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  1. Another "where was it?' memory. There were several episodes showing Walter and Peter crashing through the ice, but one showed September rocketing them to the surface & survival; I've missed that in my rewatch. There was the one we saw September interceding, then driving the WalterWagon with them, but I did not see them rocketing to the surface. re: freeVee... Just get used to them botching the commercial breaks, and cutting off the credits. And be sure and memorize the words to the Liberty Mutual, and that cancer drug, ads; you will see them again and again and again.
  2. I guess we have 3 Olivia's: Olivia, Fauxlivia, and then the No-Peter Olivia, as I think of S4.
  3. I recall Olivia telling Peter about putting several rounds into the door by her abusive step-father, and Fauxlivia mentioning killing him. Or do I have that inverted? And what episode was each in?
  4. I'm rewatching on Prime/FreeVee. Amazon was chopping it to pieces but I wrote to Andy Jasse and got a response. They have software that tries to detect the breaks and inject the commercials then, but it's anything but perfect....🤯 Alas, like seemingly all streaming sites, they run the same commercials time and time and time again, again, again. It was Liberty Mutual but now it's TickTock,tock,tock,tock. Can I PLEASE cross to the Redverse so I do not have to see them again?
  5. Well sorta... I heard this on NPR WESAT, and guess which fan I thought of????
  6. But he's got to reach 21 to do that...........
  7. Syme

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I'm trying to figure what is says about the project that they fly around in a Herky.
  8. It shouldn't be too hard to change Craig's name, just a trip to the courthouse and file a few forms..
  9. Here's a dilemma.... Rerun-TV as I call it, is showing X-Files S1E1 tomorrow night at 10pm. I think my mind is already made up.....
  10. And always has been. (The reason I was such a Veronica Mars fan.....)
  11. My first thought was it was an Observer, but I don't know what his name was. Jan, Feb, March?
  12. They read the man pages, of course! [*nix joke: the man documentation is instantly available a running system via the "man" as in manual, command.] Notice how careful Batman and Robin were to wear gloves when examining the {temporary} survivor? Ooops. no gloves.
  13. It is a very major issue, but that is orbital debris. Stuph that just enters the atmosphere usually burns up during what we call "reentry." (But that's correct only if it is something we launched in the first place.) Of course, there are exceptions to the 'usually' above. The Chicxulub impactor that hit in the Yucatán Peninsula 66 million years ago, and seeming killed off the dinosaurs was about 15km in diameter, large enough to survive and strike the surface. Ditto Mir & Skylab. If under control when a bird reenters, it's usually aimed at the South Pacific Ocean Uninhabited Area -- the spot in the ocean furthest away from land. There are a few hundred spacecraft on the seafloor there already. Orbital debris is a hazard to other orbiting craft, with and without humans. If traveling at a different velocity, there is a lot of kinetic energy in such a collision. KE = ½mv^2 Two extremes: The Ever Given seems to be about 180,000,000 kilograms. The orbital case: 8000 m/s and say 10 ounces 0.5 * 0.28kg * 8000m/s^2 = 9071847 joules. 9071847j = ½ * 180,000,000 * v^2 v = 0.3 m/s or 0.6 knots So even a tiny bit of orbital junque is potentially equal energy to be hit by the Ever Given at half a knot. ETA: Better science: https://www.thespacereview.com/article/4150/1
  14. Starting mid-thread, I first thought https://forums.primetimer.com/profile/29793-myarchangel/ was being thanked for not giving up on the show. I had to scroll back to actually understand......
  15. Syme

    S01.E03: Solar Winds

    A senior Agency official talking on his cell phone inside the SCIF?? Merely having a cellphone inside would grounds for his immediate dismissal & being escorted out of the building for the last time.
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