absence of any reference or discussion flies in the face of credibility, particularly from Malik. He's living the outcome of a previous decision every day as he raises Janelle.
  2. And I would think that both Deja and Malik would realize this. Malik is raising Janelle with Jennifer and Deja is dating a man who already has a child. Plus, Deja's mother was not in the most stable of situations. It's certainly been inferred that Deja was born as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. Nicky still bugs me. Always has, but this time, it was when he blurted out "He's dead" about Jack at the table. Some of Nicky's troubles can be attributed to Vietnam and alcoholism, but in many cases, I think he's just an ass--and he likes being an ass. I find nothing about him to be endear
  3. Thank you. +1. I was fine with Nicky coming to the house and maybe a short visit to reminisce. However, the dinner was just stupid, in my opinion. Nicky isn't there with a spouse or a significant other. He's there with his dead brother's wife and her second husband, and everyone starts unloading their personal baggage. Just wouldn't happen, in my opinion. Sally made no reference to even knowing about Jack, which would have somewhat explained Rebecca's presence. People may not like Malik and Deja, but young couples actually do have sex during secret weekends together. That was more
  4. Yeah, I know that putting Nicky with Sally would have been a bit much, but Sally's at least been on the canvas. Nicky's wife is so new that I don't have a reason to care about her yet, and the fact is we're running out of show. And I understand that this is TV, but that dinner stretched even the bounds of handwaving for me. If I'm supposed to care about Nicky's wife, the episode could have been spent on actually introducing her and establishing her presence, not on that dinner.
  5. I like Madison, too. I don't hate Sophie either. I just wanted to see more of the Sophie/Kevin story onscreen (which they could have done if they had used the younger actress who played Sophie and the younger actor who played Kevin). I think Caiitlin (Madison) gets a lot of grief due to who she's married to IRL. I don't really care that she's married to Fogelman. The character of Madison makes sense to me. Kevin married his childhood crush (Sophie). It didn't work out. Madison was Kate's friend first. This to me is like someone dating their college roommate's sibling, or something li
  6. I'm not a fan of Miguel and Rebecca, but I agree with your overall point. I think the show could continue if they focused on other storylines. Miguel/Rebecca for you. On my list would be slowing down both Kevin/Madison and Kate/Phillip. I'd also like to see how young Kevin and young Sophie ended up divorcing. How did their marriage fall apart? The Young Big 3 from this episode are all adorable, but that time period has been explored to death. I think the series could run for at least two more seasons if the Big 3 in college were as young as they went, and the show decided to focus on oth
  7. I wondered "Why are they having this conversation where he works?" Of course, the show reason is so that Kate could hear the conversation. Again, clearing the deck for Kate and Philip. The whole storyline feels manipulative because we know what's happening. The flash forward is showing us that. I read a line from an interview where Fogelman said that the stories of these characters will have been told by the end of this season. No, they won't. Toby and Kate have had their bumps to be sure, but it feels like we're going at 100 miles an hour to ship Toby off to San Francisco so we can cra
  8. True. And again, the show has tipped its hand with the flash forward. I just don't like the notion that this is all due to Toby taking this job...as though Kate had no choice in the matter. Your reason is completely valid, but that's a choice. Another option would have been to go with Toby to San Francisco. Kate had choices. This is the choice she made. This isn't all Toby's doing, even if he did spring the job on her.
  9. “Special Needs” Is a Euphemism That Hurts Disabled Kids My intention is NOT to pick on this poster, but this drives me up a flipping tree. Parents of disabled children tend to LOVE this term. Many disabled children do not. I would LOVE to see this term disappear forever. I do not have a "special need." I have a disability. It has a name. Or I just say, "I'm disabled." Jack Pearson is not a "special-needs child." He is blind or has low vision. I can't remember his diagnosis. Parents, I know you love your kids, but among other reasons to loathe this term, "special needs"
  10. Then move to San Francisco with the kids. I'm not saying this to try to be unkind to Kate, but this is where they are. Assuming that Kate has her full teaching credential (the show has been a bit fuzzy on this), she will be moving within California. Nothing is preventing her from finding another job. I agree that Toby did spring the job on her, but I also seem to remember that he had looked in the LA area for months with no success. Life isn't fair. I understand that, but Kate should understand that, too. Her father died at a young age. Her son has a disability. Both not fair, but both
  11. That as well as her reaction is a way for her to maintain control. She had a line where she said that she read the book to the kids every night. She's hoping/wishing/wanting that repetition to be enough for her to retain the memory. Meaning, she still possesses some amount of control. By using a Google search, that's an implicit acknowledgement that she needs assistance, which is lack of control and lack of her own sense of agency.
