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  1. MEH4250

    S06.E32: Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2

    I think I heard something about an open call that Abby's hosting. The Minis should already be signed if they go back into production for season 8.
  2. MEH4250

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    Gina has so much to say normally, but turned on her the tears flow. Very strange; so gregarious commenting on other people's situation, but the sharing isn't reciprocal.
  3. MEH4250

    S13.E10: Italian Night Fight

    It's unfortunate Tamra's playing a double agent; real friendly with Vicki again, but at the same time allowing Kelly to talk so much crap about her. How's she going to feel when the season comes out? Some friends. Gina's rather opinionated for a newbie. She offended Vicki early on, now Shannon's in her crosshairs.
  4. MEH4250

    Joao: Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

    I love quoting lines from good and bad movies; even long rants like Frank Langella as Skeletor in "Masters Of The Universe." Nothing's better after 30+ years of watching really bad movies. - Out of the blue it's great to go insane and say something like "you are no longer my equal I am more than man, more than life, I AM A GOD!" Frank Langella will live on forever thru that rant alone; totally eclipsing his role as Dracula. ;-)
  5. Those boxes have a nasty rep even though I don't know many with cats, they've cleaned up their act! I rarely ever get that acrid, ammonia smell of a box. Aren't they all hypocrites trying to tell each what to do as they make the same mistakes they're trying to correct in others. How Shannon can comfort anyone is dubious since she appears to be the most unhappy woman who rarely if ever relaxes and go for it. She doesn't have to be wild, just stop being so anal retentive even in social settings like a 1st date.
  6. She's already got the ball rolling to "not like Gina" when she decided to put her 2 cents in concerning Vicki and Kelly's dispute about Michael still being friendly with Steve & Vicki. She decided to insert herself and pass judgment about "what kind of loser is she?" Not sure how she recovered so fast; maybe Production saying "you better apologize to Vicki." LOL
  7. Gina's "upspeak" is driving me nuts. I thought she said something about being from Long Island. Sounds more like a Valley Girl. Who was shocked by the separation/divorce?
  8. Why Vicki? It was Kelly who lost her mind. Now she has to make up something to try and justify her crazy behavior. Now Steve's after Vicki's money according to her. Someone help this woman.
  9. MEH4250

    S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Referencing those pics Tamra put up at the party and the rumor helped along by Vicki last season. I don't watch much, but I do remember that much.
  10. MEH4250

    S13.E08: Seeing Red

    Looking the way he did years ago, I'd have to admit, if he didn't do anything, some guys out in California would have propositioned and maybe taken care of him.
  11. I know them, but never bought their records. Around that time, I wasn't even a teenager so I listened to what the grownups bought. I liked folk enough, and even started playing guitar at 8. I tended to go with other solo artists like Carole King, Carly Simon, James Taylor, & Harry Chapin. When I actually started using my own money I was a true soft rock/easy listening type; Barry Manilow, Eric Carmen, Simon & Garfunkel, Kenny Loggins, & Ray Charles because my dad was a professional jazz musician. When I started playing SAX in high school, I got exposed to more music and got hooked on some R & B and soul with many artists including Barry White. I went from that to DISCO because that was on trend. I'm really stretching my memory. I better rest.
  12. Anyone watch Kandi last nite on repeat of "Xscape" mini-series? Never listened to them much, but it's amazing with all the info out there, some of these women are still in complete denial. Why Kandi even accepted a phone call from these women who she feels mistreated her only made me think it was for this project initially because I know I would never speak again to a person that dissed me like that on Nat'l media. We would be done! No amount of "I'm sorry's" or "Please forgive me's" would be enough. I guess that makes me small. They went about their business for well over 10 years with no contact or apologies, but out of the blue "these needy b!tches" who started all the BS want to make amends? Sounds as if the sisters wanted back in even if they had to deal with their old girl Kandi. I wonder how they really feel about one another even though performing together these days?