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  1. Why do most people dislike Christina? She's always one people vote to get cut. Personally, I think she's got a terrific smile, she dances fine. She worked really hard for a lot of years to make the squad, and didn't give up. I think that's commendable. She may not be a flashy dancer, but she gets the job done and she photographs great. I like her.
  2. So for those retiring, how long were they on the squad? Do I have these right...? Lacey: 5 years KaShara: 4 years Jessika: 4 years Tasha: 3 years Yuko: 3 years Khalyn: 3 years Kelli: 2 years
  3. KatebytheSea

    MacGyver (2016)

    The cast doesn't need another very younger person. George Eads brought an older dynamic and perspective to the cast, one that was very needed. Having another twenty-something isn't smart. I hope the run with this new character is only temporary, and that it will lead to another jack-esque person for very soon. Mac needs the older perspective in his life, especially since he's so smart. He needs wisdom, not smart-ass or smart-IQ.
  4. As usual, there will be some DCC Vets who aren't coming back next season. Anyone have some definites? I gather Lacey is retiring, and from some comments, KaShara? I'd hoped KaShara would be a 5 year girl, though she's done everything that could be done except ProBowl. She endeared me to her right from the start with her, "These shorts are shorter than my attention span" remark. Love her! Is Amy coming back, since she just got married...?
  5. Interesting poll! I wish I remembered some of the later seasons as well as I do the earlier ones. I voted S7 as my favorite, because I really liked Danielle and Jasmine making the team. My second choice would go to S9, because I liked Ashley Pro and Melissa. Though only with the DCC for one season, I really thought Ashley showed great determination and talent to make it at all. Her training was as a gymnast and in cheer; no professional dance classes. For her to make the team was an achievement; something she should be very proud of. For least favorite, I chose S12 because I can't really remember the girls at all!!! It was that forgettable for me. lol
  6. I finally got to see this episode! Yay! I know there's a lot of talk about Victoria and why she hasn't been cut yet. If any other TCC had gained 11 pounds, they would have been shown the door. I do believe Kelli is slower to cut Victoria because of Tina being her best friend and her having known VK since childhood. But I also think she's in a no-win situation. VK must have some serious dance skills to still be there, and must be pretty darn good at learning and retaining choreography. I felt horrible for Taylor regarding the #MeToo movement question. I don't have TV and I know about it from just surfing the web and MSN front page. But the flag football question threw me off. I haven't seen one iota of information regarding that. I hope Taylor comes back, though. She was an amazing dancer. Overall the episode was okay, but not one of my favs this season. :)
  7. KatebytheSea

    S13.E09 Field of Fears

    Oh, right! I forgot about the Minchew sisters! There was also another girl (quiet blond) who sent an email pulling out of TC because she couldn't keep up. Christine...? I don't think Kelli has an "advantage" over these girls. Kelli, Judy, Kitty aren't manipulating these girls into auditioning for the organization. And they aren't manipulating the ones who make it to TC. The organization has very high standards, very tough standards. That isn't a bad thing nor something Kelli et al need to apologize for. That high standard has made DCC an organization girls dream of being a part of. And since we're going on S13 of DCC:MTT, it isn't remotely a secret that TC is tough and unforgiving.
  8. KatebytheSea

    S13.E09 Field of Fears

    I think Miranda is great too! My favorite smile in recent DCC history was Megan C. When she smiled, her eyes twinkled and that gave her something special. It's tough to give up on a dream you've had since you were a child, like many of these girls. There are loads of girls who try out, even make it to TC and don't come back. I'd arguably suggest that at least some of those don't come back because of the pressure and the strictness of the DCC requirements. So in a way, they're saying no.
  9. KatebytheSea

