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  1. Me either! I was just discussing this show with a friend the other day and said that I am sure mine looks way worse that Jazz's could ever look!
  2. This show continues to be incredibly awkward, yet incredibly mystifying. I am ashamed to admit that I look forward to this trainwreck. The date with Olivia and her husband was so cringeworthy- he does not even have enough common sense to eat a dessert without guidance from his wife. Yet, somehow she seems very into him.
  3. Me too!!! I didn't believe it when I finally realized it wasn't Jackee.
  4. I agree! The blurred out picture of the colonial figure in the opening scene was the give away for me.
  5. I initially watched this show because I am from Long Island and knew they had to be from the tri-state area. I didn't expect to like it, but I expected to be amused by it. I actually wound up liking Christina a lot! She seems to be a very smart woman, despite the accent, and she seems very very sweet and (I can't believe I am saying this one) quite sincere. I hope this stays on- and I hope they get rid of Anthony. He's totally acting for the camera.
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