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  1. To be fair, is there a RIGHT way to spell That kid’s name?!
  2. I think it's the "Duggar" part. I mean, she only has one "momma." So why specify Duggar? Is there a back up "momma" we don't know about?! 🙂
  3. Funny that JD made a special video for the baby about how her parents met... using footage that TLC already shot telling the world how her parents met!
  4. ... Or Jessa’s just a lousy photographer. 🤣
  5. Did Michelle get paid by the “Jinge” in this episode? She must have said it like, 40 times!
  6. Didn't they already show Kendra's birth? Eh, I guess Jeremy and his holy roller friend couldn't carry the whole hour.
  7. Joy below looks like one of those Dateline interviews when they disguise the person to protect their identity.
  8. So this was just a Dugger version of The Amazing Race... “The Amazing Grace?”
  9. Counting Backwards? 🤣🤣 That works on multiple levels!
  10. So, this was titled "Beverly Hills Duggars?' I guess "The Beverly Hillbillies" was already taken! 😀
  11. He's probably still waiting for an older brother to grow out of one. :)
  12. I dunno - to me, Zach and Tori seem to really get each other and have a strong bond. They feel like one of the stronger reality show marriages out there. (I know, low bar!) 🙂
  13. I think Caryn is planning to go full "Falcon Crest" with Roloff Farms! 🙂
  14. Maybe Buddy made up a few points in the "theme" category? Duff had the giant Jordin Sparks (which was amazing) but there were more "Waitress" themed things on Buddy's cake. Overall, they were both cool cakes though.
  15. Phil's wraparound minivan sticker that pictured him with his whole family, and a real estate slogan that read "I can't be satisfied until you're satisfied. Let me make your dreams come true." But once it was wrapped around the minivan, one side of the van said "I can't be satisfied." next to a photo of Claire, and the other side said "Let me make your dreams come true" next to a photo of Hailey. A perfect visual gag.
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