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  1. Our friend Boofetti is back! Including the cookie jar!
  2. I honestly do not get the appeal of Temptations. From what I gather the quality is iffy in looks, quality is iffy in performance for the baking dishes, the resale value is next to nil, and people who have entire sets of the stuff find out they can't give it away. Oh, and "Your Inspo Spot" sounds like something I need to discuss with a doctor.
  3. You'd think it was the middle of winter vs. August. I agree, when you're short fun-size going monochrome like that, with a really long skirt and long sleeves, plus a turtleneck, doesn't work.
  4. Seriously, Q? $70 is NOT a clearance price. So what if it's 35% off the original $110. It's a freakin' Logo dress that has nothing special about it. A-374425
  5. When you hit reply, click on the smiley face and you'll find the puking emojis. 🤢🤮
  6. If I'm supposed to be wearing a mask when I'm out in public and it covers a good chunk of my face, why should I be worried about cleaning out my pores to the point I'll fork over $80 plus tax to QVC?
  7. Some things should just be for the viewing of hubby, the gynecologist, and the person you're paying to wax hair out of existence.
  8. I learned this the other day, and it gives some pretty clear evidence as to why you're seeing so much of certain things on SHQ: The trademarks for Invicta, the Dubrows' products, and Medic Therapeutics are all owned by the top guy at Invicta and members of his family. More hours on air for that stuff, more money for them.
  9. People survive car crashes. People survive war. People survive cancer. The use of that word in that bio is incredibly flippant. I assume survivor of adoption means she's a survivor of the adoption process. Even then saying she's a survivor of infertility and adoption is a slap in the face to those who never were able to have children even when they tried through IVF or tried to adopt but were denied. It's also a slap in the face to her kids: makes it sound like they're a hardship she's enduring. And as I've said before, local Emmys get handed out like candy. Entities like Fox News and other networks will accept editorial-type essays from people, covering all sorts of issues. Her agent probably helped her get the connection. Oh, and gotta find various means to promote her new book.
  10. The day Kerstin hosts a Gourmet Holiday show I'll be wondering if the world is about to end.
  11. When they put Julia on ITKWM and allowed her to host it when Mary was away due to her thyroid surgery I figured they were trying to pigeonhole her into kitchen shows. As in Mary takes over the top kitchen spot whenever David calls it a career and then Julia becomes the #2 kitchen person.
  12. Absolutely don't want to get into 50 Shades of Good Grief, Look at What the Ads are Showing Now.
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