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  1. that Davos is a smooth talker
  2. Aren’t they either electing the next king like the Holy Roman Emperor or potentially introducing some type of broader elective republic?
  3. duty is the death of love
  4. I’m laughing so hard I’m gasping for air.
  5. ITA and found it touching they were all there. They still are brother and sisters which we needed to see.
  6. Varys already tried a secret assassination plan. The point was that it needed to be Jon bc no one else could get close enough to her as well as past Drogon. Arya would have been s’mored. OAS, one of the many things that annoys me about Bran is how he functions as a moral arbiter. Both Theon and Jon looked to him for personal forgiveness but Bran had to go the ‘everything you did brought you here where you needed to be’ route which is 🤢.
  7. I guess we have Jaime to thank for Tyrion not growing up to be a sociopath which has turned out to be fortunate for Westeros. As for Brienne, presumably she found out from Tyrion and/or efforts to clean up the site of the Red Keep.
  8. I thought it started as ash and ended as snow. So the fire burned to ash then it was snowing to herald the time for wolves. Drogon covered in snow letting Jon Snow in to kill mom.
  9. That’s what I thought too. And of course it was the trigger for Dany’s downward mental spiral as well as the plotting against her.
  10. I think we’re supposed to believe that the small council is going to be so awesome that everyone will be happy under Bran the Broken.
  11. The finale confirms that Dorne has the hottest guys
  12. Yep Jon saying bye bye bye.
  13. Well I generally hated it. God help Westeros. Bran the Broken and Tyrion the Incompetent. I’m glad Arya and Jon escaped. Who would have thunk that Tormund and his little crow would be the ship that sailed? Jon hugging Ghost was my high point. Glad Sansa was able to keep the North independent and I think she will rule well.
  14. Our watch is indeed about to end. Thank you for all of the smart and funny commentary. Very best to all of you!
  15. Rowling told Rickman what ‘always’ meant which is a pretty big detail that allowed him to put nuance into Snape. Surely something similar would have been possible with EC. I think keeping actors uninformed of the trajectory of their character arcs robs the audience.
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