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  1. Roo22

    S14.E04: Overwhelmed

    That would explain the lack of a Kitty segment. But drama makes for good TV. Don't think the show will last much longer if they try to keep it all bright and positive
  2. They mentioned all the Dallas Mavericks dancers auditioning but didn't say why they were all auditioning... Guess they don't want it to seem like DCC was 2nd choice
  3. Flashback to the Malena Meltdown
  4. Not that this matters at all, just an observation. But Rachel W's costume for finals is the same one she wore in the Miss America pageant.
  5. Yes it looks like she is. She's starting college in the fall at SMU
  6. I just added it to the other thread 😊
  7. 2019 rookie candidates. Credit for @Squeek for most of this information. I just added pics
  8. Here are all the rookie candidates. Credit to Squeek for compiling most of this information. I just added pics.
  9. By doing this, she probably kept the option open to make TC next year. Had she just thrown in the towel and not shown up to finals, TBTB May have taken that as her not being serious about this. Maybe next year, they’ll remember that she mustered up the courage to come to finals
  10. Some thoughts: I think I had prepared myself well for the fact that VK would make it so I’m not too annoyed about that yet. I’ll try my absolute best to keep an open mind and give her a chance this year but I don’t think I’ll be very successful with that. I’m thrilled for Alexandra Pena. I’ve always rooted for her. I think she was featured on the show 2 years ago, and that was her 3rd time trying out. She tried out last year too, so this would make attempt #5. I’m also happy about Lily and Kristin made it. And I share the frustration that Lacey did not. Gabby was cute but I’m not heartbroken or anything. Though I do feel for her. I am, however, still heartbroken about Lauren deciding to retire. Can’t get over it. It looks like there are 45 girls going to training camp, which means 9 cuts must be made. Do we have any volunteers to post a headshot of each of the rookie candidates?
  11. Alexandra Pena! She was featured on the show a couple years ago. I really liked her
  12. Anyone know who this girl is? Possibly a reporter?
  13. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  14. This is hard because I don't think the more senior girls on the team are the strongest dancers on the team. I've changed this pyramid like 10 times. I am putting Heather at point because she is beautiful, has seniority, and is a great ambassador. However, I don't know if she's powerful enough of a dancer so there's a good chance she won't be there. I have Tess in the second row mainly because of seniority. Gina because she's an amazing dancer. I don't know if Amy in the 3rd row is realistic, being that she's the most senior vet. However, she's certainly not the most powerful. I think Heather, Tess, and Amy up front would be a mistake. I put Lauren there because I think she's great and Maddie because they love her. Heather Tess Gina Amy Lauren Maddie
  15. Sounds like she’s done. Probably best. I liked her though
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