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  1. I'm a classically trained musician so watching CMT has been, shall we say, an eye opener for me. I actually enjoyed Kellie Pickler's guest stint & will never forget Kelli & Judy gleefully dancing around in the cowboy boots Kacey brought them. I agree with everything else you said too.
  2. Yes & yes! Thanks for thinking of me. The condolences have been pouring in. ; )
  3. Briana is a favorite of mine. I'm glad she's back this year!
  4. Awww. I love Maddie! She's starting to grow into her looks if that makes sense.
  5. Well, Bubbles was good enough for Beverly Sills, but I suspect your friend isn't an opera superstar. 🥰
  6. I agree. She would sound even better in a key more suited to her vocal range.
  7. I think Gina is prettier than some of the past point girls but since my name isn't Kelli Finglass it doesn't really matter what I think. Ha!
  8. Yes indeed. It's all very subjective but I think the difference here is that Nicole's extra pop was attention grabbing in a good way whereas Gina's 'ornamentations' can be distracting in a bad way. They make it look like either she is off or the girls around her are off.
  9. Absolutely! I love Sun Valley any time of year (hubby I honeymooned there) but this shot is particularly gorgeous!
  10. I could see Gina having no problem being a dancer in a Broadway show or being a Rockette, or at the very least getting down to the final audition. She's just that good. This aspect of Gina's dancing has been discussed in the past by other posters. This is why she will probably never be point.
  11. I don't recall Tess' personality type from Season 13 but I do remember that Maddie is 'The Dictator'. She will lay down the law! It probably also helps that she is a nanny and used to working with children. :)
  12. We danced on Astroturf in my college stadium which was easy to turn on but was almost too slippery. When we traveled to an away game with a real grass field the heel of my boot got caught in the turf while turning during rehearsal and I went down in a heap. I sprained my ankle pretty badly & didn't get to perform during halftime. :(
  13. Our stuffed animal sheep dog is a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan because of the Dawg Pound. It's a VERY long and complicated story! :)
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