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  1. Same! I'm currently going through a disappointing time with my job and I keep her in mind of a good example when it comes to " accept, improve and determine your goals". Being turned down hurts, getting back up is hard. And she did it very elegantly.
  2. Highly recommend that show, and Kelli could learn a lot from the coach featured on Cheer, she's a positive force for the people on that team. Quite a few of the DCCs are the same age.
  3. I guess you have not seen "CHEER" on Netflix? She's referencing that show about a cheerleading team in Texas.
  4. I still think she's gorgeous! It's a different look, but this looks great as well. I wish I looked anything like that!
  5. Maybe because this is the only place where you don't get skinned alive for saying she's a mediocre dancer
  6. Love Ashlee! And I want Rachel's hair. And Kash will always be a favourite. She looks amazing here.
  7. Not trying to but somehow succeeding. She can take whatever picture she wants, the crime is fully with the other party. And if she was indeed punished for this issue by DCC leadership they should be fired on the spot. Luckily where I'm from they would be as what they did is against the law.
  8. Same, my opinion of her dancing (which is that she's good, but not yet great. good showmanship, technique not her strong suit) is based on my 30+ years of dancing and teaching dance
  9. Happy 2020! Had my champagne and an oliebol or two, that's how we celebrate. Few friends over, great night.
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