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  1. Earlier this year, I believe. I put off watching, because I just wasn't excited about the casting or the premise. Finally caught the first one last weekend and loved it! The casting worked. That's how I feel as well! I've been ridiculously excited all month for these movies.
  2. You made me curious, so I decided to look up the etymology. I found this on m-w.com: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/loan
  3. Her family was not a lie. Her father tried to live the church's teachings, and suppressed a vital part of himself -- one he doesn't want to suppress anymore. That doesn't mean he didn't love her mother, that he didn't love his daughter, or that any moment they had as a family was invalid. It means he has been making a horrible, secret sacrifice his entire life. It was terribly unfair to her mother. But, frankly, it shouldn't change a damn thing about his relationship with his daughter.
  4. Is that the one with Holly Robinson Peete? I like here, but dang, Rick Fox is AWFUL. I mean, he's nice to look at, but she has more chemistry with an office chair than with him. He is just dead in that role. I haven't hated the movies... just regretted his casting.
  5. rainsmom

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    Just watched it a second time and loved it even more. JLM's acting in this role is simply incredible. Understated, and yet every emotion is there, so close to the surface. The scene where he confronts Joan about her diagnosis just blows me away. His voice, the speed with which he speaks, his eyes, his body language... JLM is a master actor. I will miss this show so much! I wish it could have kept going forever.
  6. rainsmom

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    That SUCKS. The episode is available for purchase on Amazon now (without commercials) if you don't want to wait.
  7. I've loved getting caught upon the mysteries over the last week or two. We were out of the US for a year, and I fell behind! I've enjoyed most of the series in general, even though the individual movies aren't always fantastic. I wish they would have more new movies throughout the year and keep the popular ones in perpetual rotation. How about four new movies per year from every franchise?
  8. rainsmom

    Small Talk: Meet You Down at the Station

    I don't know the answer to your question. Just want to offer the info that Amazon Prime offers the episodes for a couple of dollars beginning a day or so after release. So if anyone misses it because of football, it can be purchased (and is commercial free!).
  9. Pretty sure the new will was legal. The only problem with it in the end that I remember was the typo, and they said there were legal ways to get that fixed.
  10. This bugged me. I was glad to get a new movie, but really bummed that this was absolutely meaningless to the main plot. I wanted it to BE the main plot, even though that's a well known trope. I like that trope. The story they did was, as you noted, unnecessarily complex to the point of being ridiculous. And Aurora was treating Nick like crap to the point that I thought he should dump her ass. Wasn't this the first movie where they didn't have a book to base it on? Showed.
  11. Oh my God, I was thinking this same thing last night. Yesterday I had phone meetings with the SAME PERSON in the morning and in the afternoon (different projects). No clue in the afternoon that I had ever "met" her before. Fortunately, I didn't say anything stupid. I didn't even put it together that they were the same person until later.
  12. And, honestly? I have zero issues with that. She doesn't like superhero movies. That's okay -- even if she's in some of them. Being a Marvel fan isn't a prerequisite for her job. Neither is watching the movies she's in. She did a job, got paid, moved on.
  13. Snort. You're right, though we've heard of no siblings. I wonder how old this Aurora is supposed to be? In the books Phillip was her half brother. Her father divorced her mother, married a much-younger woman, and had a second family. We see him first as a small boy and then again more frequently when he's old enough to be interesting. I love series that allow their characters to age.
  14. rainsmom

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    Thank you so much for the warning!!!