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  1. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    One could also argue the defenders are fans (mainly Dany haters) who ARE getting what they want. I don’t think the majority is either though. There are ride or die fans of course, but most debates I have read conclude that they could have accepted the ending had it been executed properly and not such a mash job.
  2. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    They had the option to make a longer season and chose not too, so they get no A for effort from me. Their choice led to a rushed and unsatisfying ending. Critic and fan response is part of TV. The hit to their writing reputation is deserved.
  3. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Petition is over 900k now... we all know it’s a useless statement, but that must be a record of some sort. Not the award they probably wanted though! Lol!
  4. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Jon’s character totally went from “I’ll take a second helping” to “no thanks, I’m good” Except for Arya, I really don’t care what happens to any of them, and that’s really a shame considering how invested I used to be.
  5. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    None of this paints Jon in a very good light. He was willing to bang her, and if it wasn’t love I guess he is shallow after all. He offered her no security when she desperately needed it, and even if the aunt part grossed him out, he could have showed compassion as a caring friend, and now he will shank her and run off to be a lumberjack.... basically.
  6. HighwayFlower

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I don’t have a problem with the ending itself in concept, but how they got to it. They ruined an amazing series with a rushed last season. They deserve every criticism for that. Had they agreed to more episodes, maybe they could have made this believable. They focused on special effects and ignored character development. Damage is done though. Sure some people will like it, but’s it’s legacy will be lumped in with the crap endings of Lost and Dexter.
  7. The Satan stuff was so annoying. Witches do not worship Satan. I love the show, but I hate that they went that route.
  8. HighwayFlower

    S37.E05 Jackets and Eggs

    If that’s true, I am so glad Natalie sensed she might be involved and didn’t give it to her!
  9. HighwayFlower

    S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    Legends is the only show in the Arrowverse I still watch. I am loving the mythical creatures theme! It angers me how underrated this show is!
  10. HighwayFlower

    S37.E04 Time to Bring Out the Charmpocalypse

    That may have been one of my favorite blindsides! Her bossiness was obnoxious! But I am shocked Elizabeth was able to pull that off. It will be interesting going forward to see if she is that smart, or if Alec is that dumb.
  11. HighwayFlower

    S01.E16: Legendary

    No more Hawks! Yay! If only we could have kept Snart I would have been so happy! Still really glad we will get a season 2, and who knows! It's TV. Always a way to get Snart back if things change for the actor.
  12. HighwayFlower

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    All the flash backs showed was that once again, Laurel was way more into Oliver then he ever was into her.
  13. HighwayFlower

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Laurel asked Oliver to promise something when she expected to live and recover, so it would not be a dying wish type of promise.
  14. HighwayFlower

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So... What did Oliver promise?
  15. HighwayFlower

    Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So happy I don't watch the Flash!