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  1. Was the woman Alison Waggoner? She used to be a host at ShopHQ/Evine before she was dropped. Did she refer to herself as a milkmaid? If she did that's her. One of the Beekman guys has an MD but isn't a practicing doctor.
  2. Also, does this mean that the sidewalk outside the local grocery store upon which sits the store's pumpkin selection can be classified as a "runway"?
  3. Where I grew up, it was shoveling the driveway. Work that shovel!
  4. Um, it's Hanukkah, or Chanukah. Spell it right, for goodness sake! Edit to add they have the correct spelling in the program guide.
  5. Looks like she's repping something like 5 brands at last count.
  6. I saw over there that people were counting and it was around 50 times in the first hour, so@JohnnyStar5isn't exaggerating. That means she was saying it, what, once every 1 minute, 10 seconds or something like that?
  7. Looking at the program guide, it appears that starting on October 1 HSN may be adding another hour to its overnight reruns, which would mean live programming would begin at 8 a.m. eastern instead of the current 7 a.m. (ShopHQ has had an 8 a.m. start time for quite a while). Someone with more knowledge than me can say for certain when they kick to reruns, but I think it's earlier than Q's 3 a.m. If this is the case, HSN must still be considered to be a burden with respect to the QxH financials so time to cut some more costs there, and the 7 a.m. hour isn't pulling in the sales that ma
  8. Although my first thought was also "toilet brush holder!" my second thought was "Boofetti at the Dentist".
  9. Alberti can do it because his on-air personality is as such that it's not hard to see him wearing things like he did yesterday, and it's come to be expected of him. David, though, is locked into his uniforms of button-down shirts, sweater vests, aprons, occasionally a t-shirt, and suits on special occasions, because that's what's expected of him. If he veers off his foodies notice. As an example, earlier this year when they made changes to the Wednesday edition of In the Kitchen with David, during the first airing of the revamped show he didn't wear an apron. In the following days, hig
  10. Alberti's jacket from a distance doesn't do it justice. I can't post a screen shot right now, but it's not just black and white: up close some of those patches are gold.
  11. Just speculating, but perhaps she is acting behind the scenes as the go-between during the development process of new products, so the Brothers can spend less time directly dealing with Q in that regard? She knows how it works, and she's local to Q. As part of the exchange she gets to get on a plane to present with them?
  12. Nothing says "I love you" like a heart-shaped toilet brush, your choice of pink or red.
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