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  1. Was trying to find an update on Robyn and her tv broadcasting career. Is she still in LA (State, I believe)? Doing well?? Miss her!!!
  2. LOL😂, that Viking cheerleader in the back on the left was either ecstatic that she nailed her part, or that the routine was over. She hardly held the ending, LOL😂! Too funny!
  3. Awwww, how wonderful. She looks so happy! Beautiful family. Thanks for the update!
  4. Apology if I missed the update...Didn't Brooke recently give birth to baby #2? Boy? Girl?
  5. Thanks for the correction on Whitney's last name. Love those MDC warm-ups! Will keep checking the Dolphins site & this Topic for updates on their final squad.
  6. Can't find any Miami Dolphins squad updates. Any sleuth out there know if former DCC TCC Whitney Richardson made it back on the Dolphins squad (in spite of being arrested a couple months ago for going beserk, breaking in a guy's home, attacking him & trashing his property while he was dining with another woman)? I know someone posted a pic on this forum shortly after the arrest (which jealous rage made national news, BTW) of what appeared to be Whitney among chosen Dolphins squad semi-finalists/finalists (head scratching if true). Curious if she made their squad agn & can't find an update...
  7. That's why I said like they were all at their peak...And yes, Deryn was a diamond too!!
  8. So, got to thinking WOC hypotheticals after the WOC discussion on the Training Camp thread and especially Khalyn's post. If Khalyn, Nicole, Robyn, Sasha, Jacie, Jenna, Jackie Bob, Cersten, Mia, Brianna, Ashlee all went to training camp at the same time (at their peak skills; I know some didn't make it on first try), who would be cut?? They couldn't all wouldn't be chosen, I'm sure...would they?? Again, this is just a HYPOTHETICAL. I have thought about what a bind K, J & C would be in!! How would they handle???
  9. And??? That's my opinion. It's valid to me.
  10. Have watched her all season. She does a nice job but blends when she dances. Sorry, she is not dynamic or a stand-out. And she is sweet, folks love her, but she has to remind herself to smile. Keep her on the squad, yes. But point?? No. No standout personality, power or pop for point.
  11. Check out the Titans PBC Kellee on Ultimate.cheerleaders site. It's a profile shot. She could DEFINITELY wear the DCC uniform. Looks to be a size 2. She's got a very tiny bod. Profile confirms!
  12. Very obvious that sultry vs. natural smile is the Redskin way. Not criticizing, just noticing from all the pics posted.
  13. Redskins representation; no words. Just gonna leave it at that....
  14. At least it's turf, though that's still a BIG challenge.