    S13.E09 Field of Fears

    Madeline wants this very bad. If you were her, you wouldn't leave! LOL Only one girl has done that, that I can remember, and that was Megan B in S10, when she chose to focus more on her studies rather than DCC. And as Kelli said, she probably would have gotten cut anyway. Just saying that we're looking at this process from the outside. These girls are extremely invested in being a DCC. Not a road I'd want, but I admire their tenacity! I also don't get the Miranda as a grandma thing. What's that about? I didn't get the grandma comment from Tina Kalena in S9 either (forgot the name of the girl she said it about.) To me, its inappropriate in any context for any of these girls. It sounds catty. If there's a problem, address it in a professional manner. (Though I can't throw too many stones, as we've all been unprofessional in professional situations before. But maybe they can hold their tongues till their off screen...?)
  10. KatebytheSea

    S13.E09 Field of Fears

    I read through several comments before I was able to watch the episode, and I was expecting a tragic viewing. I just watched, and honestly, I don't know what everyone was so outraged about. Kitty couldn't tell that was Madeline on the field … why's that horrible? Yeah, she may have trained Madeline, but if Madeline wasn't dancing with as much power and projection as Kitty was used to and she was out danced by those around her, why's it bad that Kitty over looked her? She was there to help evaluate all the girls, not just Madeline. Also, she told Madeline to stop being a crybaby. Why's that outrageous for Kitty? We all know she's said bolder, cruder and worse things to girls in the past. I also didn't think Kelli was remotely rude to either Kristin or Madeline when she was speaking with her in her office. Kristin: Throughout TC Kristin has been reserved and that has been noticeable in a room full of power dancers. Kelli was going to release her from TC this week, but was very gracious in allowing her to stay to work on her power and getting noticed. Kelli didn't have to do that. She's not running a therapy group for the retiring and reserved - she's running an organization of dancers that need projection, power and personality to stand out on a humongous field and a larger-than-life HD screen. Kristin needs to stand out or maybe she needs another year to develop that power like Erin. I'm not sure what people are expecting from Kelli, but I thought she was direct, forthright and professional. Madeline: We don't know why Madeline changed her assigned locker. (At least I don't! lol) Maybe she truly didn't think it mattered if she maybe moved closer to a friend. (Maybe someone here knows.) But it seemed many Veterans didn't think it was her place to give advise to other Rookies (though we've seen Rookies who've been in TC before give advice to newbie TC Rookies in the past.) But if it was creating talk, Kelli giving her a "be humble" talk isn't out of line. Sometimes managers need to take employees under their wings and correct behavior that is coming across to the others a bossy or know-it-all. It's just life. Don't know why that would be bad. On a Kelli personal note, I think this has been one of the most stressful TCs for Kelli as she's worked hard to set aside her personal attachment to two girls she's watched grow up. She's walking a tightrope between being best friends with Tina and her long-time working relationship with Shelly, and trying not to allow herself to show favoritism to two young ladies she's known all their lives. Regarding Victoria talking about Dayton being cut - I didn't get the vibe she was being flippant. Her "grinning" face seems to be a default expression. Every sound bite we've see of her she has that exact same expression. Talking about Dayton wasn't any different. I also didn't think CMT was shoving Victoria down our throats. From reading here I thought she'd be in every single sound bite across the entire episode. If what people are saying about Victoria running behind candidates' backs and telling Kelli, Tina (who then tells Kelli) or Shelly or whomever in management about what so-and-so said is truly a thing, then I can completely understand why none of the Rookie TCCs wanted to expose their weaknesses in front of her. LOL Victoria didn't actually give a weakness (on screen) when it came to her turn. She's learned the "give a strength as a weakness" gambit, and that'll do her well in job interviews! I liked the episode. I also love seeing past DCCs and where they are now. I'd love for them to go back even further so we can meet some pre-DCC:MTT DCCs. That'd be very cool. Also, is Jinelle Kelli's assistant now? We usually see a Vet taking TCCs from the field to talk with Kelli/Judy. This time it was Jinelle. ...Anyone?
  11. KatebytheSea

