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  1. I grew up near Farr West. It’s legitimately like cows. And tumble weeds. BUT, the quality of dance training is OFF THE CHARTS throughout the whole state.
  2. I’ve wondered about this over the past couple of days. I think Shaina would have made the team if she’d gone public with her grief. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that's what Kelly (and the show) was hoping for— especially after Kelly was SO VISIBLY BOTHERED with Shaina approaching her privately later. I’m super impressed with her for not exploiting this tragedy for personal gain. Girlfriend respected herself, her emotional boundaries, AND those involved, by not dancing when the puppet masters cranked up the music, and THAT is maturity and grace. What a beautiful human being. It’s unfortunate there’s not a yes, no, maybe, category for those characteristics.
  3. I’ve wondered about this as well. Why are they dressed for a cold winter’s day in the forest? Are they not roasting? I was also a little surprised by tyce’s demeanor. At one point I even wondered if he was a titch drunk? I’m glad he was able to see them in their element though. Because they really are quite special in what they do. And lastly, food for thought. I am so pro Jaylyn it’s almost ridiculous. Is there any way she didn’t make showgroup because of her stiffness when she talks to people? When Kelli was talking to Judy about Kat’s ability to always keep a conversation going, my brain paused... because my guess is that this would be an issue for some of the ladies. My girl Jaylyn is beautiful and oh so talented, but of what we’ve been shown of her one in one time with TPTB in this season and last, she’s a little tense. I’m still mightily miffed about showgroup, MIGHTILY, but wonder if maybe that was a factor?
  4. It was her signature move, but I don’t think TPTB are really interested in subtlety or nuance—which she could also do very well. When they fawn over Amy, (she’s darling and has a great personality for cheerleading, definitely) girl’s technique is... not good. Full stop. They’re want flash in a pan, power, and projection. Which is great. They’re cheerleaders, they should. Holly’s ability and control was bananas. Soooo good. I think she showed off cuz she was bored. Just a guess. And she could. Big fish, small pond. I don’t think there’s anyway she’d malfunction on purpose. She’s TOO GOOD. Taking the spotlight away from what she does best would be so beneath her, and frankly insulting to a highly trained dancer. This.
  5. I legitimately had to fast forward through parts, I was pretty fired up. It’s good to know what’s going to happen before you watch it though. Takes the edge off. Reach out and support those you support on social media. To those you don’t, just move along. Karma finds a way.
  6. 100% this. All we needed of Holly Powell was a ten second clip of her dancing next to ANYONE on the team to know she was in a different league. Not subjective, not up to personal preference, just fact. They’re trying to paint VK (who I think actually has gotten stronger) as a Holly, when she CLEARLY isn’t. Unfortunately, it’s backfiring and VK is getting more criticism than she would have, had they just let her fade into the background. False narratives never play well and are easily disproved. Holly made top 40 at SYTYCD auditions -which is incredible- and VK couldn’t even get one foot through the door. Rightfully so. Do I think she’s strong enough to be on the team? This year, yes. Am I biggly irritated that we’re being treated like lobotomy recipients in regards to last year’s dumpster fire of lying, manipulation, and disrespect, from a spoiled and entitled monster child? Hells yes. Do I want to BREAK THINGS that VK’s toxicity is being projected onto sweet Jalyn??? Deeeeeep breathes. YES. Having actually danced on a world class dance team for years, this is not a new storyline or scenario for me. This kind of BS happens at all levels in every organization. But they really aren’t helping VK in this scenario, both with viewers and her teammates. One of the reasons dancers (or any artist for that matter)are willing to put up with so much garbage in regards to monetary compensation is that they love their craft— and for the deeply personal friendships they forge along the way. Kelli, TPTB, and VK, are minimizing what it actually means to be a DCC and the experience itself with these stunts. Stop trying to shove the square peg into a round hole. There’s a square hole that she easily could have slipped into and made everyone’s experience (the dancers, and the viewers) much more enjoyable/real. And for the love of all that’s holy stop calling the square peg a diamond. We’re not idiots.
  7. Same. I’ve been in, “Don’t tweet Kelli. Don’t tweet Kelli.” Mode since the episode aired. 😡
  8. Okay this was very helpful! Thank you!!
  9. No. Respectfully no. I’m lds and have been my whole life. You would never in a million years be excommunicated for what you wear. Like ever. She could walk down the street with nipple pasties and sparklers shooting out of her bum and still be fine. Well, maybe taken to see a shrink and probably a doctor for the bum burns... but you know what I mean. Never ever ever would she be asked to make a choice. I think it’s great she’s a DCC and Tasha too. Look at the LDS girls on SYTYCD and Dancing with the Stars. Utah is an incredible state for fostering talent and pride in the arts. Being a Mormon is big part of that.
  10. I honestly think they knew malena and VK (maybe more VK) weren’t going to make it this year, but wanted to expose them to as much of the process and requirements as possible so they’d really have a leg up next year. I love malena’s sparkle. She has the “it” factor for me. I feel the worst for lily to be honest. How would it be to be called in on the LAST DAY OF TRAINING CAMP without any prior office visits and get cut?! Sucker. Punch. City. It’s like that one gal they called in on the last day years ago and cut her for her legs being too short. Ummm... you only just now realized this?? Something this poor girl literally can’t change? It took three months before coming to this conclusion? Unless she didn’t bring her legs to camp prior, in which case fair enough. I think those last two cuts are always the most painful. (Tara excluded, because oh my heart.) I also feel bad for Judy this season. Her wings were clipped. Tough situation to be in. Lastly, I do really wish we’d gotten to see a greater variety of training camp candidates. This season, more than others, really felt like: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; The Cutting from the Team. I’d love to see more of the positive reinforcement and growth stories along with the drama of the cuts. Just felt heavy this year. Maybe because it was so personal for Judy and Kelly but still. Yes! 100% noticed this! Made me sad Warching the rift between these two.
  11. Oh please me too!!! I’m embarrassed by how distracted I’ve been today without my fix!
  12. Yes please!!! I’ve been waiting all day for Amazon to get it’s act together!!
  13. I agree with this completely. These are young enthusiastic girls, some younger than others. Victoria reminds me of an exhuberant puppy. I found her incredibly endearing tonight. This has been her world for so long and she’s finally been let out of the gates. I think she’ll come back stronger and a bit more polished and be a tremendous ambassador for the team. Anyone with that much passion and love for an organization is always an asset. Also, watching Brennan KILL IT, makes me so freaking happy. Sooooooo proud of that woman. THAT is what persistence looks like. THAT is what it looks like to really fight for a dream. Heck she’s a roll model for me and I’m a 40 year old mom of three. You go girl. (Now I’m off to nap. ?)
  14. This is my favorite thing I’ve read here. Ever. SAAAME!!! I snorted water out my nose!! ???
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