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  1. Plus the HSN ones look like there are huge holsters on your hips. If I recall correctly, the secondary color runs along the back of the waistband too, so they provided a belt for your holsters.
  2. We can be self-proclaimed idiots together. I'll bring the chocolate chip Haagen-Dazs.
  3. M-72496, the GZ crab and shrimp bites, 40 1-oz bites for $87.90. The problem with the hosts cutting them open is that they look like they are mostly filler.
  4. Where's her wedding ring set? @Booney's post showing her on air in this outfit she was wearing one.
  5. I find it amusing that they had Carolyn on for 4 hours, brought Kerstin in for 1 hour (Vitamix) before David, and they're letting Alberti take her usual Sunday afternoon timeslot. Sure sign management realizes she shouldn't be hosting regular kitchen/food shows and they'll schedule things to make sure she's only selling what she's OK with. Not a good idea to have a host looking physically repulsed at the food displays in front of her.
  6. I have had my septum un-deviated as much it could be (the doctor threw it in for free during a sinus procedure). Stents came out of my nostrils after a week and I looked fine. No bruising or swelling.
  7. I wish I could heart this more than once. This advice applies across the board, whether it's writing to upper management of a shopping channel, your Congresscritter, or anyone else to which you have a complaint.
  8. Looks like they're having a hard time getting rid of it; the only letters gone as of this typing at 4:45 p.m. eastern are Q and U and they probably brought in less quantity of those. I wonder if part of it is because the initial/letter is attached to the chain itself, so if the chain breaks you're either paying to repair it or have something to give a jeweler to melt down.
  9. I saw that too. Very likely also why Meredith's product line's debut has been pushed to early February instead of this Sunday.
  10. Some of VPH's Valentine's items that were presented yesterday have estimated delivery dates beyond February 14. Look, I know there are issues with international shipping, but why put this stuff on air if it isn't going to show up in time for the holiday in question? (I realize there is an obvious answer, as in it's on its way and they need to sell it. But still...)
  11. J-370781, the 14K necklace TSV. That chain is so thin a toddler giving it a good tug would probably break it.
  12. Time for another food marathon, from 3-midnight eastern although I'm sure David will show some kitchen utensils, cookware, and appliances just to break things up a bit. (The TSV for today is from Rastelli)
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