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  1. rainsmom

    Anticipating Evil

    Hate the title (and think they'll lose a lot of potential viewers based on title alone). Intrigued by the premise. Love Mike Colter. I'll tune in for a few episodes to see what it's like.
  2. rainsmom

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    Ollie was a drug sniffing dog, not a bite-trained K9. Had he been a bite-trained K9 he wouldn't have ended up in rescue.
  3. Thank you for posting that!
  4. Okay, so even if they eventually prove that he is Julio Iglesias's son, why does that matter? His mother won't receive child support. Iglesias clearly isn't interested in acknowledging him as son or heir. He isn't automatically entitled to any part of the estate -- and Iglesias might even go so far as to outright state in his will that this child will receive nothing. So what's the point???
  5. Nope. Just to cover my ass, I checked to see if the word "posted" had to be on a sign in any state in the US, and it does not.
  6. Snort. If I see one more ad for "rockwilers"...
  7. Bieber appears mentally ill. I don't know that there IS any reason that exists anywhere outside of his delusions.
  8. rainsmom

    Tonight At Lux: Fanfiction, Fan made videos and Art

    Me too. In fact, it was so good I had to remind myself that it isn't cannon. It should be. It's that good.
  9. rainsmom

    Tonight At Lux: Fanfiction, Fan made videos and Art

    Oh my God. That is... beyond masterful.
  10. Agree with you on the open shelves. I don't have fancy enough things for open shelves -- and I legit want that storage as STORAGE. It doesn't count as storage if I have to decorate it.
  11. rainsmom

    S07.E06: Command: Delete

    I don't think Sherlock lied to Joan. I think his tone hinted that they had discussed that potential outcome -- and I think her face showed she understood what he was saying. She didn't look resigned or try to placate him; she looked worried and disgusted. I hope Morland and/or Moriarty show up again, but I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, looking forward to find out out how Sherlock ensures everyone gets their due comeuppance! This is more tightly plotted than I gave it credit for a couple of weeks ago. Good on 'em.
  12. Roseanne isn't nearly as important as she wants to be. I doubt they even considered giving her air time.
  13. Yeah, that's how I feel too. I'm not a fan, per se, but I wouldn't wish what's happening to them on anyone. Dog is just broken over this.
  14. rainsmom

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine in these design shows. They ALWAYS show the redone office sans computers, monitors, printers, etc. They are NOT offices for 2019, particularly not for people who work remotely. I'd love to see a real home office that is BOTH beautiful AND realistically functional. Hell, make remote workers drool with multiple large monitors, hidden peripherals (that can still be accessed), and plenty of storage -- while still having room to comfortably meet with a client.
  15. rainsmom

    House Hunters

    Not to everyone. EVERYTHING is old news to someone. Forums wouldn't last long if that were a criterion for posting.