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  1. Just watched this for the first time, after bingeing season 3 (working my way to season 5). Got to the end, and when Ray Charles started singing, I didn't like it at first. It was an modern anachronism. And then I watched the ugly, ugly violence of the scene and realized that, no, really, it was just an awesome depiction of what America really is.
  2. Yes, season 3 sucked donkey balls (except for the two-part finale). It is the season that should never be spoken of. But season 4... what a treat you have in store.
  3. Felicity Huffman is embracing her community service with a new charity: one whose mission is to help women newly released from prison develop skills and find homes and reintegrate into the community. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/felicity-huffman-is-helping-women-adjust-to-life-after-prison-shes-connected-with-them/ar-BBXQRNq?li=BBnb2gh
  4. 30 happy years aren't wiped out by a divorce. When he married her, she was agoraphobic and needy. Now she has conquered that and has a small empire. They grew in different directions. He's on the other side of the country focusing on his wine. They were smart to part while they could still be friends.
  5. They could have -- and should have -- shut down production. That would have gotten someone's butt in gear.
  6. Why was Kelly dressed as a court jester?
  7. Since Ryan has been connected to both murders, I speculate that he will be the next to die. My money is on Karen as the killer, though I don't know why.
  8. I love it. I think it's super cute, and I enjoy the whole cast. I love their zoo and wish I could visit and interact with all those animals!
  9. Until that final segment, I thought the show was leading us to finding out (eventually) that Malcolm is the new serial killer -- and doesn't remember / disassociates.
  10. This is 500% true. And it matters not a bit in the court of public opinion. That's why accepting responsibility back at the beginning would have worked. This is a public relations nightmare now, and she has no way to fix it. Every time she claims innocence -- which her publicist needs her to do for the COURT case -- people hate on her more. Sucks to be her.
  11. Oh yeah. She made a HUGE mistake. If she'd shown some fake remorse and plead guilty, this would be over, and she could be rebuilding her reputation. The public quickly forgives people who take responsibility for their actions. She had every legal right to do what she's doing, but her career is likely TOAST, and the public (including me) is taking perverse delight in what's happening.
  12. Started to put this in episode 3, and stopped myself before I spoiled. Sophie was a BITCH to interfere with Kate's date. She should have said "Sorry! Y'all have fun" at second one. But she didn't. She stood there being awkward, and then had the AUDACITY to look hurt that Kate was moving on. Well, tough shit, Sophie. You made your bed. Go lie in it and leave Kate alone. (Okay, yeah, I can't stand Sophie. I've found not one tiny redeemable quality in her character.)
  13. If she was a stalker, she would be trying to break up the marriage now. She isn't. BEFORE Sophie was married, Kate would have tried to win her back. That's not stalkery. It's a declaration of love. Sophie isn't worthy of that love. I'm glad Sophie is suffering now, and I hope Kate finds a wonderful lover and is blissfully happy forever -- right in Sophie's face.
  14. It would be pretty dang hard to explain all the different things we've seen. Pretty sure ghosts are real in this one.
  15. I hope it isn't Sophie. She would just tattle.
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