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  1. I figure he wants as much notice as possible so he can try and fix it if Dabb really goes off the rails. He really seems to be putting his heart and soul in the final season and is doing everything possible to keep this from game of thronesing. He’s directing, trying to get back some old writers and even writing a little himself. This is the most he has ever been involved behind the scenes.
  2. Lastcall

    Small Talk: The Impala

    Pretty much all of them came out in the 80’s and 90’s in comics, books or movies. You could probably include The House with a clock in its walls too since Kripke talked about how much it influenced him. The source material all came out decades before Supernatural. It’s just took that long for them to become tv series. It’s just weird that it looks like they are copying Supernatural when it’s really the other way around.
  3. Lastcall

    Small Talk: The Impala

    I just finished Good Omens and it’s amazing how similar it is to Supernatural. It almost seems like a rip off until you realize the book was written in 1990. Now a ton of shows that inspired Supernatural have been made. You can see the seeds in Preacher, Constantine, Evil Dead and now Good Omens. I wish the current writers could have found similar inspiration from whatever source instead of just retelling old Supernatural episodes.
  4. I’ve been trying really hard to stay optimistic about season 15 and J2’s involvement. I really felt they could salvage this train wreck and deliver a proper final season. I did the exact same thing with Season 8 of Game of Thrones so obviously I’m looking at season 15 now with nothing but dread.
  5. Lastcall

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Sorry, I meant to write stop watching at episode 14x13 if you like Sam. Also, if you love Sam and Dean equally there will be seasons where one is favored over the other but from season 12 on they are basically support characters. Be ready to spend a lot of time with randoms you care nothing about.
  6. Lastcall

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you stop at the season 10 finale. Season 11 had bright spots but there was a showrunner change and the back half really started to suffer from the episode Red Meat on. If you find yourself really liking Dean 10x23 is your best stopping point. If you REALLY love Sam hold on through Season 8 and 9 then stop after 14x13 because the writers start beating him like he owes them money.
  7. I think it’s based off Jensen talking about doing different roles after Supernatural at a con. Someone yelled “Batman” and he smiled. Also, some industry people tweeted he should be Batman. Right now it all seems to be wishful thinking but I’m sure they would let him audition.
  8. Supernatural is two different things. In Vancouver it’s the best environment many have ever worked in. It’s is so enjoyable that people don’t want to leave and they consider themselves a family. Then you have LA where the show runner plays favorites, carries out vendetta’s and works to get rid of those he doesn’t like. Sheppard had ALOT of friends in Vancouver including J2 and I am sure many in Vancouver still resent his treatment. Add the treatment of Jensen this year who is one of the most popular people on the set and I can see how Vancouver feels LA is toxic.
  9. I agree that I would prefer nothing to Dabb and the rest of the talentless hacks that destroyed the show having anything to do with future Supernatural productions.
  10. J2 want to go out on a high note and I doubt they will get that from Dabb. Anything happening after that would be at least 2 years done the road. J2 will have way more power with a movie or limited series. They can decide who to work with and can see the script before they sign on. All they need are people who are passionate about Sam and Dean. I’m sure Jensen will do great after Supernatural but he still loves Dean and his work family. He is also smart enough to see all the other people who missed their old shows and came back for limited runs from Fuller House to X-Files. I’m sure he could find a few months for a movie no matter how busy he gets. The biggest tragedy would be Dabb having the final say on Supernatural and I can’t believe Jensen wants that either.
  11. I’m sure the Hell they put Mark Shepard through extended to others in the production as well. I believe the cast got along great but I’m sure the cast and crew had to put up with a lot of crap coming from the home office.
  12. I agree with everything you said but I think there is a good chance for at least a limited series on the streaming service. 8-13 is the norm for streaming which are the numbers J2 said they would be happy with. Jensen still seems excited about doing a run on the road in different environments so I’m sure the WB would give him that for a 8 to 10 episode commitment. J2 also seem very excited about a movie with a decent budget (40-60 million could be possible which is epic for horror). Jensen has also dropped a lot of hints that the show will go on after the finale and I don’t think that’s wishful thinking, I think he knows something. I’m going back to the next three weeks being a huge indicator for where this is all going. I’m still hopeful.
  13. If they announce a new show runner who is anyone beside Yockey, I will be pissed. That would mean they could have fixed this after 12 but chose not to. There is no chance of a spin-off now that Dabb scorched the earth and poured a dump truck worth of salt into the soil. I believe there will be a future movie and J2 have agreed to it but I think the main focus will be hyping the final season and celebrating the past. After the show is gone and the hype dies down is when they will announce future movie plans. What I’m hoping for is J2 possibly getting exec producer status, Berrens off the show for Doom Patrol, no Pellegrino and ALOT of old writers coming back to write a few farewell episodes especially Edlund. After that maybe J2 will share a little info from the storyboards.
  14. Lastcall

    Ratings And Scheduling: I Can't Do This Alone

    I have a strong feeling something new will land on Warner streaming. It’s a perfect fit be it Movies or limited series.
  15. At this stage Dean isn’t even allowed to be the brawn anymore.