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  1. Elli did come in with that frozen shoulder issue to begin with. I loved her, though. So, are we still trying to determine a resigning vet?
  2. I really like both Rosanna and Maureen and hate how much I have to think about their pubic hair 😂
  3. What are the chances that Claudia really lives in both Florida and Penn?
  4. Yeah, I feel horrible making assumptions and saying that a guy needs to look a certain way to be a male, but ... that was a woman. And that's the hormone imbalance right there.
  5. I really like Jenna. I don't know what was up with the car thing and first few spoiled brat episodes, but she's done a complete 180.
  6. I'll always want more deets about Olivia Stevanovski.
  7. I'd retire too if I were her but am bummed as a fan. I really liked her and felt like she never got the recognition she deserved. She and Briana are the two I'm disappointed to lose but agree with their choice.
  8. I don't see it at all. I'd love to see some comparison photos if you have them!
  9. Oh no, I actually don't know one way or the other to be honest. If that's a term you are comfortable with then that's perfectly fine. I am not a WoC and am only seeking to understand. All I know is that others found that term offensive and vilified the white woman who used it. But I digress. Thank you for entertaining my question 😊
  10. I have a legitimate question here that I hope doesn't come off wrong. In two posts now you've referred to "colored people" and have mentioned that you are a WOC. On a different show (part of MTV's Teen Mom franchise) a participant was raked over the coals for using the term "colored woman" rather than "woman of color" when she truly didn't know better or mean any harm. A huge deal was made out of it. Now I'm confused.
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