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  1. I do think those are some reasons. I remember back in S7 with Emily: one of the things brought up about her was she was "really pretty." She was only on DCC for one season, maybe by choice, maybe by suggestion, but she had trouble the entire TC for not getting DCC style. I just know there's some reason they released Madeline, Shaina (and others) from TC but kept Kat, Meredith and Lily whom DCC:MTT are showcasing as weak. (And yes, we know there's a drama element to the hyping of the underdogs too.) I just wish they'd show us as the viewers more of what the reasons and reasoning were for keeping them were.
  2. I know there's a ton more that happens during TC than we ever get to see, but I'm really confused as to how Kat, Meredith and Lily made the squad. They keep getting the lowest scores from the guest choreographers, and Meredith doesn't seem to get DCC style at all. I know she wants to be a DCC, but that doesn't mean she's able to do the routines. I sometimes wish CMT would show all the girls better so I understand more why someone like Madeline (who I thought looked pretty good) got cut and Meredith didn't. 😞
  3. Observation: I have seasons 3 through current season as its unfolding, and I've been watching through those early seasons. Man, it's amazing how different the those auditioning are now than in S3. I remember Crystal Trevino's audition, and she just danced in place. (Just using her as an example, not bashing her. Many others did as well.) Now we watch DCC auditions and they're so different! All the women through the years can dance, I know that. It just seems the expectation right from the get-go is tougher than before. Interesting to watch the evolution!
  4. I'm with you, in that I really like KaShara. She's such a genuine person; engaging, personable and exudes a true joy of spirit. She's definitely gained weight since she retired, but getting down to the DCC weight was always a struggle for her. She came in as a Rookie heavier than she was during her main DCC years. I also like her accent for it's unique charm. Accents are disappearing as media in all its forms is the great blender. I hope DCC finds a place for her in their support ranks.
  5. I liked this episode as well, and agree with many that the cuts have been quicker this year. I think it's taken a few seasons for Kelli and Judy to adjust their expectations on what dancers of such excellence can accomplish in a few months. I say that because for the majority of their career, they've had good and extremely good dancers in TC. Now they're getting all extremely good. That must make it difficult to cut people, because girls of that caliber can get better fairly quickly. Personally, I don't think Ashley Pro, Breelan among others would have made the squad if they'd auditioned in S11 and beyond. JMO! I like the quicker cuts. Don't let these girls work the entire summer then get cut. I liked Charmed and her professional approach to critiquing the girls. Her comment that the last group of 4 on stage should have been watching all the other groups and done much better on their try was excellent.
  6. Pompedia had her as a Rookie in 2 years, so I guess they screwed that up a bit. Thanks for the clarification!
  7. You know, when you watch that, these dancers are pretty impressive. All those boots going up and coming down at the same time at the same height. Very nice. All that work paid off, ladies! Brava! 👏
  8. Thanks! I remember Kelli saying something re: Kelly like, wow, she just wasn't on our radar. For some reason others outshined her before. Auditioning for DCC depends on the likes/passes of several different people, and I think some girls just don't get noticed. Some eventually do, but lots of other really good dancers just don't.
  9. Question for anyone: I know that Alexandra didn't make the squad, and it was touted on the show that she'd spend 5 years working to perfect her technique etc. DCC:MTT obviously has showed the cut yet, and I imagine she was devastated. Anyone had any idea if she'll try again next year, or was this year it, like with little Amy? I know Christina tried out for 5 or 6 years before she made it. Brennan was at least 3. Just wondering. I feel bad she didn't make the squad (yet) after trying for so long. She's obviously on Kelli's radar.
  10. There's definitely a lot more going on than we see, so it probably wasn't as abrupt as it appeared to us. In 8 weeks of TC, there's only so much they can squeeze into a 42 minute show. I just wish CMT would edit it better so it didn't look so abrupt. *sigh* wishful thinking.
  11. I haven't watched the episode yet, but maybe CMT put the nail shop scene in to show another way some girls get a place to stay during TC. If the nail place is a usual DCC haunt like the hair salon, the employees know the DCCs, even TCCs. Though it seemed random, usually these things aren't, as we all know. Cutting girls mid-practice seems curt and too abrupt. I'll have to see when I watch it, though!
  12. Don't know that I'd say that. I think the girls want to be onboard with whatever DCC throws at them. They know the show is being made. The girls may choose "yes" because they want to be seen as team players, down for anything the organization is involved with. Maybe some think opting out could be viewed as not being on board with all that DCC offers. Who knows! lol
  13. Nice to know they can opt out of being featured should they choose to do so. 🙂
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