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  1. It was Jane T. Probably a bit of, "This is my show, don't bring Carolyn into this."
  2. *Pokes back in* Don't give anyone any ideas! They've already had a Q viewer send the squirrels outfits. They were well-made. But all we need is Nutsy in a tutu and Acorn (Gary's squirrel) looking like Nureyev.
  3. Although since it's a Q brand and for how often they show it, it must make them a truckload of money. I'll show myself out.
  4. As of this typing it's 12:25 a.m. Saturday in Guam, so party on 24/7. /s
  5. Are you hitting the quote button at the bottom of a post to attempt to edit? If you click on the three dots in the top right corner the edit option will appear along with the report and share options.
  6. Well, considering how many reviews I've read from people who have taken it as a personal affront when a host said a product was great and they bought it and didn't like it (food in particular), I can truly believe there are cookbook buyers who are blaming the hosts themselves for the lack of a timely email in an inbox.
  7. Obviously she doesn't know much about the history of the NY Yankees, and specifically Yankee Stadium. That's a terrible analogy. Maybe a good chunk of those people in the cheapest seats did invest more than the people sitting behind home plate, just not in absolute money terms but in proportion to their income. And look, things have changed since Babe Ruth's days but if you've been to a major league sporting event anytime in the past decade, you'll know loud, critical, and obnoxious behavior is not reserved for just certain sections of the venue. I've found that at baseball games in p
  8. I'm sure the CS reps are going to be thrilled to be dealing with all of the phone calls from people who haven't gotten the email yet and want it, now, and having to repeat over and over, "Have you checked your junk/spam folder? Have you checked your Q account settings so you can receive the email in the first place?" etc. Although they have taken the "within 24 hours of ordering" that was originally advertised off the product page, which is a tacit admission that yeah, they screwed this up.
  9. O'Leary isn't wearing that blasted medal while doing a wine presentation!
  10. It was the donut one (maybe stale donuts?). Another 3500 cookbooks gone and counting.
  11. You'd think David's cookbook w/ Facebook incentive was a newly-ratified amendment to the Constitution.
  12. Yep, Mary D. has hosted 4 hours today in a split shift and is now going to co-host 2 hours of Gourmet Holiday with Mary Beth in a "Mary-Thon".
  13. Mary D. is working extra time today. They had her hosting from 7-9 a.m., she's back from 12-2 p.m., and supposedly she's going to help host part of the 5 hours of Gourmet Holiday from 2-7 p.m.
  14. For those of you in a chunk of the US, particularly the northeast, if you like your retinas don't look directly at the sun early tomorrow (June 10) unless you have the proper means to do it safely: https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/observing-news/a-sunrise-annular-solar-eclipse/
  15. They had the exterior of the Evine/SHQ building in MN painted black, for goodness' sake.
  16. Forget the 70s. Watch any Jane Austen adaptation (although the ones from the BBC during the 70s are quite something for mutton chops and 70s fashion).
  17. Meredith appeared a few times on a Sunday selling her new line, I want to say it was in March; it was supposed to be in late January but was delayed due to shipping issues. Not a TSV. I don't think she's been back on since.
  18. They were the first of the big 3 shopping networks to get masks and hand sanitizer for sale on air, last April if I recall. Although I also recall some of the hand sanitizer they were selling wasn't the real deal. But they devoted a lot of time to CD-19-related items such as those. Obviously they can't do that anymore. But sheesh, their programming lineup is staler than a slice of bread that's been sitting in the brown sugar container for a month (seriously, if you've got problems keeping your brown sugar soft, a piece of bread will do the trick). And it's stunning how much of their
  19. The problem with being a procrastinator is when you need something done right now and who you need it from is procrastinating and it frustrates the daylights out of you.
  20. Taking a look on Q's website, I don't think they have a single cookbook that is exclusively vegetarian or vegan. That surprises me.
  21. I also assume the person who asked that question will not be running out to acquire the latest edition of Woman's World magazine.
  22. Testimony to the power of David: People will buy his cookbooks even though they'll need to adjust a bunch of the recipes.
  23. Next cookbook: Recreate Your Leftovers. Recreate what you cooked last night or acquired via delivery! (Honestly, I found a breakfast strata recipe that uses leftover pizza and it's great.)
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