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  1. Thanks to you both! I had read that post but had completely forgotten that part of it. Bummer. Maybe. Depends on how they actually resolve that cliffhanger. Haven't watched the one that aired last night yet. Hopefully can do so tonight!
  2. Wait, I'm confused. I thought we were getting the new Mystery 101. No? Not this year?
  3. God, me too! Those movies will rot your teeth and give you a tummy ache. I feel the same about their romances. Blech. Some reality and fewer clichés (and YES, I mean clichés, not tropes) would make for MUCH better movies in this day and age.
  4. Sigh. I've seen all the movies so many times that, at this point, I don't watch the channel except for the new mysteries. I'll miss it during the next four or five months. I LOVED that they tried to show two new movies per month this year. I hope they expand more movies and more months. I really, really, like the cozies. Why don't they do a weekly mystery series? If they can afford a period piece like WCTH, they can afford a contemporary mystery.
  5. That was probably a decade or more ago. Maybe even 20 years ago. Her YouTube channel is filled with clips. Go to the beginning and ENJOY!
  6. I really liked that Lynn said straight out that Roe was not only good at what she does, but was the best. And then she made a SOLID point about why she can't just jump in and follow her. I liked it!!
  7. Ha! Me too. First scene she was in, I said, "She did it." My husband asked, "How do you know?", and I replied, "Because she's unnecessary. Too much dialogue on a character that didn't have to be there." Later, when she said something about love hadn't been kind to her either, I said, "And there's the motive."
  8. Mystery 101 is -- was? -- my favorite of the currently airing mystery series. The leads have great chemistry. and I like the supporting cast, the setup, etc. It's not perfect. Last night's mystery had a few holes in it. (The cops missed that the closet had been cleaned out??? And that the one table had been cleared?) I called the killer as soon as he showed on screen and mentioned the fraternity. BUT I still enjoyed it, and I loved it when he told her he loved her. Then the cliffhanger ruined it. Completely. Killed all my happy vibes from the previous scene. Yes, I think it's probably
  9. Me too! I was excited to catch a couple of Jane Doe movies this weekend, though. Honestly, during the Christmas months I don't even check out the channel to see what's on. Looks like I might have missed some good mysteries at not-prime-time. Can't wait until August, though!!
  10. I agree -- Tim should never have been out there! 35% heart function? I feel bad for the person who didn't get a spot because of him. I hope the bloodthirsty big game hunting woman taps early and hard. Not a fan at ALL. Wasn't fond of the other big game hunter either. Could he have legally killed that cat? Am impressed by his skills, but come on. Biko didn't bother me. He's entertaining, and I love his knife. The bone through the piercing didn't even bug me. Why, oh why, don't these people practice fasting? Fasting is a mental game, not a physical one. If they had learned to
  11. I don't think that's a makeup thing. I'm seriously wondering if she's anorexic.
  12. Finally got through the latest Matchmaker. It took THREE tries. Seriously. This just isn't a good series. Danica isn't a good actor, and I just CAN'T with the matchmaker premise. Every single thing about that character and her job makes my teeth hurt. I have loved that HMM has come out with two new movies each month lately. While it would be awesome to have even MORE, it has been nice to have new movies on a regular basis. Hope this continues!
  13. Predictable, but comfortable. I enjoy this show. Love Queen Latifah and Aunt Vi. Like the detective. I like Chris Noth. I like Harry and Melody -- just not as a couple. I don't feel any chemistry there at all. I can absolutely live without the moody teen. It seems like they're building up to a relationship between the detective and Robyn. I don't know if I love that. I like the verbal sparring though.
  14. I agree with this. I was glad there was no overt aggression toward Ro in this one. That schtick has gotten old. They don't have to be friends -- though, frankly, by this point they really ought to be -- but the constant "Stay out of police business" just gets old.
  15. Yeah, it really stuck out, didn't it? In the scene where the murder occurred, I think "Call Lynn" was said three or four times. It would have been less noticeable to me if they'd made a simple statement like "Lynn had to miss the reunion because she took the kid to grandma" or something -- and then not had her in the movie at all. That she didn't attend because she didn't want to be around his high school friends is totally in character, but I would have expected a lot more of her once the murder occurred. I agree with the supposition above that the actress probably wasn't available.
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