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  1. Doyle dying is passive eugenics. Only a fool would give a shit about some dude holding a bag. It's not like you won't run into them later on. I am sure that was what Kevin was thinking. Doyle clearly was trying for a promotion, to his end.
  2. I think Nataloon is having the mid-30's baby pains. She is means testing entraping men. Here is a better option: goes to a sperm clinic, pick a deposit, put it in a tube, stick it in the hole and shoot it up. I don't know any man between the ages of 30-45 that would touch that psycho. She is flatly a narcissistic, sociopath now. Who am I kidding, the whole cast is.
  3. Donder

    S07.E18: Lines

    Upton is a sociopath, much like everybody on Med. At least Voight did something. Goodwin coddles everybody on that show to become even more sociopathic.
  4. Why, I watch this show.....I have no clue. It's that guilty pleasure you know you shouldn't watch, but you do. I never care about the other Chicago shows outside a lil PD, but it's so bad, I never watch it anymore. Yet every freaking Weds at 8:00.......I need a session with Dr.Charles Oh by the way, Will's Druggie girlfriend is gonna OD in his bed. They aren't even bothering not to try and hide it.
  5. Nataloon should use the services for the safe injection site as should the whole damn cast. Then I would feel safe when nada of them are working.
  6. Donder

    S07.E10: Mercy

    I almost wonder if Burgess is hoping that a "mishap" happens on the job, so she'll miscarriage and be done with that, so in her mind, she is not a abortionist, which I think she despises.
  7. Nataloon and Will coming to violence soon??? The antagonistic relationship comes right out of moonlighting wannabes.
  8. Easily PD's worst season ever. The falloff from season 6 is noticeable much less from the even better season 5.
  9. That was Will's "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" moment. Long overdue. Nataloon needs to sit on Dr. Charles couch for a session.
  10. Its hard to take anything we see "through Elliot" seriously. Since the beginning not trusting the author has been the main focus of this show. I suspect the last 5 episodes will rewrite the story yet again. Was Elliot really sexually abused??? Does Darlene really exist?????? Does Dark Army really exist as we see it on screen?????
  11. Please.......stop........making........fools.........of..........your.........selves.
  12. I think Soffer was the sexual harassment complaint(with you know who). Beghe just bullied(with you know who again). I just find it odd the temper tantrums went down starting in season 5. If the show goes on, Beghe is sure to be the first resign.
  13. Well yeah, this is the most tribal and elitist of all the "Chicago shows". If you ain't 51, you not cool man.
  14. Everybody's contracts are up after this season and you can see the exit strategy being implimented.
  15. Dick Wolf hates the military.....you do realize Wolf has supported the military in many philanthropic ventures, is a registered Republican and supported law enforcement with 30 years of tv programming to back it up. I think you are confusing the typical lazy writing on this show with intent.
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