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  1. There's also something else going on, which I saw earlier during a presentation: Hosts mentioning the total sold without mentioning a timeframe. For some items it could very well be the total sold, ever; total sold during that presentation; or total items for a show during a TSV (as we all know, David is famous for that, giving both the show total and the overall total for the day). ShopHQ also does this a lot. They also have a habit of doing countdowns of how much is left, which for some products I suspect is what they have during that presentation and not until a full sellout.
  2. Extended-stay hotel with a full kitchen, dishes provided, rack up hotel points?
  3. For me, it would have to include "that I fit into these jeans".
  4. I've gotten the sense that while MBR is still involved in host training and quite possibly selection (she admitted at the end of the TSV show that she was at Terri Conn's audition), the mentoring of new hosts is largely being left to others. I recall mentions of Kerstin and Rachel being mentors in the past.
  5. New Q host Vanessa is currently making her debut with Mary Beth and the Blendjet TSV.
  6. Is it just me, or is most, if not all, of Colleen's on-air time is either hosting The List (with Colleen Lopez) or selling products with her name on them?
  7. Add the cost of superglue to keep them together longer than one season.
  8. Re: food shows. They already have, most of the references being made during presentations of fish products; sustainably raised, sustainably caught, etc.
  9. February 12, if I recall. He was doing a show on Q2 when it abruptly ended and they switched to taped programming.
  10. I once missed crossing paths with Tim Gunn by mere minutes and was grateful because it was a not-a-stellar-effort day.
  11. I'll say it before and I'll say it again: Isaac as a Project Runway judge would rip to shreds some of the stuff he supposedly creates for QVC.
  12. Now I want pancakes with butter and real maple syrup. I have two of the three on hand. Thanks a lot.
  13. Back on Q on Thursday at 7 a.m. eastern, after being cleared to work again following his heart attack.
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