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  1. She's lovely! Have met her and can assure you she's kind and funny.
  2. Nope. Don't really like either but didn't know they were friends with VK, are they? Marissa's dance style is not my favorite, a little too spastic and punchy also don't appreciate the "if you don't love her you need to be quiet approach" of her fanclub and the insipid TikToks. Lisa's dancing is not my favorite either, not refined ( matter of personal taste I think).
  3. Yeah I had to onfollow a bunch of people this past week over that kind of stuff. I mean... come on. Watch the news people! This thing ain't over!
  4. If they're calling BLM a controversial political agenda I suggest looking at a calendar. It's 2021, not 1956.
  5. I think she was only with the Rockettes for 1 season.
  6. Gotta say... most of these video's have been very disappointing. Quite a few that I would describe as kids. Quite a few who have limited dance technique. All pretty of course.
  7. Same! When I've had a very bad day and can't sleep I put on Bob Ross and never make it to the end of the episode 😅
  8. @GaveIn Could you please send me the link as well? I haven't been able to find it, thanks.
  9. In the Netherlands we can only see them on paid channels, mainly through GamePass. The cheerleaders are rarely on camera and the only halftime we see a year is the superbowl. Making the Team is on though, just behind a year.
  10. I'm sorry you had to go through that Reading is fundamental. I have been in that situation.
  11. I have and would. If standing up would mean losing a job where I would be siding with a rascist employer or one putting people at medical risk. I have and I would again. Because people deserve better and I wouldn't want to be associated with that anyway. I have a feeling some dancers plan to stay for 5 years but quit after 1-2 years once they get to know the organisation better. And that doesn't just apply to the DCC, there's a lot of turnover in most teams.
  12. Hun, DCC gets called out for it as this is a DCC forum. Not just for show, best way of not spreading, you know, a deadly airborne virus. IMHO anyone not wearing a mask where they should can go straight to hell... YMMV As for the group pic, if they are indeed photoshopping to a group pic then A+ for finding a creative solution. I don't really mind 2nd years in the front as some of the placement is always due to haircolor, skintone and just how drop-dead gorgeous they are. We all know they're not sorted by IQ 😁
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