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  1. Watched this last night and have to agree with the comments above. I guessed the killer when he was introduced -- but it doesn't matter. I don't watch these mysteries for their originality. I watch them because they're comfortable and fun. I think Jill and Kristopher are my favorite mysteries couple. I love how their relationship is directed. It's professional when it needs to be, respectful always -- without emasculating him or victimizing her, and convincingly friendly. The flirting is appropriate and not over-the-top. Neither is falling over themselves because they're suddenly tongue-tied in the presence of a crush. They're NORMAL. I love her dad too!
  2. You have it reversed. These shows were taped months ago. Her talk show is likely taped a day or two before it airs.
  3. Lyle Waggoner passed away. I saw him in reruns of The Carol Burnett Show, but he was the object of my first childhood crush when he played Steve Trevor on Wonder Woman. RIP, Lyle. https://deadline.com/2020/03/lyle-waggoner-dead-carol-burnett-show-wonder-woman-actor-was-84-1202885749/
  4. THRILLED to hear this! Filming will likely be postponed, but fingers crossed it is rescheduled. I think these were my favorite!
  5. They could have avoided some of the awkwardness with just a bit of rewriting. "Doing so after touching a surface contaminated by droplets from someone's cough or sneeze can lead to the virus being passed on."
  6. Wow! I had no idea he was that old. RIP, Mr. Lipton.
  7. *I* recognized the marks as stun gun marks and knew immediately how he died. (And I'm no kind of expert.) It bugged me more that doctor lady didn't recognize them.
  8. Maybe so! I was really impressed with season 4, which is surprising as hell after the utter trash that was season 3. Seriously, three decent episodes out of an entire season, and they got to keep their jobs??? But season 4 is amazing.
  9. I am thoroughly enjoying reading your posts. It has been a while someone "new" watched season 4 -- especially on the heel of The Season That Shall Not Be Named. It's fun to see you're enjoying it as much as I did!
  10. Yeah, when I heard this I imagined a roomful of writers (literally) banging their heads on the table. The Powers That Be have fucked up so many series with their capricious interference.
  11. According to the article, it wasn't their fault. He emerged from between two cars. One clipped him, which sent him into the path of the other.
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