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  1. I'm sorry you had to go through that Reading is fundamental. I have been in that situation.
  2. I have and would. If standing up would mean losing a job where I would be siding with a rascist employer or one putting people at medical risk. I have and I would again. Because people deserve better and I wouldn't want to be associated with that anyway. I have a feeling some dancers plan to stay for 5 years but quit after 1-2 years once they get to know the organisation better. And that doesn't just apply to the DCC, there's a lot of turnover in most teams.
  3. Hun, DCC gets called out for it as this is a DCC forum. Not just for show, best way of not spreading, you know, a deadly airborne virus. IMHO anyone not wearing a mask where they should can go straight to hell... YMMV As for the group pic, if they are indeed photoshopping to a group pic then A+ for finding a creative solution. I don't really mind 2nd years in the front as some of the placement is always due to haircolor, skintone and just how drop-dead gorgeous they are. We all know they're not sorted by IQ 😁
  4. Actually you do on public transport in the whole country, not just major cities. And there's a second wave of infections now so I'd say bring on the masks anyway. I think it's good the cheerleaders are wearing them during game time, if only as role models for others. Happy they found a creative way to have them there for the games, but too bad many in the stadium don't abide by the mask rule. Was watching the game and even Jerry was wearing one at some point.
  5. Believes are by choice, being Black or gay (or queer, intersex etc.) is not. Agree to disgree does not apply here in my book. But, lest we derail this thread, my big question is: why has the show still not been renewed? Usually we would have been at episode 5 by now!
  6. Here (Netherlands) the 18-29 age bracket has the highest infection rate and as they're more likely to be asymptomatic and see more people (friends, live in dorms or with family, work in restaurants and supermarkets), they're more likely to spread it to more people. Hence the worry here about that group.
  7. Can I like this 30 times? In Rachel's case her views were all over her Twitter a few years ago.
  8. There have been several documented cases of getting Covid twice now in a lot of countries. Which means there are many more undocumented cases.
  9. Really? Oh wow, I've travelled to the US extensively and never had any of that happen. Then again, I enter on an ESTA so maybe that helps. 🤷‍♀️ Honestly, you can Google it easily (that's what I did when I started watching football). NFL is available for broadcast on Gamepass now so available around the world. The rules aren't rocket science, and anyone auditioning knowns by now to know about football.
  10. Because we care more about the veteran cuts 🤷‍♀️
  11. Without getting into politics, she was tweeting and retweeting some extremely conservative comments. Not everyone's cup of tea and some were definitely controversial to most.
  12. Dearest Hannah, what an amazing dancer you are. Thank you so much for speaking out on mental health, you're such an example for young people. All the best in obtaining your master's. Lily, I'm so glad you graced our screens for two years. Your humor, spirit and spunk stood out in a sea of mousy yes ma'am. Keep on shining! Meredith, I'm so sorry that they couldn't handle your magic. You're an amazing talented dancer, and I'm so sure you will shine brighter than ever. And Brennan, you're one of my favorite DCC ever. It's your example that kept me going when I lost my job. Your grace under pressure, openness and fierce determination are downright inspiring. All the best to all of you!
  13. I'm really stunned. Brennan? Really? Hannah? Lily and Meredith are perhaps dance risks (though I really love Lily as a DCC) But Hannah and Brennan? What the actual..
  14. If Lily is cut I'll be so sad. She's a favorite of mine
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