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  1. That's interesting, I didn't know that. In the Netherlands they moved towards a system where you have one file alle hospitals, doctors, dentists and pharmacies have access to. But then again, we have awesomely cheap health insurance, and commerical companies cam't really make money off healthcare... I had to visit Urgent Care in the States and that was very expensive. Luckily my insurance back home covered it.
  2. I like the Seahawks' outfits, I think they look cool and the flannel is the right fit for Seattle with the grunge-vibe it gives off. Also makes the combination of male and female dancers more of a natural mix. Of course these outfits are only for a few games, the rest of the year they're wearing jackets and snowhats 🙂
  3. Full-figured? Hmm that would be great, though I wasn't able to find one on the squad or in the pictures, they all look slim to me!
  4. Yup, we're redirected to the UK one and they have a different selection
  5. There are many nationalities and regions represented on this forum, so where are you from?
  6. Which for many of them is no problem at all and would look better and healthier in my opinion
  7. Hmm they look amazing but I do think they're wearing makeup though
  8. Episode 2 is not available for streaming. Only Episode 1
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