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  1. I'm glad Sasha is back in the competition. She's the only cheftestant I've warmed up to this season.
  2. I really don't even understand the strategy. Ultimately, if their dish was chosen by the judges to be the worst, it doesn't matter who made what, Kiki would still be going home since RoboChef has immunity.
  3. I really enjoyed this week's Quick Fire. It's exactly what I want from this type of challenge. Quick on your feet, show skill under reasonable limitations, and no obnoxious product placement. Now, obviously I can pick apart Richard Blais' choice, but taking him out of the equation, I think the last team to go should have a bit more of a challenge. They had the same amount of time to cook, but they also had a greater opportunity to pre-plan. Overall, good stuff. I thought the judge's comments were a lot clearer this week in explaining why a dish succeeded or failed during the tasting. Las
  4. I think it was Gabriel. That one had a lot to say about everything. I don't even know who Byron is. Give me two more episodes to figure that out.
  5. I thinks it's more of them keeping the concept of guest judges but having them able to quarantine. This was filmed in the fall, so keeping as many of the on camera crew gathered in one place so they can be regularly tested was a bigger concern.
  6. It takes me like three episodes before I figure out all the cheftestants, so I don't have too much to say on that front. It didn't bode well when Padma said none of them were sous chefs. It's like they're all a little too professional, which may make so-so tv characters. There is the annoying gay guy (it's okay I'm an annoying gay guy, I can say that) and an awful lot of people that tend to speak in monotone. Also, I'm entirely over the unconfident underdog. It's annoying and childish. "Oh my god, what am I doing here?!?." I don't know, you sent the tape in and were probably interviewed multip
  7. I'm confused how these people are considered All-Stars? I stopped watching around season 8 for numerous reasons (Rig Brother for Eval Dick being primary), but being quarantined and looking to see what Janelle and Kaysar were up to, I decided to give this another shot. I'm also not the type to look through rose-colored glasses and say the old way of doing things was better, but this show is all kinds of awful. I mean, that eviction speech by Christmas (is that really her name?) was infantile garbage I'd expect from a kindergartener. I've never watched a show where I couldn't find a single pers
  8. I only need an edited cut of when Juju is on screen from now on.
  9. I'm bemused by Shea's win. Her snatch game material was weak and doesn't even qualify as drag as far as I'm concerned. Her Flava Flav was more masculine than Shea is out of drag. I'm not opposed to male characters being done. My all-time favorite snatch game performance remains Kennedy's Little Richard, and what makes it even better is how it still remained drag. What made Shea's mediocre performance worse for me was the cuts to RuPaul laughing like a hyena after every line. Like, it's not that funny (also being able to play off the true winner, Juju, raised Shea up in her performance, I guess
  10. I'm generally along for the ride on regular Drag Race (except season 11 which is the only one I gave up on five minutes into episode 3) but the producer shenanigans on All-Stars has been less and less entertaining since its pinnacle in season 2. Recent improv challenges tend to drag - and not in a good way. I'm starting to miss the Rusicals. Shea/Alexis: Meh. It seemed like Alexis kept stepping over everything and it came off as basic. Blair/Juju/Cracker: Only chortled once to something Blair said. can't recall what it was Mayhem/India: I don't think I laughed but was am
  11. The main challenge was a boot. I watched all three skits and they all lingered without purpose. I guess it's meant to be sort of an improv challenge, but not really. It felt low energy all around. I thought Juju's team should have won, The Golden Girls team should have been the bottom, with the middling gold room in the middle. The runway theme was also a boot. For me, a three-in-one should basically be one outfit that transforms, but retains the character of the main garment, so only India, Shea, and Mariah (somewhat) fit that description. The rest were just reveals that had some themat
  12. gorgy

    S17.E13: Parma

    chain restaurant wars
  13. It's All-Stars... they're all brought back.
  14. Alexis Mateo gives great reaction faces. I hope that continues for the rest of the season. It was interesting how they didn't have India reveal which name was on her lipstick like in past seasons. I guess every knew she'd pick Derrick and just moved on. Speaking of lipstick, this might be the first time Mayhem showed me some personality, and I even liked her runway look, so I'm glad her lipstick wasn't chosen last week. The editing did Ms Cracker absolutely no favors this episode, but if you're supposedly being told something, ie you're difficult, by numerous people and you have a
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