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  1. OK, I'll admit: I broke down and read the thing. Straight-out puff piece, although you have to go searching for it because it's not on the main page. More puffiness than the cotton candy you get at the state fair and rivaling a certain Marshmallow Man that required calling some people.
  2. Yes, because she's the only person in America who has been working from home for part or all of the past couple years. I haven't read the article and I'm not going to go looking for it, but to me this seems to be to a lesson in Publicist 101.
  3. And may that continue instead of the powers that be deciding to make HSN's hosts morph into QVC Florida. Although it was interesting how fast after HSN was brought into the fold that the powers that be admitted it was a mistake to do so.
  4. He may have had a harmonica, but definitely not an accordion. And yes, the rest of us called him Newf. As for the fire alarms, if I was doing the night shift security/emergency response I was working from midnight to 8 a.m., so as everyone was piling back inside in various states of dress and undress, and some wearing nothing but toweIs since they had been taking showers, I got to see them all while we waited for the all-clear. If I wasn't doing night shift I'd hear through the grapevine when it was going to happen and before joining everyone to head outside I could stand in a particula
  5. One thing some of the newest hosts say a lot is "like". Given their ages it's understandable, but sometimes it's a bit much. Last week during a show, between the "like" coming from the host and the "you know" coming from the OAP if a drinking game had been going on every time they were said the EMTs would have been called.
  6. @DallysMomOne year in university my dorm floor had a Newfoundlander living there. I remember sitting in his room drinking Screech and playing video games. I also once paid him 20 bucks to walk around the floor at 6 a.m. playing his bagpipes. And honestly, one of the best things about dorm living was being part of the security team and witnessing what 1200 people looked like when we did the 6 a.m. fire drill with no notice. Yeah, I've got issues. (For the good of the order, Screech is Newfoundland Rum.)
  7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The fashion polls should be done on a quarterly basis.
  8. Related to Newfoundland and Labrador, as I promised in the Shopping Channel Hosts thread, here is Great Big Sea singing something I saw twice in concert:
  9. I can pick out a fake "Eh" from a mile away. My twin sister made her world debut in Manitoba. I'll put something related to NL in the Small Talk thread.
  10. She'll lose that accent in time. I know I lost my Canadian accent and when I go home people comment on the Mid-Atlantic, USA accent which replaced it.
  11. I'd say yes. All of what's available on Q's website is on clearance.
  12. Yeah, Toddler Panda, you didn't have scrape 10 inches of this stuff off of your car:
  13. Godspeed to Tuskegee Airman and Brigadier General Charles McGee, who passed away at the age of 102. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Celebrated-Tuskeegee-Airman-Charles-McGee-dies-at-16780970.php
  14. When I used to have access to Verizon Fios the press OK to shop now would appear if I turned the channel to HSN.
  15. Wine-wise, Argentina is best-known for Malbec, and I know Vintage Wine Estates has a vineyard there because the guy who reps VWE on QVC has mentioned it. Today in random facts, Argentina is the 5th-largest wine producer in the world.
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