    S13.E08: Here Comes Kitty

    For my other android post, and if someone can eliminate it, then great. (This forum is BAD for editing and getting rid of quotes from posts) Congrats to Dayton for getting the cruise ship gig! Any experience is good experience. I hope she tries out for DCC again. I'm not sure its her thing, but I think she can learn to have more power and pop, and to project more. Learning choreography quickly may be a struggle, but she can learn that with practice. I don't think Kelli was harsh with Dayton or Brennan. Despite many looking down on cheerleaders as being a professional dance gig, it is. I know its cliche, but the situation with Dayton wasn't personal, it was professional, and I think Kelli worked hard to keep it professional without breaking down and crying on camera … though she probably did later. She has to evaluate Dayton AND Victoria as fairly as possible, just like any other candidate. And because there is a history, that isn't easy. In reality, VK has more pop and power in her dancing than Dayton. That DOESN'T make Dayton a poor dancer - it makes her dance style DIFFERENT from DCC, thus it looks like it may be tougher for Dayton to get the style. Plus Dayton's personality appears more reserved than Victoria's, so projecting that needed brightness with the requisite bright smile is more difficult. Again, things she can learn should she want to. But at the moment of Dayton's cut, VK seemed to have a better handle on the DCC style, power and smile. But I'm so glad Dayton is getting some exotic travel and dance experiences. How terrific!
  12. KatebytheSea

    S13.E08: Here Comes Kitty

    Just got through watching the episode, and I LOVE Nick Flores' choreography. It was amazing. I wish I could have seen a whole lot more. I also thought Nick's feedback was better than Kitty's, but also appreciate a devil's advocate situation. Dayton broke my heart this week. I don't think her sobbing was overly dramatic at all. She was with Kelli's admin (I forgot her name). You keep up your emotional shields when you're in front of peers and DCC leaders in professional mode, you let them down with family. That's what Dayton did; let go with someone she considered family. There's not a thing wrong with that, absolutely nothing she should be embarrassed about. She gave it a great try this year, made it into TC. It's just that the fast taught choreography caused her to stumble. She'll do better next year. I HATE that Kelli didn't cut Malena before she quit her job. She's been struggling the entire TC. But then, Kelli didn't make her quit her job. To Malena, TC was more important than the job. That's not a decision Kelli can take away from Malena. Kelli just needs to give her every opportunity to improve her skills before she can't keep up any more. I just hate that she left a job she loved. :(
  13. I just watched the episode, and I like Dayton. At first blush it seems she might be relying on her legacy status to get her through. I don't think that's totally the case, and she really seems to want to be a DCC. Being late in TC has gotten girls cut before, so I think Dayton is on thin ice. With her mom a part of the organization, being late to the makeovers is inexcusable. She knows the drill and she knows the traffic situation in the Dallas area. She should have made darn sure she made her appointment on time. I'm not sure if she's just bad at organizing her time, it's a sign of her youthfulness, or if somewhere inside she truly believes she can be a tad bit cavalier and still make the squad. But I have empathy for her and her position. I didn't think Kelli meant "burden" in the negative sense when talking about Dayton at the salon. I think she meant it in the sense of watching out for someone while trying hard not showing partiality, and the tightrope of shepherding Dayton while working with her mom. That's gotta be tough. Victoria gets on my nerves, big time. She just seems very cheeky and entitled. But that may just be a big personality, and we're only seeing her in small clips. So I'm just writing it off as a personality clash. Gabby is totally impressing me, and I think she's adorable! I loved seeing the vets, including the one I didn't know! Excellent! And since its a big topic of conversation, I thought Jacie's hair looked amazing, but I also liked her DCC look. I think it's hard to smack down Kristen for a busted brake light. It's not like she's also running behind her car while she's driving! People usually only know that after a cop has pulled them over to inform them. GREAT to see Courtney! Love this segment of checking in with past DCCs!
  14. Does anyone know why Dayton got cut? I haven't been able to watch past the initial episode yet this season. But I feel bad that she made TC and wasn't able to make the squad. From what I've seen of her dancing, I think her style is more fluid than DCC, but think she could learn it in time...