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  1. OMG! Phillip upset because he deserved some of the crispy was the only part of that season I liked!!
  2. I’m resolved to this final 3 and suspect Tommy wins. There was so much potential last night blown. I wanted a “goat” final 3 so bad!
  3. Lauren is so active on social media, that I would not be at all surprised to see that she is in final 3 with a chance at being the winner. She had jury allies... Or maybe it means nothing. Those very excited about the season tend to do well is all.
  4. If Dan was given a warning and stopped, it could have been the end. If he continued, then he should have been ejected. Hard to know when we don’t see an accurate timeline. Missy and Elizabeth magnified the issue and used it as gameplay, so even if he had stopped after the warning, the issue could no longer go away.
  5. Janets defense of Tommy on Twitter has many calling it production damage control for Tommy and points to him as winner. I hope it’s true he defended her, but if so wouldn’t they have shown it if he was the winner?
  6. She is missing the Janet part. Maybe she didn’t realize the full extent what was going on with Kelli, but she still went along with a plan to exaggerate sexual harassment, in order to manipulate another persons vote.
  7. Her Twitter apology took no responsibility for knowingly deceiving Janet. She may not have been the one to say it, but she knew what was going on. Such BS.
  8. Survivor has had unpleasant winners before, so it is also possible they didn’t realize how strong the backlash to Missy and Elizabeth would be. They may have expected Dan to get most of the hate.
  9. I hate Dan because he is a pig, but I think I hate Missy and Elizabeth even more. It is actions like theirs that empower predators and casts doubt on accusers!
  10. I wonder if Elizabeth and Missy had any idea of the backlash they would receive! The editing did not hide that they willingly used “sexual harassment” as a game piece! Disgusting. They are just as bad as Dan.
  11. I loved Courtney! She was always too good for Ben and her book is hysterical
  12. Caelyn was more into Blake then he was her, and she thought by playing the casual sex cool girl she could keep his interest. I am sure she expected them to be the “it” couple on paradise and changed her mental narrative when it didn’t go as planned.
  13. Blake has a weird thick neck. Like when you try to put the head back on a Barbie doll.
  14. What a mess! It’s the most dramatic BIP EVAH!!!
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