  12. Actually, I'm glad that DIDN'T happen. There are differences between chronic illness and disability, but too often, the expectation is that disabled people just take whatever life hands them without complaint, and if we dare have a public moment where we think things aren't so great, then we aren't being "good disabled people." I'd imagine that people with chronic illness (which I don't have) feel much the same way. Rebecca was at a family birthday party, and she's upset that she can't remember caboose. I'm glad she was given the right to be loudly ticked off, Sorry, but the kids and other
  13. I don't hate Kevin/Sophie, but I think their ship has sailed. They married young, life happened, and they divorced. That chain of events has been repeated for many in Kevin's generation and even in Jack and Rebecca's generation. It just didn't happen to Jack and Rebecca, Every marriage doesn't have to be a "great love story," and Kevin and Sophie aren't on bad terms. They seem to still care for each other as human beings and wish each other well. However, they've both moved on, and I think all of that is great. Madison isn't Rebecca. I don't think she's Kevin's "great love," but I
  14. I don't get the Phillip/Kate dynamic either, knowing where the flash forward appears to be taking us. However, she does seem to be attracted to assholes (Mark). I just hope that if the flash forward is what it appears to be, that Kate and Toby just grow apart, and that dynamic occurs because Toby is working in San Francisco. I hope he isn't demonized. Toby has his faults, but he's not a bad guy.
  15. I don't disagree with that, but I also don't think that excludes the fact that he loves Madison. It's not an "either/or " scenario in my mind. Kevin wants what Jack and Rebecca had in terms of family structure, Madison does seem to have more n common with Book Club Guy, AND YET Kevin is also realizing that he loves Madison and will have to work to win her over. All of these things can be true at once.
  16. I think both are true. He told Kate that he wanted what they had as kids, but he's also noticeably bothered by the attention that Madison's receiving from Book Club Guy. If it were just Kevin wanting the idea of a family, he would have likely continued to live in Madison's garage, but that isn't what's bothering him.
  17. I disagree. I think he does love Madison but he now realizes that he's going to have to work to win Madison. He and Sophie were young love. They just kind of were. As an adult, Kevin's always been able to "turn on" Kevin Pearson and impress people. Now he's realizing that's not going to work in this situation.
  18. I just read an article about a Spanish teacher from Iowa in her 60s who was killed by two of her students while she walked in a park. They knew she was known to walk in that park. Iowa teens ambushed teacher on her daily walk, dragged her into woods, official says As a former teacher (not a high school teacher, but still), I can't wrap my brain around the idea that she might have known that two of her students were about to kill her.
  19. It has been more than a minute since my college days, but inappropriate behavior with a student was stressed over and over and over again when I was in college. Not only don't do it, but don't ever put yourself in a position where that's what it looks like...because you're not going to be given the benefit of the doubt. That's even more true now. Rachael should have been nowhere NEAR a car with Sheldon in it at 11:00 at night. To this day, it continues to amaze me how many teachers continue to lose their credentials because of this issue. It's work to ignore numerous warnings.
  20. Jessica had a couple of things about her that gave me pause. Bender was significantly older than her, and she and Patrick got engaged after several months. It sounds like she hasn't seriously dated anyone since Patrick's death. It may still be wise for her to continue to be alone for a while so she can reflect on his own life and not only her life as one half of a couple.
  21. In this case, I think Charles was trapped by gender bias in terms of domestic relationships. Lori is the woman. Charles is the man. I think the detective saw the gender narrative that more frequently happens...that the man was the aggressor, and didn't investigate further so as to confirm or disprove that bias.
  22. Thank you. I started watching it, but then I got to the part where they had interview footage of Tylee. I loved the psychologist and his wife the journalist. I thought he was very informative and thoughtful in his remarks and would be interesting to listen to further. However, when he started describing how Tylee couldn't sit still and seeing her and knowing what was done to her, I turned the show off. It does seem like Dateline is giving Chad and Lori publicity, and I find that infuriating.
  23. "Secret" is an actual term that the U.S. Military uses. Security Clearance Classification
  24. She did go to the authorities about the domestic violence. They went to court, and there wasn't enough evidence. The judge issued retaining orders for each of them against the other. There was no mention of the photographs, however. I think that Kit's involved, but I also think Joan's involved. Cal, Joan, and Kit are so intertwined, I simply don't think it's only one. TVBitch also said it best about another case months ago. The reality is it was one and/or the other. I agree Kit is narcissistic, but I think Joan is too. Kit's not going to admit it, and Joan has engineered it so s
  25. I don't think Joan's motive had anything to do with testifying at the court martial. Why would she care? It was Kit's court martial. Yet, there was plenty of evidence that she was vengeful toward men who wronged her. She told one of her kids that the kid's father was dead when the man wasn't, and she accused Kit of domestic violence. If she perceived Cal as spurning her (even if that didn't actually happen), I can see her attacking him. I think it's possible that they both worked together to kill Cal for separate reasons (the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of thing) and then Joan turn
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