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  1. I enjoyed it. JF and MT over did it at times but they were the funniest. KW nailed it too I read this a few times on twitter. Personally, I think much as changed and for the better.
  2. SnK

    S01.E08: Barely Breathing

    Claudia Black!!! If you all haven't watched Farscape you have no idea what a kick ass actress she is and what a kick ass character she played on Farscape. . I was so excited to see her I really wasn't paying much attention to the rest of the ep.
  3. SnK

    Leaving Neverland

  4. He was offered a contract but it was for less days. I think the same days we now see Kayla which is barely. SN spoke up on his IG about telling a good story with so little screentime. I'd guess someone on the show wasn't happy with that so scrapped what they had written and shipped Steve off. SN wasn't wrong and he's always speaks his mind but Ron's a little baby who can't take any criticism. Instead he brings on his friends from OLTL and pays them but can't pay longtime Days actors.
  5. SnK

    Leaving Neverland

    I hope Barbra pays the price for her vile comments. Truly makes me wonder how many in Hollywood think the way she does. I hear all these stories about child abuse happening in HW. I wonder how much these folks know
  6. I can't stand Marlena so an entire ep devoted to her is a pass for me
  7. Fuck this show and what they are doing to Steve and Kayla
  8. I'd take Josh Griffith in a heartbeat. When he was writing the fall of 2015 the show was the best it had been in years. It's too bad Dena returned because I would have loved to see JG on his own without that hack. Some Days fans always accuse him of destroying characters. Well, I can name a few that plotty Ron has destroyed
  9. I'm bummed that Ron is likely going to be the writer when Days finally does get cancelled. What a way to go out with this hack as a writer.
  10. SnK

    Leaving Neverland

    So MJ married Lisa Marie to put on this charade that he liked women. What was Lisa's motivation in marrying him? I remember one interview with her when she claimed they were intimate and really in love. I guess she did it for PR but I'll never understand it
  11. SnK

    Leaving Neverland

    Both mothers talked about how lonely MJ was but that was probably part of MJs plan so that he could get access to their young sons. But where were MJ's brothers and sisters? Did he have any kind of relationship with them? Did they not suspect anything or see anything suspicious?
  12. SnK


    I hope someone is now taking care of Sarah's dog. That poor girl. One can never understand how those boys could be so casual in taking a life. Liams mom pissed me offf too and I partially blame her for what she raised
  13. They just need to bring Steve back and their children. Johnson family should be in Salem
  14. Ben and Ciara's love story just doesn't have the depth and emotion the show thinks it has. It's not completely the actors fault. Just Ron and his writing.
  15. SnK

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I actually liked Fridays episode. Alexis, Ryan and ugh, I actually didn't mind Franco's scenes. I mean I wish the whole Ryan SL didn't involve Franco but I didn't hate the scenes. ps. Or maybe its because Days is so bad right now that I'm preferring GH